Living overseas is what most Filipinos desire to achieve and more often than not, single individuals find their love of their life while overseas. Wanting to get married in the Philippine Embassy has steps to follow, in this article we’ll show marriage celebrants how to have an overseas wedding in the Philippine Embassy Australia.

How much wedding cost in the Philippine Embassy Australia?

A processing fee of 45AUD is the fee you need to settle in the Philippine Embassy, this can be in the form of postal money order, bank cheque or you can pay by credit card.

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What are the Requirements of Wedding in Philippine Embassy in  Australia?

Here are the requirements the couple needs to present in the Embassy:

Accomplished Report of Marriage Download here
 Certified true copies of the following documents Marriage record/ marriage certificate issued by the Civil Registrar or Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages of the state/ territory where the marriage took place.
 Birth record/ birth certificate of the Filipino spouse.
Copy of wife’s passport data page.
Copy of husband’s passport data page or other form of identification, i.e., driver’s license
Processing Fee of 45AUD
Self addressed, pre paid express return envelope
Contact details and e-mail address Needed if in case Embassy needs to get in touch with you


Certified true copies of Marriage Contract issued by  National Statistics Office (NSO) with proper annotation and / or court order effecting annulment.


certified true copies of Philippine Court recognition of foreign divorce decree and/or NSO Marriage Contract with the annotation of the Divorce Decree.

For widows/ widowers

Death certificate of deceased spouse. If spouse died in Philippines, certified true copy of NSO death certificate.

If reporting 30 days after the marriage date:

Affidavit or a Statutory Declaration for the Delayed Registration of Marriage with following details:
  1. Name of contracting parties
  2. Dates and places of birth of contracting parties
  3. Date and Place of Marriage
  4. Reason for not registering within 30 days after the marriage.

Take NOTE: That you should prepare 4 copies of the requirements mentioned.

You may also contact the Embassy here:

For foreign nationals who are looking to get married to a Filipino here are the requirements and procedure to get married:

Certificate of No Impediment One should contact the Consular or Diplomatic representative in Manila of the country of which he is a citizen
Marriage Licence The couple should apply for a Marriage Licence in the locality of the Filipino spouse, this is a requirement in accordance to the Philippine Law. If you are wondering where to register for wedding it should be where the Filipino spouse normally lives, regardless if a civil wedding or church wedding was held.

Once you have all requirements and you’re good to go you can now drop by the Philippine Embassy in Australia.

To locate the Embassy of The Philippines: 1 Moonah Pl, Yarralumla ACT 2600, Australia See on Google Map.

For Australians who are looking to get married in the Philippines you can check this link for the requirements and full process:

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