As an OFW, you may have also thought of venturing into investing. The problem is, as a beginner, most of the investment opportunities available require a lot of time learning, as it demands an adequate investment knowledge.

Therefore, most of these may require you do an ample amount of research or to take an investment-related course, which can take a lot of your time.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, it enabled a more accessible and beginner friendly form of investment opportunity, which you can do virtually. And one of those that offer such is FarmOn, which enables you to earn money while helping our farmers at the same time.

Bank Street, Doha, Qatar

Now, this article will guide you through everything you need to know about FarmOn. So, if you are an OFW looking for ways on how to grow your money in a legit and safe way – whether you are an OFW working in Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore and United Arab Emirates, or simply someone who is looking for a less demanding way of earning income – here is a recommendable and less tedious investment opportunity with a high return and which you can pursue wherever you are in the world, so long as you have an internet connection.

1. What is is an online community of crowdfunders that contributes in helping farmers finance their agricultural needs, while at the same time, reaping rewards for their contributions.

Farmers, in general, are rich in properties, but do not have a liquid asset, and as such are low in cash, relying on cash-inflow from their harvest, which can take some time to grow. More so, their struggle becomes more difficult in times of typhoons or La Nina phenomenon.

And so, when such instances happen, they become susceptible to selling or pawning their properties in times of cash emergency expenses. To be able to farm again, they are forced to borrow from banks, loan sharks, or cooperatives at a high interest rate.

But with you as an online investor, made possible through, you help address the cash-flow problem of our farmers by preventing them so shell-out so much cash. You see, by investing, they no longer have to worry about the money they shall use in growing the crops, for it is you who take charge of the initial expenses.

  1. How FarmOn Works?
    Once or twice a year, FarmOn opens a cycle. And when it opens, you get to be allowed to register online. Make sure that you duly finish all the registration requirements. Once your registration is approved, you can then participate as a crowdfunders. For every cycle, FarmOn will open a new project, which will be funded by the community of crowdfunders. The more interesting is their new pipeline rice and loaf bread for franchise. You, as a crowdfunder, can then choose a specific product/s from the list of available crops and livestock’s they will be posting. Now, the team will then give the money you have invested to the farmers, so as for them to start the production and take care of the crops and the animals.Depending on your choice of crop or animal, it may take 2-10 months before you get to benefit from your investment. The profit is split: 50% goes to the investor and 49% goes to the farmer. The other 1 percent is given to the one who referred to you. Note that in farming, there is always a risk involved, such as climate change and natural disasters.But there is also an advantage. With virtual investment, as an Overseas Filipino Workers or Seaman, for instance you need not get your hands dirty taking care of the crops nor own a land for you to grow your crops or livestock. They got it provided for you. All you need is to choose a wise product choice to invest in and for the odds to be with you, of course.
  2. Farmon Investment Review is definitely a recommendable form of investment for crowdfunder’s. It is a well-thought concept where not only do you get to help farmers earn a living, but also it provides passive income for the amount that you invest in the farm. What is good about FarmOn is that though your profit is not guaranteed, Farm On uses all available sources so as to manage your risk of losing money. You, as a crowdfunding, also have the responsibility to invest on those within your risk tolerance. There’s no short, easy road to funding, most of the time, but these small business funding resources can help.
  3. List of FarmOn Products
    FarmOn’s list of products include different sorts of crops and livestocks. Here the those.

    List of Crops
    Papaya Green Chili Hot Pepper
    Carrots Radish Bell Pepper
    Watermelon Amapalaya Melon
    Pechay Cucumber Lettuce
    Mustasa Squash Tomato
    Banana Upo Sitao
    Okra Eggplant Sitao (Turo)
    List of Livestock
    Pekin Duck Pig
    Native Chicken Goat
    Chicken Fish Pond
  4. Are there any potential risks?
    Same as with all other forms of investment, yes, there are also risks. There may be a tendency for you to earn a less desirable amount of profit given the occurrence of climate change and natural disasters, but rest-assured that has enhanced their risk-management to minimize the potential loss of investment. They have built water in its own reservoirs to manage El Nino, as well as formed a drainage canal to expel excess waters. Anyway, the farms are strategically located on high areas so as to mitigate the effects of La Nina.
  5. FarmOn Farm Locations
    FarmOn’s farming locations are located in 12 different places in the Philippines. 6 is in Isabela, 1 in Quirino, 3 in Cagayan, 1 in La Union, and 1 in Pangasinan. Below are the exact locations.

    1. San Antonio, Echague, Isabela
    2. Bannawag Sur, Diffun, Quirino
    3. Luna, Santiago City, Isabela
    4. San Jose, Santiago City
    5. Garit Sur, Echague, Isabela
    6. San Manuel, Echague, Isabela
    7. Alicia, Isabela
    8. Pamplona, Cagayan
    9. Lallo, Cagayan
    10. Umingan, Pangasinan
    11. Bangar, La Union
    12. Sanchez, Mira, Cagayan

    2.How Much Can You Earn on

    The table below shows your potential earnings for a single seedling. Note that the profit is not guaranteed, but the possibility of a deficit is managed by FarmOn, so there is a higher risk tolerance.


    1. Profit Sharing:
    2. 50% goes to Investor
    3. 49% goes to Farmer
    4. 1% goes to your Referral

    3. Step-by-Step Registration Procedure

    A. Once the registration is open, open an account.

    Email, Password, User Profile Form

    The registration for FarmOn is not always available.

    Keep yourself updated, either in their Facebok Page or their website Join Now, as to when the FarmOn next cycle 2018 will be opened.

    Registration success!

    B. Choose a Product


    After registering, you can then log-in to your account and be allowed to pick an available product/s or fund a farm. Now, to fund a farm or to pick a product, just go to “Our Farms page,” choose your preferred available farms to fund, and then choose your desired product.

    After which, you enter the number of plots, and the total amount will appear at the bottom. Note that you can choose more than one product to fund in a cycle.

    Make sure that if you wish to fund more than one, you request it all at once to prevent delays on sending you the contract.

    C. Wait until you receive the contract before proceeding with the payment.

    After requesting for a product, a contract shall be sent to you through Message Center within 5-7 business days. Also included in the contract are the payment details.

    Now, after receiving the contract, you must attach a signature on it and send it to FarmOn by replying to the same message, the same ticket where the contact was sent.

    D. Proceed with the payment and send a scanned copy of the proof of payment
    After sending the contract with attached signature on it, you can then proceed with the payment. After which, you must send a scanned copy/ photo of proof of payment, on the same ticket where FarmOn team sent the contact.

    Your payment will then be confirmed through a message after you send the signed contract and the proof of payment, and it usually takes 5-7 working days to process it. After the confirmation of payment, your transaction history, as well as the list of products you funded, will reflect in your account before the real farming starts.

    5. The Farmon Reviews

    You can leave a review at anytime share your experience with

    6. Frequently Asked Questions about FarmOn?

    1. How does virtual investment work?
      In a virtual investment, people invest in a company in exchange for a profit. FarmOn works that way too. By accomplishing the pertinent requirements for you to be allowed to invest, you will be allowed to participate as a FarmOn crowdfunder that invests in agriculture.
    2. What is the FarmOn Next Cycle?
      The cycles do not have precise dates. But usually, once the cycle is closed, it often takes 3-4 months before another cycle opens.
      To make yourself updated, a quick Search ( farmon ) because once the date is confirmed by the management, We will immediately posts the cycle schedule.

    20th cycle registration will open this coming October 03, 2018 until November 29, 2018. Note that starting the said date, all contracts can only be send one time and will not be open for any revisions. Kindly finalize all orders and personal information to be included in the contract.

    For Newly Registered FarmOners, we will be implementing a one-time registration fee of P300.00. With this, we will be hiring new customer support personnel, who will attend to online inquiries and questions (85%-90% of online inquiries are from new FarmOners). The fee will be included on the contract as well.

    For more questions/clarifications, kindly message us in this page or in the message center. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you!

    Products available:

    1. – Rice (Amaryllis) P9,000.00
    2. – Rice (Bouvardia) P8,500.00
    3. – Rice (Carnations) P8,000.00
    4. – Rice (Daffodils) P7,500.00
    5. – Banana P3,000.00
    6. – Papaya P4,300.00
    7. – Fish pond P5,000.00
    8. – Squash (Growers) – P1,500.00 cycle schedule

    1. What are the methods of payment available?
      The methods of payment available in FarmOn include BDO bank deposits, online banking, fund transfers, remittance, or cash payment. FarmOn accepts payments from all banks except BPI, due to the limit in the number of account transactions allowed by BPI.
    2. How Can I withdraw my Money?
      You can withdraw your money every first ten days of the month, and all other withdrawal requests made after the first ten days will not be accepted.
      Now, to request for a withdrawal, simply log-in to your FarmOn account, click the “Withdraw” button at the bottom of the Vault Summary, and then enter the amount you want to withdraw. After which, you click the Submit button. Just make sure that before withdrawing, you have already updated your profile and input your bank details or your money remittance details.
    3. When will I receive the money I withdraw?
      In FarmOn, withdrawal requests are processed typically at the end of the month, so you can expect to receive the money until the last day of the month. is not a corporation which is not needed to be registered to SEC. Instead it is a sole proprietorship which is registered to DTI. Have a license and business permits to operate and legal papers and documents registered to DTI.

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Hi. Just want to ask how do we know they have declared the correct ROI? Thank you


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