Being an OFW is a tough profession and a choice. Working outside the country is between life and death situation. How much more if both parents, especially women are giving birth without the actual moral support of their loved ones? It is a very hard duty to deliver and give birth to a child. Living in abroad is a combination of hardwork, immeasurable dedication and incomparable inspiration. When a woman OFW gives birth abroad, aside from the critical condition, upon birth delivery, she needs or they need to apply for naturalization or imperative documents for her child to get legalized. In this article, we will be illustrating the procedures, requirements and the costs involved in applying for a proper documentation at the consular report of birth abroad.

How to Report the Birth of Your Child at the Philippine Embassy?

Reporting the birth of a child at the Philippine consular in Singapore is just an easy process. It is very important that parent(s) to make an appointment by sending an email with a title “Appointment for Report of Birth” as a subject to In the email, it must indicate the following:

(a) infant’s Full Name, and;
(b) infant’s Date of Birth.

After which, parent(s) must attach a copy of the child’s birth certificate from the Singapore Registry of Births in the e-mail. Wait for the Civil Registry Officer to respond to the soonest available date and time for the registration of birth. The infant must be brought to the Embassy for the Report of Birth (RB) registration, which will include photo image capturing for the infant’s Philippine passport. To make sure you will have a smooth transaction; make sure to have a checklist with the requirements.

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Requirements Checklist

The report of birth of a Filipino citizen in the Consular of the Philippines in Singapore has the following requirements. Make sure to comply and complete all of these to guarantee the approval of the legalization of a child.

  1. Birth Certificate issued by Singapore Registry of Births, original and 5 copies
  2. Report of Birth form (NSO form no. 40) that you can download from the new website of Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly NSO), 5 copies. Each copy must be accomplished and physically signed (handwritten or “wet” signature) by the parent(s)
  3. Marriage Contract of parents (if applicable), original and 5 copies
  4. Data page of father’s passport, 5 copies
  5. Data page of mother’s passport, 5 copies
  6. Affidavit of Late Registration of Birth if the Report of Birth at the Embassy is being done more than one year after the child’s birth,
  7. If the parents are not legally married, these documents may be required if applicable:
  8. Affidavit of Admission of Paternity (AAP), accomplished by the child’s father, to be signed before a consular officer at the Embassy. If the father is not in Singapore, this document must be authenticated either in the Philippine embassy or consulate in the country where he resides or by the Department of Foreign Affairs if he is in the Philippines.
  9. Affidavit to Use Surname of the Father (AUSF), accomplished by the child’s mother, to be signed before a consular officer at the Embassy.
  10. If the father’s whereabouts is unknown, a Personal Handwritten Instrument (PHI, such as a personal letter) written by the father which states his acknowledgement of his paternity of the child and copy of the father’s identification (such as passport).
  11. If the child is being applied for a Philippine passport, you must accomplish the Application Form for Passport Renewal.

Application Fees

After accomplishing all the basic requirements, these are the costs to be paid in applying for legalization. Please note that all payments must be in the form of cash.

Report of Birth fee SGD 42.50
These additional fees may apply if applicable:
Legalization of AAP or PHI
SGD 42.50
Legalization of AUSF SGD 42.50
Certificate of Registration fee SGD 42.50
Affidavit of Late Registration SGD 42.50
Passport fee SGD 102.00

Important Reminders:

For the passport application, parent(s) has option to apply online by scheduling an appointment before coming to the Embassy, just send an email message to Put in the subject message as “First-time Application”, and in your message, state the name of the infant and his/her birth date. The Embassy will provide you the next available appointment date and time by email as well, for your confirmation. Go to the embassy with the infant, as the infant will be taken picture during the encoding process. And, it strongly advises that parents must prepare all the documents in advance before coming to the Embassy, to facilitate the processing of the passport application and of the Report of Birth. At the designated window, kindly present the following:

  • Duly accomplished passport application form.
  • All the requirements for Report of Birth listed above.
  • Passport application form. Click here to download this form
  • Report of Birth. Click here (inputtable text fields) to download form

Note: One of the most common errors during the encoding of the infant’s details is the gender of the child. Please be careful in checking the entry on the passport encoding form since this will definitely affect the identity, more so, the approval of the application.

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