It is time to start saving! We must have a savings account from the Philippine’s largest and strongest bank. With the power of the fast-growing and advancing technology, banking gets easier that we have the power to handle our finances in many ways.

You can pay bills, transfer funds, invest, and more at the comfort of your home.

Simply register your account online.

How to Enroll my BDO Savings Account for BDO Online Banking

1. For the online application of your savings account, go to Click “Enroll Now!”

See Also: How to Apply for BDO Kabayan Savings Account for OFW


2. Make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions. Check once you agree, then click Submit.

3. Select The Type Of Account To Enroll
Only the following accounts are allowed for initial enrollment:
– Individual or Joint “OR” ATM-based Savings or Current Account
– Credit Card (Principal Card)

Other BDO accounts like Time Deposits, Cash Card, Consumer Loans and Trust Accounts may be enrolled as additional accounts once you have activated your Online Banking.

4. Please Let Us Know Where You Are Enrolling From
You have to option Within the Philippines or Ouside Philippines
For Outside the Philippines you will be provide the;

  1. Current City and Country
  2. Your Preferred Local Time To Be Called

Our BDO Customer Service Officer will call you to verify your enrollment within five (5) working days. Please ensure to nominate a valid international mobile number based on your selected city and country. You may also visit your BDO Representative for inquiries.

5. Input Your Account Information
Choose your Account Type.

  1. Current Peso Account
  2. Saving Account Dollar
  3. Saving Account Peso

6. Nominate Your Online Banking Information

  1. User ID – must be 7 to 15 characters. Special character are NOT allowed.
  2. Password – Must contain uppercase, lowercase, number and special character. Must not be the same as the nominated USER ID. Special character such as [#$%^&’;”] are NOT allowed. Avoid using consecutive character (example: abc, 678)
  3. Mobile Number- Only numberic entries are allowed. Input International mobile number with country code and area code. Philippine local mobile numbers will not be accepted.
  4. E-mail Address – Must contain an “@” symbol and a period. Sample of a valid entry:

7. Nominate Your Challenge Questions

There are two Challenge Question you need to prepared. See above the deffault question of BDO online banking.

8. Validate Your Enrollment and Your Feedback.

Before clicking Submit, please review and ensure correct information in the Online Enrollment.



SEE ALSO: How To Open a BDO Nomura Account Online – Investing in the Stock Market

BDO Customer Service Officer will call you for the verification of your enrollment within five (5) working days. Please ensure that you can be contacted at the mobile number indicated in the enrollment form.

For any requests that will require documentation be submitted, please send your attachments to

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Anybody knows if I can open an account online from Canada?

Jimson Bacawat
Jimson Bacawat

I already registered but they are not yet contacting me. Im here in Doha, Qatar. Thank you.

Genilda Semblante
Genilda Semblante

How many days i tried to enroll but always said mobile number is requiered although i used only 1mobile number here in singapore but still…keep asking me my mobile number..


The bdo customer service called me already but I am waiting the activation email why I can’t recieved yet more than a week now.thanks


How can I transfer money more than 10000 pesos to other bdo account with out enrolling

Maelizabeth Cruz
Maelizabeth Cruz

I opened our Joint Account in the Philippines. But I live in Australia. I registered my Joint Account when I came home to Australia. But I received an email saying that my BDO Electronic Banking Enrollment was Rejected. Reason for rejection: SYSTEM SHOWS THAT YOU HAVE AN EXISTING USER ID. So what I did I Enroll again using different user ID but I was rejected again. I don’t want to wire money to our Account if I can not see our transactions Online. What will I do not to be rejected?


Hi Maelizabeth you can call BDO customer service from the number listed above, they can surely assist you.


how many day or months do we need to activate our kabayan atm card before it will be invalid?


Hi! I enrolled for BDO online banking few weeks ago here in Dubai, they already called me for verification and send me an email requiring me to submit other documents in the Philippines before activating my online banking. Do you have an email for me to send the docs because I’m in Dubai right now. Thank you


I enroll also on bdo online banking, they called me after few days and i received their email saying that my request was already approved. I can now access my account. But they didnt ask me to submit any other documents

marie Cequena
marie Cequena

I am enjoying now my BDO online account I can pay on the tip of my finger my bills at home.

OFW life made easy!

Thanks Banco de Oro


Hi i already enrolled to bdo online banking, one of the representative already called me for verification of my application, he told me to send some documents to activate my online banking but he did not give me were i will send it…thank you