Are you still dreaming of that dream vacancy you want? In life, it’s always nice to be financially secured. The future is quite uncertain that’s why we need a type of investment that can help us in our long-term goals.

We need an investment that offers opportunities to OFWs too so here comes Metrobank’s Unit Investment Trust Funds.

This investment was just recently offered by the bank in 2015 by the Trust Division.

So far, it has been quite successful in generating returns and the performance is good.

One of the best saving tips is to invest in this kind of security because not only is there no need for monitoring, it provides you with security and good returns in the future.

Austin, Texas – USA

How do I open an investment account/what are the requirements?

Step 1: Simply visit any nearby Metrobank branch and our branch personnel will guide you in determining the fund that is appropriate to your needs and risk profile.

Step 2: They will also assist you with opening your account.

Step 3: You will be required to present a valid government-issued Identification Card (e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, TIN, etc.) and accomplish some forms.

Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) are NEITHER a deposit account NOR an obligation of, NOR guaranteed, NOR insured by the METROPOLITAN BANK & TRUST COMPANY or its affiliates or subsidiaries, and therefore is not insured or governed by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

Now before we get to the investing phase, it’s best to know what type of investment you want to get into by visiting Metrobank’s page containing its products and services. So far, there are three types of Unit Investment Trust Funds by Metrobank and these are the following: Metro Aspire Equity Feeder Fund, Metro Aspire Bond Feeder Fund and Metro Aspire Balanced Feeder Fund. There are also available Mutual Fund Investments in the page you can choose from.

Generally, anyone can open a UITF account Metrobank so this poses a great investment opportunity offered to OFWs. Opening is made easy and there’s no need for any orientations. If you are a beginner in investing, you can just scroll through the internet for information or you can also purchase investment books for self-learning. It doesn’t really entail too many jargon’s. All you have to do is know the basics. To open an account, you need to physically appear before a Metrobank branch since there is no online enrollment yet.

The NAVPU rate is indicated in the page so you can update once in a while. You can open or get a Metrobank UITF account by just visiting the branch you intend to open with. You will know that you have successfully enrolled when you are given their certificate.

Metrobank offers the best products and services. This includes a good performance in their mutual funds and other treasury products. It’s also one of the best UITFs in the Philippines.

But there are also a lot more type of investments out there. One of the safest is the Philippine Stock Index which provides enough cushion for the safety of your assets. Though there’s still risk, it is heavily compensated with a reward such as a good return on the investment. But whatever investment you choose, it should match your own level of risk appetite so it can be tolerable on your part.

As our age increases, our appetite for risk decreases as we wish for safety and stability in terms of income or cash flows. So the best tip is to invest more while we’re still young and while we can handle such risk. Also, we should not invest all of our money since we still have expenses to pay.

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Benigno R. Cotong

hello ma’am/sir,
ask ko lang po kong pwede ba ako mag invest sa UITF or mutual fund tru metrobank while I’m here in Jubail Saudi Arabia?

Noria D. Tahir

Gusto mag open ng uitf .. may passbook ako saving acct.3423342567054 NORIA D. TAHIR


Hi Noria visit you Metrobank branch tell them you want to invest in UITF, they going to explain to you their different type of UITF and ask you to answer some question to know your risk tolerance and knowledge about investing. from the results of your answer they can figure out what type of UITF that fit to you.

Noria tahir abdulkarim

Dito po ako saudi arabi 2019 ang uwi ko pero gusto ko ng mag invest.!

Noria tahir abdulkarim

Maam nandito poh ako now in saudi arabia .so ibig sabihin kailangan personal ako punta ng branch ng metro bank. Ok ! sa vacation n lng ako mag UITF .


Gusto kong malaman anung link to learn more about sa investing UITF?


Hi Maam Cyrine:

May account po ako sa metrobank at balak ko po mag invest sa UITF – METRO Balance Fund.
1. Ano po ibig sabihin ng Trust Fee Structure? Annual fee po ba ito?
2. In case na ma approve ang application ko, pwede po ba na one time payment e.g. 25,000php?
Maraming salamat po.

Francis Ambay

hello po ask ko lng po yung uitf ng wife ko sa metrobank. kasi may regular hulog syang 2k monthly to her uitf however these past few months di n nagkakaltas ang metrobank sa regular accnt nya kya di nadadagdagan ang savings nya sa uitf…ng update na sya sa metrobank but to no avail..di kya mababawasan nmn ang savings nya sa uitf?


Gst ko po sana mag open account s mutual fund,makano po Ang minimum? Bank book po b o ATM? Kyln pwd mawthdraw ang na invest?

Edgar R. Estudillo

How can i monitor my uitf investment in metrobank online?

marlyn tablac

how can uitf in metro bank i am her in korea .


Andito po ako sa Oman paano ako makakajoin sa uitf .

Charito Suetos

I opened an account here in UAE , and interested to invest in uitf, how will I go about it?


kailangan po ba may savings account ka sa metrobank before joining? thanks!

tina navis

hi.. plano ko po magkaroon ng investment.. may nag suggest sa akin ng UITF.. paano po ba ito.. anong UITF ba ang maisuuggest nyo? what if mag invest ako ng P50,000, magkano po magiging return of investment ko in a month? may mga magiging charges po ba ako? can you give me a sample computation?

Allan Pantino

Hi maam gusto sana namin mag invest uitf pero join accnt kami ni misis pwde po b un?

Emmanuel Aragoza Guerrero II

Hi so in your honest opinion which type of UITF is best to open and what is the best amount to deposit. Thanks n more power!

Roberto a. Gesto