You love your family so much that you wanted to sacrifice everything just for them, even if it means to feel the absence of their warmth every single day in a foreign country. This is what it means to be an OFW – Mapagmahal sa pamilya.

You know for a fact that every single cent counts, because you work with the thought of seeing your family in due time. So, let’s not put your hard earned money into wasted ones.

That is why, as a citizen of the Philippines, even though there are a lot of documents needed, you should duly process the requirements and documents in being a proud Filipino worker in Hong Kong and in other countries as well.

hong-kong-overseas-employment-certificate oec online

One tip is to never forget to process your Overseas Filipino Certificate before you leave Hong Kong, whether it is an emergency leave or a vacation leave. Why? Here is an example: there is an instance where a Filipina worker needed to go home from Hong Kong for an emergency leave, the flight being on the next day while the availability of the POEA Hong Kong Polo gives her a schedule later than her flight schedule.

The Filipino worker was left with no other choice and decided to go home without OEC or exit pass. Because of the action being done, she has the responsibility to pay again for her other documents and membership like OWWA and PhilHealth, and PAGIBIG which roughly costs more than ₱3000.00

For that instance to be avoided, you should be able to secure your OEC in the country itself before going back to the Philippines.

Likewise, due to the reason that a lot of OFWs in Hong Kong are not yet registered in the BM Online – resulting to long queue lines for OEC – it might be a little rough for the transition of old to new system.

As a solution, the POLO Branch in Hong Kong is very willing to help fellow OFWs in setting up an account in BM Online. Just approach them nicely and they will help you along the way. Though you are still being required to pay HK$ 20 for the successful registration, just bear with it because it’ll become a lot easier for other OEC applications once this stage has been passed.

If you already have a BM Online account, then it’ll be easier for you to process your OEC Online – by updating your BM Online profile then acquiring the exemption or OEC. On the other hand, for first timers, registering should be done first.

Also, take note that even though you are a returning worker, you should bring your employee contract, passport and work visa on the immigration.

The POLO Branch in Hong Kong it at Philippine COnuslate Bayanihan Center, 14 F United Centre 95 Quensway, Admiralty Kennedy Town, Hong Kong and is open from Monday to Thursday 9:00 – 4:00 PM and same time on Sunday. Please follow the table below for the requirements needed for employment contract processing.

Renewal/ Re-Contract
  • Old Contract Photocopy
  • New Contact ( 4 copies)
  • Photocopy of Passport and Visa
  • OFW Information Sheet

Hong Kong ID (as a helper and employer photocopies)

Transfer/Change of Employer
  • Old Contract Photocopy
  • New Contact ( 4 copies)
  • Photocopy of Passport and Visa
  • OFW Information Sheet

Hong Kong ID (as a helper and employer photocopies)

Transfer / Change of Employer with Pre Terminated Contract
  • Old Contract
  • New Contract
  • Passport
  • ID 522
  • OFW Information Sheet
  • Employer and Helper in Hong Kong IDs

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Myra Almeda Damian

please i will apply or schedule my oec sir/madame…thank you

Nedy gaa magno.

Good day madam and sir,i want to get oec im leaving on dec 22 2017.and come back on january 04 2018..

Juliet Buyagao Kiwang

i am applying for OEC and i am leaving on the 5th of August.Thank you.


Hai ewan nag kailangan talaga pumunta ng consulate tlga para sa appointment 2hrs nsyang ko dto walang nangyari.

Mary joy malinis supat

i want to apply OEC i am leaving on sept.28 2017

I want to apply OEC iam leaving on oct 28 and come back nov 8 can u send me the link if how to take oec appointment true online thnx.

Annaliza N. Nunez

i want to apply OEC I am leaving on December 22 and come back January 9 2017…

cony Gacer delacruz

i want to get oec i am leaving on dec 15 and come back january 6, 2018

Alexander I. de Guia

Dear Sir/Madam
I want to get my OEC, I am leaving on the 23rd of December 2017 and will be back on 30th December 2017.

Alma Estologa Angot

I want to get OEC im leaving on December 19 come back on December 30 same Employer…thank you!

Alma Estologa Angot

I want to get OEC im leaving on December 19 2017 come back on December 30 2017 same Employer…thank you!


Good morning ma’am / sir I want to get OEC I’m leaving on March 22 2018 I come back to April 1 2018 same employer thank you and God Bless

Arlene lomibao

Sir ma’am i apply a schedule oec im leaving MAY 22 ang im come MAY 22 same employer sir ma’am…thank you

Nemalyn Rillon

I am applying for OEC I’m am leaving on June 1 and I will come back June to get again…


please. I’m applying a oec. My flight was on Dec. 19 2018.and return on January 6,2019.