Investing in the Stock Market is no more a new fad for Filipinos, financial advisors has also reproduced in the business sector and the people are more financially educated than during the earlier years.

Now the question is how to know what platform is more efficient, effective in opening an account in stocks?

This article will show you why we think opening a BDO Nomura Account is the best way to go in starting your Philippine Stock Exchange venture. We’ll show you how to open a BDO Nomura Account, and compare it with other platforms that are also used for stocks exchange.

What is BDO Nomura?

BDO Nomura is the brainchild of BDO Unibank Inc and Japan Nomura Holding’s joint endeavor to set up an online stockbroker in the Philippines. It actually took over PCIB Securities, which was acquired by BDO way back when it combined with Equitable PCI Bank.

BDO Nomura is a strong option for those who already have an existing BDO account. Like First Metro Sec, you don’t need to deposit an initial balance if you’re a BDO account holder. You can also complete the whole registration process online.

How to open a BDO Nomura Account Step-by-Step

First off, you need to have an online BDO Account, and to get an online BDO Account, you need of course to have a bank account with BDO and then just register it for an online Account.

Once you have your online account activated, you’re ready to go to the next steps. Check out here the 5 easy simple steps.

STEP 1 Go to the official website of BDO Nomura Accounts: home and click Enroll now, refer to the photos below or check this on how to register and activate online banking.

STEP 2 You will be routed to another page, so just click Enroll Now again.

Enter your BDO Online Account Log-in Details:

Once you enter your log-in details, the security One-Time Password OTP code will be sent out to your mobile number, once you receive it enter it so you can log-in:

You’ll then be routed Instruction & Consent Form, of course read it carefully and tick on the check box below. Just below the page you’ll see BDO Beneficiary Account, if you have several account with BDO choose the one you want to link into your Nomura Account. And then click on NEXT>>

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STEP 5 Fill up the Investor profile and Sustainability Assessment, just fill up the necessary questions and proceed to the next tab until you reach Captcha: bdo-nomura-investor-profile

On the CAPTCHA tab, you can put NONE on the referring branch if you don’t have any and enter the CAPTCHA, hit on SUBMIT.
A pop-up will show up, just confirm if everything you entered is correct:
And… You’re done!

Wait for the e-mail notification on your e-mail, as per BDO website:
Cut-off for processing of New Applications is 3:00PM.
Online Application submitted beyond cut off shall be processed on the next banking day.

So best to sign up your Nomura account during weekdays so you can get the confirmation e-mail the next day, you’ll then receive your Customer Code¸ and there you can fund our Nomura account!

We’ve listed a few things why getting a Nomura account is better off than COL FINANCE:

APPLICATION You just need a BDO Online Account to register Heaps of paper work requirements you need to submit to the COL Finance Office
APPROVAL The fastest is one business day and you’re ready to go May take up to 1 week depends on the approval process of COL Finance with your requirements
BACKGROUND CHECK Since you have an existing BDO Account you can skip the tedious background check Background check includes COL staff video calling you via Skype or you need to go directly to their office for verification.

How to fund BDO Nomura Account:

STEP 1 Log in to using your BDO Online banking account.

STEP 2 Click on the MARKET RESEARCH Tab to view the Weekly Wrap which includes Stock recommendations from BDO Nomura.


STEP 3 Click on the DEPOSIT / FUNDING tab to transfer funds from BDO SA or CA account to BDO Nomura Settlement Account.


Note: Funds transferred before 10pm will be credited to BDO Nomura Settlement account the following trading day.
STEP 4 Once BDO Nomura Settlement Account has been successfully funded, Trading may be started using the TRADE Tab.

For beginners, only 4 icons must be remembered to be able to start trading.

a. BUY

What is Board Lot?

Trading of stocks is done by board lot or round lot system. The Board Lot Table determines the minimum number of shares one can purchase or sell at a specific price range. Therefore, the minimum amount needed to invest in stocks varies and will depend on the market price of the security as well as its corresponding board lot.

Prices of stocks move through a scale of set price fluctuations. Prices are thus adjusted along these fluctuations at a time. Transactions which are beyond the prescribed number of maximum fluctuations from the last sale price are not allowed.

Board Lot Table

Market Price (in Php) Tick Size Lot Size
0.0001 to 0.0099 0.0001 1,000,000
0.0100 to 0.0490 0.0010 100,000
0.0500 to 0.2490 0.0010 10,000
0.2500 to 0.4950 0.0050 10,000
0.5000 to 4.9900 0.0100 1,000
5.0000 to 9.9900 0.0100 100
10.0000 to 19.9800 0.0200 100
20.0000 to 49.9500 0.0500 100
50.0000 to 99.9500 0.0500 10
100.0000 to 199.9000 0.1000 10
200.0000 to 499.8000 0.2000 10
500.0000 to 999.5000 0.5000 10
1000.000 to 1999.000 1.0000 5
2000.000 to 4998.000 2.0000 5
5000.000 and UP 5.0000 5

How to withdraw funds from BDO Nomura – A Step-by-Step Guide

The online trading of BDO investment, commonly known as BDO Nomura is a joined force of BDO with Japan’s Nomura Holdings to provide online trading services. If you’re already into this investment, and want to directly withdraw money for vital reasons, may it be concerning health, emergency, or planning to further financially support your loved ones, we’ve got your back.

This online trading platform has sparked popularity among stock brokers since it has utilized online transaction to make stock exchange virtually done. Through this platform, you can become partners of big corporation and invest your money in a company you can either earn cash or company stocks at the end of the year or on a certain period, all depending on the company you’ve chosen.

For those who have been around this field, investing requires getting in contact with stock broker. They are the one who’s responsible on buying and selling securities on a stock exchange on behalf of clients. Stock brokers are important elements in buying stocks because they need to be contacted personally or sometimes over the phone before starting anything. Usually, banks have their own stock brokers who are always in aid to help their clients.

There are ways that you can withdraw funds from BDO Nomura;

1. With BDO Nomura, the earnings you’ll get will automatically go to your account. You can withdraw the money by sending a withdrawal request email, upon clearance, your funds may be withdrawn after three trading days as per Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) settlement procedures.

You may send a withdrawal request to A withdrawal request form will be sent to you. Kindly fill it out, affix your signature and submit to BDO Nomura Securities, Inc. (Formerly: PCIB Securities, Inc.) at 17/F BDO-Equitable Tower, 8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City or any BDO branch. The withdrawn amount will then be credited to your nominated beneficiary account.

  • Please note that all withdrawals are subject to the following:
  • only cleared and available funds may be withdrawn
  • proceeds from sales transactions are available for as cleared funds for withdrawal only after 3 trading days due to PSE settlement procedures
2. You may submit a withdrawal request through your BDO Nomura Transactional Page under the Withdrawal Menu. Successful processing of your withdrawal request of cleared funds will be credited to your nominated Beneficiary Account.

You may contact BDO Nomura at (02) 702-7878 or Domestic toll free 1-800-10-7027878 for PLDT or call BDO customer service. For international toll-fee (international access code) 1-800-8-6318000.

It is guaranteed that for the next years to come, this platform of stock exchange will surely soar high and may reach thousands of people that will eventually change their lives for the better.

What are you waiting for? Start-up that stocks venture and register for a BDO Nomura Account!

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I am interested to open an account for stocks but the problem some brokers are asking for TIN number..most of the ofw has no tin number..I hope I could open this one so for me to start a new way to invest my hard earned money..thanks a lot and more power..

Romeo jr

Good morning,

What happen to the stocks that is already filled or bought for the day trading transaction but forgot to sell and was left unsold until trading is close?



I surly like the ease on creating a BDO Nomura account. My questions deal with the actual purchases made by a client.
Thank you for any assistance.
1. As a Nomura client, can one buy no-load mutual funds that are located in the USA?
Example: Fidelity Funds, Vanguard Funds, etc.
2. As a Nomura client, can one buy stocks listed on the NYSE or the NASDAQ?
3. If the answer is YES, to the above questions, then does NOMURA charge a fee
for buying no-load mutual funds or on stocks on the NYSE or NASDAQ? If so, how is the fee determined?


thanks for this article! please make a step-by-step tutorial how to buy a stock in BDO Nomura. thank you!


COL Financial is a nice choice for investment, especially their apps they area using in trading platform is quite easy to understand and follow. The problem is I do not know if the TIN that I obtained from Manila City Hall a long long time ago is still valid. I have not even used that in the Philippines since I went overseas about 3 years after graduation. Now it is a requirement in the form I am trying to fill up. Most likely, my application would be rejected if they find out I had submitted a spurious information. I am… Read more »