Certain visa application for passport purposes or any travel agenda (also used in Partnership-Based Temporary Visa or PTV) and other forms of visa, for personal, business, educational, labor, or any other, has a significant chance of overriding the actual departure date or the preparation time. This can lead to a significant inconvenience with regards to the actual travel agenda of the traveler and other related travel activities. In times of this, you might want to have a true and certified copy of your original passport.

The Certified True Copy (CTC) of Philippine passport is a legitimate document issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs to current original passport owners for several purposes such as visa application. It is considered as a notarized copy of passport since an official certification will be signed, approved, and given to the person needing the certified copy. There is a corresponding counsel in-charge of certifying documents and the overall processing to successfully certify passport copies and to induct real-time online support for those who want to apply for one.

Certified Copy of Philippine Passport Requirements and Process

How to Obtain a Notarize Copy (CTC) of Philippine Passport

In order to get yourself a certified copy of your Philippine Passport, choose the nearest Department of Foreign Affairs counsel branch near you. If you are in Manila, you can apply in DFA Manila near ASEANA. Make sure that you select the nearest DFA branch in order to avoid any difficulties upon application. Upon arrival, make sure that you have prepared the following documents:

  1. Original Passport issued by the DFA
  • Proof of Requirement for Certified Copy of Passport – DFA requires your reason as to why you need a certified true copy of your Philippine passport. In most instances, visa applications have their own corresponding forms for proof that it is a necessity to have a certified true copy of the passport. Those forms list it as a requirement.

Steps in Processing Certified Copy of Philippine Passport

It can be a pain to oneself if he or she does not know what to do with regards to how a certified true copy of passport is being processed. Realistically, there are relatively easy, straightforward steps on the whole processing of your certified copy of Philippine passport. Here they are:

1. Upon arrival to the DFA branch near you, seek assistance to the DFA guard on duty in the main door of the DFA branch you selected.

2. Show the necessary documents for the application and you will be politely directed to queue window for passport copy certifications. Documents are always subjected to change in number depending on special purposes such as business travel, corporate tours, educational programs, and specialization programs.

3. Hand over the documents to the officer in-duty upon arrival to the window or counter. After this, verification will be done and it takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes depending on the number of handed documents to be verified.

4. After verification, you will be instructed to the payments section. It depends on where the location of the payment section of the DFA branch is so please take instructions carefully. The total cost for the processing is 100 PHP.
5. Upon payment, return to the verification officer and present the receipt.

Philippine Passport Copy Front (Enhance by ofwmoney.org)

Tips for Smooth Passport Copy Processing

In order to avoid long lines and imminent hassle or stress, here are some tips for you if you wish for a smoother process in your certified true copy of your Philippine passport:

A. Apply in advance – It significantly helps to apply for your certified true copy of Philippine passport in advance. It takes 10 days for your certification to be signed and approved so being ready and applying for advance can significantly help you save an ample amount of time.

B. Readied photocopies of documents – It is highly recommended to go to DFA early and bring photocopies of your documents beforehand. There are available photocopy services in each DFA branch in the Philippines but even their photocopy services have long queues. In order to avoid these long lines, do yourself a favor and have your necessary documents be photocopied.

C. Be informed – The most important of all aside from the tangible requirements are the intangible ones such as the value of information. When you know what to bring, where to go, what to do, and more, you will not have a rough time applying for your certified true copy of your Philippine passport.

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Jesyres Matiban
Jesyres Matiban

Tried the above at Dumaguete, turned away, said only Manila does CTC

Noor M.H.
Noor M.H.


Do you know if during the application process (You’ve mentioned 10 days) if they would collect your original passport? or do they just need it to be present during the initial application process?
Basically I’m asking if they would keep my Passport during the 10 days,

Your response would be much appreciated,

Thank you,


Noor M.H.

Angie Graham
Angie Graham

I went to DFA Megamall. I was advised to visit the Regional Trial Court (municipal hall) to have my passport copy be notarized. But I was also advised that I can also go and do all the CTC of passport in DFA Aseana (main) without going to municipal hall. I’d just rather go to Aseana to avoid any probleams dealing with other government officers.