Looking for the best online broker for beginners?

Start your first Philippine stock exchange trial with Metrobank. With the right requirements, your application with opening an account would be achievable in no time. But first things first, let us walk you around on the things you should know before opening an online trading account.

Opening through First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation (FirstMetroSec)

Through First Metro Securities Brokerage, the investment banking arm of Metrobank and Trust Company. They provide suitable access to the listed securities in the PSE, partnered with timely and accurate market research, and incorporated with investor education programs to ensure that they bring the best performance on handling the accounts of their customers.

FirstMetroSec Online Trading

One of the products of FirstMetroSec is online trading provides real-time market data and access to trade securities of the Philippine Stock Exchange through the website, www.firstmetrosec.com.ph, and the company’s alternate site, www.firstmetrosec.ph.

Requirements for applying an Online Trading Account

You must have the following;

  1. A valid email address, either a Yahoo or Gmail account.
  2. An existing savings/settlement account with Metrobank.
  3. A 2 2×2 ID pictures, a must for signature specimen.
  4. At least 2 valid IDs (2 government issued IDs or 1 govern issued ID and 1 company ID.)
  1. TIN ID
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Passport
  5. Senior Citizen’s Card
  6. Voter’s ID
  7. Government office ID
  8. PhilHealth Card
  9. Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID
  10. Seaman’s Book
  11. OFW ID
  12. OWWA ID
  13. Police or NBI Clearance

Steps in applying for an Online Trading Account


  1. Fill up First Metro Securities (FMSBC) on-line trading account application form. (Note: To avoid any error during the online registration, do not use any special characters (#,*.-). Also, do not leave any field blank, type NA for not applicable fields.)
  2. Print and sign on-line trading account application form, on-line trading agreement and signature cards. (NOTE: Printer is required for completing this application.)
  3. Assemble application documents and other requirements.
  4. Submit application documents and other requirements to designated locations.
  5. Wait for e-mail confirmation from FMSBC. (NOTE: DO NOT send funds until FMSBC confirms that account has been opened.)

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

For clients with a MetrobankDirect account, there is no minimum amount required to open an online trading account. But for clients with no Metrobank Account, initial deposit of at least ₱5,000.00 is required.

When will I get my account?

Depending on the branch that you’ll open your account, it will usually take around a week before it is activated. But nevertheless, you’ll get a confirmation if it’s already active.

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