To all Filipinos that are interested to avail Visa and visit Qatar for business, family or tourist purposes, here’s your complete guide on the requirements and things you should remember in applying a visa for Qatar.

This post is for Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines. If you’re a Filipino residing abroad, please visit the nearest Embassy of Qatar in the country where you live.

This blog is solely for Qatar tourist visa application ONLY.

For questions about how to work in Japan, how to live in Japan, how to get Japanese citizenship, etc., this blog is NOT for you. If you didn’t find the information you are looking for after reading this blog, just leave a comment.

Qatar Visa Stamp

General Requirements for Visa Application

Prepare two copies each in an a4 size coupon bond.

Working Visa

  • Original copy of your CHED and DFA Authenticated (red ribbon) diploma/TOR.
  • (1) Accomplished Qatar Visa Application form
  • (1) Visa Notice
  • (1) Passport at least 6 months valid
  • (1) Medical Certificate (fit to travel) issued only by an accredited clinic by the Qatar Embassy
  • (1) NBI Clearance Authenticated by the DFA
  • (2) 2×2 colored photos with white background
  • ₱358.00 payment done in Credit card or Debit card (Visa or Mastercard)
Working Visa Stamp

Tourist and Business

  • (1) Accomplished Qatar Visa Application form
  • (1) Passport at least 6 months valid
  • (1) Original copy of Birth Certificate
  • (1) Original copy of Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • (1) NBI Clearance Authenticated by the DFA
  • (2) 2X2 passport size photos with white background
  • Processing fee
  • A Bank Statement within 3 months that will serve as your proof of financial support.
  • For business visa, there should be an invitation of letter or affidavit of Support that came from your employer that states the reason of your visa request.
Entry Terminal Stamp Arrival and Departure

If you have completed all the documents stated above and have submitted all of these to the Qatar Embassy or online visa application, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a successful visa application. Take note that for all Philippines passport holders, your Qatar visas should be first certified by the Qatari Embassy here before your take off and depart.

How many days before they issue the visa?

It will take at least 4-5 working days before the release of your visa. Be reminded that the only schedule of filing is from 9:00 am to 10:00 am and the releasing is from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You can visit the MOI Qatar immigration website and check the status of your Qatar visa online.

Alternatively, you can visit VFS Global and apply by clicking on the button below.

Apply now

VFS is responsible for processing Qatar Tourist visa applications through its website and will also collect payment for your application. All enquiries regarding your visa application should be made directly to VFS.

You will be contacted within 4 working days from the date the application is completed.

Note that you will be redirected from Qatar Airways website to VFS Global system to proceed with your Qatar Tourist Visa application. VFS Global is a leading provider of visa services globally.

*Please read the terms and conditions and FAQs on the VFS website.

The information above is relevant when applying for a Qatar Tourist Visa. This is different from the 96-hour Qatar Transit Visa, which applies to short stays in Qatar and is offered free of charge.

Address of Qatari Embassy in Manila, Philippines

ADDRESS: 1232, 67 W Service, Makati, 1232 Metro Manila Get directions.
TELEPHONE: (+63) 2 851-66 66
FAX: (+63) 2 852-19 99
ADDRESS: 2nd Floor, One World Building, No. 10, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila Get directions.
Phone: (02) 856 6666


1. All travelers should be able to present sufficient fund as a proof that they can accommodate their stay in the country. All tourists holding a visa should at least have USD 1,400 or hotel reservation that will serve as a proof.
2. All foreign nationals are allowed to stay for one (1) month in accordance to the Qatari authorities. Overstaying inside the country could lead to heavy charges and possible deportation.
3. All travelers that do not possess a return/onward ticket could be denied to enter the country.
4. All e-visas that was issued by Qatar should be validated first before boarding. For MOI Qatar visa printing, visit the website of State of Qatar Ministry of Interior and click Visa Enquiry and the print button to have a copy.
5. Filipinos with relatives or friends working or living in Qatar can get your visas and send them to you in the Philippines. All you have to do is submit all the requirements stated above. Your visa will be stamped and certified and you’ll received a visa sticker at the Manila Embassy before you leave the country.

List of countries for 180-day (6 months) validity

If you are a national of any of the countries listed below, your visa waiver will have a validity of 180 days from the date of issuance, and the holder can spend upto 90 days in Qatar in a single trip, or on multiple trips.

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Austria
  3. Bahamas
  4. Belgium
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Croatia
  7. Cyprus
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Denmark
  10. Dominican Republic
  11. Estonia
  12. Finland
  13. France
  14. Germany
  15. Greece
  16. Hungary
  17. Iceland
  18. Italy
  19. Latvia
  20. Liechtenstein
  21. Lithuania
  22. Luxembourg
  23. Malaysia
  24. Malta
  25. Netherlands
  26. Norway
  27. Poland
  28. Portugal
  29. Romania
  30. Serbia
  31. Seychelles
  32. Slovakia
  33. Slovenia
  34. Spain
  35. Sweden
  36. Switzerland
  37. Turkey

List of countries for 30-day validity

For nationals belonging to the below-listed countries, the visa waiver would be valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and the holder is entitled to stay for upto 30 days in Qatar during a single trip or on multiple trips. The waiver can be extended for another 30days.

  1. Andorra
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Belarus
  6. Bolivia
  7. Brazil
  8. Brunei
  9. Canada
  10. Chile
  11. China
  12. Colombia
  13. Costa Rica
  14. Cuba
  15. Ecuador
  16. Georgia
  17. Guyana
  18. Hong Kong
  19. India
  20. Indonesia
  21. Ireland
  22. Japan
  23. Kazakhstan
  24. Lebanon
  25. Macedonia
  26. Maldives
  27. Mexico
  28. Moldova
  29. Monaco
  30. New Zealand
  31. Panama
  32. Paraguay
  33. Peru
  34. Russia
  35. San Marino
  36. Singapore
  37. South Africa
  38. South Korea
  39. Suriname
  40. Thailand
  41. Ukraine
  42. United Kingdom
  43. United States
  44. Uruguay
  45. Vatican City
  46. Venezuela
  47. Peru
  48. Russia
  49. San Marino
  50. Singapore
  51. South Africa
  52. South Korea
  53. Suriname
  54. Thailand
  55. Ukraine
  56. United Kingdom
  57. United States
  58. Uruguay
  59. Vatican City
  60. Venezuela

Pakistan nationals too can enter Qatar visa-free and spend upto 30 days in Qatar during single or multiple trips, and are given the option to extend for another 30 days, provided, they meet the following conditions:

  • Should possess Passport with 6 months validity
  • Should have confirmed return ticket
  • Should present hotel booking confirmation and duration of stay
  • Should have a valid credit card
  • Those coming directly from Pakistan should produce certificate of vaccination against Polio.
  • Duration of visa can be extended only after confirming the return ticket.

Any of you or loved ones have recent experiences having their visa stamping at Qatar Embassy in the Philippines? What did u have to go through, Share in the comments below.

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