Asia United Bank is perhaps one of the trusted banks when it comes in opening saving accounts due to its cost-effective offers and its convenient AUB online banking branches located nationwide.

You’re probably eager to know what products of AUB you can avail. Worry no more, provided below is the list of Dollar Account and Starter Saving Account and its full details to give you an insight.


Dollar Savings Account

This is an interest-bearing dollar denominated passbook account, which allows deposits and withdrawals anytime. Its funds earn interest and the PDIC is ensured up to ₱500, 000.00.

Minimum Initial DepositN/A
Minimum Maintaining Balance (ADB)500 USD
Interest Earning Balance (ADB)500 USD
Interest Rate0.125% P. A.
Withholding Tax7.5%
Term/Repricing CycleN/A
Interest CreditedQuarterly
Fund AccessInterbranch transactions, Internet*, Mobile Banking*
Transaction RecordPassbook
Early closure (accounts closed within 30 days from opening)5 USD
Below Maintaining Balance5 USD
Lost Passbook/ATM Card100 PHP

Starter Savings Account

There is no maintaining balance needed, may it be ATM based or savings account. It is also ensured with PDIC up to ₱500, 000.00. It denotes that for this account, an enrollment to preferred online banking is required.

Minimum Initial DepositN/A
Minimum Maintaining Balance (ADB)None
Interest Earning Balance (ADB)₱1, 000.00
Interest Rate0.125% P. A.
Withholding Tax20%
Term/Repricing CycleN/A
Interest CreditedQuarterly
Fund AccessATM, Internet*, Mobile Banking*
Transaction Recorde-SOA
One-time ATM Card Processing Fee₱100.00
ATM Card Replacement₱200.00
ATM Withdrawal Fee₱5.00 on AUB ATMs and ₱11.00 on other Bancnet ATMs
Preferred online banking enrollment₱2, 000.00
Over the Counter Withdrawal Fee₱100.00
Daily ATM Withdrawal limit₱50,000.00

How to open an account with AUB (Asia United Bank)?

1. You should not forget to bring the following requirements.

A. Two valid ID’s such as

  • Company ID;
  • School ID;
  • Driver’s License;
  • Barangay Clearance/Certificate; and/or
  • Postal ID

B. Two pieces of 1 by 1 colored photo
C. Bring the initial amount for the deposit

2. After you have ensured you have all the necessary requirements, you may proceed to the preferred AUB branch and open a new account under the type of savings account you opt to have.
3. Once you have successfully filled out the form provided by the bank, you will be then given a date as to when you’ll be able to get your ATM card.

Opening a bank account to ensure that all your hard work will be in good hands is one of the best life-hacks that you can share to your loved ones, friends, and family. Not only because you are teaching yourself to save money and use it wisely on your and your family’s practical needs, but this is also saving up for the future. You’ll never know maybe this save up will eventually be your initial money to start on a business, or maybe even invest on the things that you’ve been dreaming all your life.

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  1. Hello po,so pwede mag request ng cash out sa starters savings cash card ko?may laman na kasi wallet ko gusto ko sana I cash out via aub cash card


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