Get your OFW ID Card Online. For New Hired and Balik-Manggagawa OFWs For New User, register in the system using your personal email account and click the Create An Account button. Open your email account to click the confirmation link.

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The full implementation of iDOLE ID, according to DOLE, will be on July 31, 2017. Sure enough, our government is taking a huge and revolutionary steps for our OFWs striving hard abroad. Not only this will signify how are starting to be globally competitive by setting a standardized and systematic method for our OFWs, this only goes to show that sooner or later, we will eventually adapt ways that will the Filipino lives an improved and of better-quality with caliber services provided by the government.

Procedure on iDOLE eServices, How to Create OFW One-Stop-Shop Account


1. Register as an OFW Account Holder.

You can now acquire online Overseas Filipino Worker identification card and many more government facilities even outside the country.

a. You need to Prepare the Existing Document (the Latest OEC Number)
b. Below is on how to view or OEC Number over
c. You can visit the Please Click Proceed.
d. Details to be Fill-Up (You Need to Prepare email address, contact number.)

2. Select Document ID Card for Transaction

You can now acquire online Overseas Filipino Worker identification card and many more government facilities even outside the country.

3. Pay and Deliver Directly to your Door

You can now acquire online Overseas Filipino Worker identification card and many more government facilities even outside the country.

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    • Hi Charlie, the complete guideline about the OFW ID is not yet disclosed by the iDOLE eServices. Please watch out for the next development about the new OFW ID system.

    • Hi, how can I get my OFW ID (as shown from the page i filled up) Please acquire OFW ID by clicking SELECT TRANSACTION..
      Appreciate if you could help me and let me know.
      Thank you. Lyn

  1. hello, are Filipinos who serve in the military from a different country and became a citizen of that country, will they still be considered as OFW? or this is only for Filipino citizens? I appreciate your reply. thanks.

  2. Hi, tried to create an account but after I fill up the necessary information (including my latest OEC number), and click the “Register OFW Account” nothing is happening. There is a very small message pop up on the right corner of the screen saying “for further verification please proceed to the nearest POEA office”.
    I thought this is 1st step to get OFW ID card online, I can not even create an account.
    I am already registered OFW (I have OFW ID number) and I have balik manggagawa online account.

    Do I have to go POEA office to create this OFW one stop shop eservices?
    I appreciate if I will receive some information why I can not create an account

  3. I followed the link and procedures just now however pick up is through POEA designated areas only. Also date of pick up not scheduled. Better call POEA pick up area phone no. before going on site.

  4. Hi I want to apply idole card they need a previous oec..I lost my oec before and I forget my email . how can I get my oec previous number before.. .so that if I want to get new oec in online only..I need to know my previous number oec before.

  5. Hi,
    Cannot make an account although I have it on BM.
    Below is the “Info” Upon checking the site, and my OEC dated January 18, 2017 meaning I am not yet included.
    I do not know why there is a reference date?

    “The system will only accepts OEC number/exemption number with validity date from October 10, 2017 onwards.”

  6. Hi,
    Most likely, the cut off date of October 10, 2017 is when the iDOLE system becomes operational. (although with some limitations). Perhaps, all other OECs issued before October 10, 2017 will not be accurate reference/s, thus the starting date of October 10, 2017.
    And also notable is the means of delivery is only by pick-up to around 6 or 7 POEA offices in the Philippines.

  7. Hi
    I can not create account because my OEC issued before October 10, 2017, what will be your solution on this issue? How we can get our OFW ID with OEC before Oct 2017?

  8. i completed the registration for this OFW ID, but the pick up point is only in the philippines and not in the working place in abroad (for me is QATAR). and also the celphone no. is for philippinbe celphone (for me i registered the CP of my wife) only and not my CP here in my work, place.
    How can i get my OFW ID in POEA oRTIGAS if I’m working here in abroad. Can they send this ID to OWWA office in Qatar for me to pick up easily rather than going to Philippines?
    Than you very much

  9. I tried the Ofw ID as well. I was able to registered successfully. Kaso dun na sa Shipping Information eh di na mag-proceed. Clicked ko Submit pero wala naman nangyayari. Payment Summary eh 0. Sa tingin ko eh di pa fully working ang website na ito.

  10. No luck, even after several attempts. I have OEC issued Dec. 3, 2017 for my upcoming scheduled vacation. But registration is not successful with error “For further verification, please proceed to nearest POEA office.” I read some comments and some also have similar issues like me without any response yet Admin how to fix the issue. Is the system still a work-in-progress???

  11. @Leo so this means that u still need to go to a POEA office for verification. Just like how we acquired the BM Online registration.


    • What you need to do is Click Creat an Account, then ClickProceed then it will direct you to the next page, them manually enter your OEC number

  13. I successful y register an account but when I logged in, a pop out message appear on the upper right corner that says “invalid credentials”. I went back to make another account as if the first time but it says, ” you already have I tried logging g in with my email and password but the same it says ” invalid credentials” .I greatly appreciate it if you can help me..thanks


  14. Hi,

    Hindi po ako nakarecieve ng confirmation Email para ma access ho po yung Idole account ko though ginamit ko is my company email account.
    Can you advise please.

  15. I think we are getting different errors. With regard to my case, I was able to successfully register but on the part about the Pick-up option after clicking on Submit then nothing is happening. It was a dead end.
    And I have sent an Email to POEA regarding this but until no response from them.
    Kindly update here if any one successfully processed the OFW ID.

  16. I have alerady set up an account however when logging in, the system said to confirm from the email verification sent to my email address. Upon checking my email (from inbox to spam), i can’t find any email sent to me. How can I request for the email verification to be resent?

  17. Create your OFW One-Stop-Shop Account – para magapag register ka dyan dapat ang OEC mo dated Oct 16,2017 onwards.Pano po ung may Oec per expired na or issued last April 2017. ano dapat naming gawin para makapag register at makakuha ng OFW ID? Please paki sagot naman po

  18. hello, created an account yesterday and I realized I input wrong email address. Recreated my account with correct email address and now it’s not accepting my entry since the account name is already existing. can you help me check or get back to me so I can file my ofw id? thank you so much. And also kindly add support link on your website so it is easy for us to contact you once we have trouble on signing and logging in to our account.

  19. may OEC po ako dati at yun ay last 2015 pa at isa pa po,ngayong 2017 nag change ako ng ibang company at balak ko sana kumuha ng IDOLE dto sa dubai bago umuwi ng bansa ,,, paano po ba ang proseso at ano po ang mga kailangang papel para makakuha nito..

  20. I tried today to register but still I’m getting that very small message pop up on the right corner of the screen saying “for further verification please proceed to the nearest POEA office”.

  21. it still under construction i think, you can now register your account but still going to wait for the appointment and I think the it still lacks of pick-up location for OFW in abroad.

  22. I have successfully created the idole account, but im having hard time in uploading the id picture as there is no options and links to use with…it says, :pls. Acquire ofw id by clicking id transactions” but still, no options! Ano ba naman yan, magla-launch ng ganito ang poea at dole eh hindi naman accurate ang system nila, they are just making ofw’s got confused!

  23. Same issue with Arlyn. Already registered but cant upload photo for there is no options on how to do so. Is the site having a problem or what? Pls help po. Paano po gagawin to upload a photo and to continue the application?

    • I Clikck po ninyo yung computer icon, then select picture of your choice subject to requirements, i.e. no eyeglass, white background.. then upload na po..

  24. I just finished making the iDOLE account online, but the problem is the photo itself in the profile cannot be updated and i cannot proceed to the transaction without that photo. pls help

  25. This only works for OFW member who currently holds valid OEC Number. I was trying to register my details using my OEC number but error prompts saying that “OEC is expired”. and for us to get OEC, we should book a flight first because thats one of the main requirement from the Consulate to acquire valid OEC(this scenario applies here in UAE).
    I hope this also works for OFW member who have their OEC for a period of 2 years from the date of issue. Hence we can use the old OEC number to register and be eligible for idole card. For your kind information,we only rely on the company benefits which includes : free round trip ticket after 2 years of service so you may wanna consider such point of view for us to acquire this idole card.Much appreciated if you can think of any work around for us to register. Thanks! God bless!

  26. I received email from DOLE that i am successful iDOLE registrants but i dont know how to pay online, so i click it to pick up in Ortigas Poea i ask to my daughter to pick up and pay directly to your office is it ok.? THANK YOU.

    • Hi Ms. Alma, mag tagalog n lang po ako ha at Pinoy nman ako. Nakatanggap din ako ng Email. tapos nag login ako sa acct ko, ang susunod po na gagawin eh need mag upload ng picture (kung wala pa naka-upload), ung signature po at ung acknowledgement form na dapat printed muna at lagay nyo signature nyo tapos upload ulit. wala po kayong babayaran, Free po ang lahat, Wala pa pong rules ang POEA kung paano at kailan ang pick-up, wait lang po tau ng susunod ng instructions sa kanila. salamat po.

  27. Successfully created my account at One Stop Shop. Uploaded photo, uploaded signature, uploaded acknowledgement. Just wait when I able to collect my OFW ID. Excited much. 🙂

    Is there anyone knows how long it takes to have your OFW ID ready for collection?

  28. iDOLE ID online application is initially available to Balik-Manggagawa(worker-on-leave) with passport issued date July 2016 or newer, with exemption number/oec number validity date from November 21, 2017 onwards and with updated OWWA membership.I believe the two condition must be met before an OFW can apply online.

  29. Pwede po ba mapalitan ang email account na ginamit ko? Nagmali po kasi ako ng lagay imbis na gmail, yahoo ang naitype ko. Dko tuloy maverify.

  30. hi hello i am Celia Masong Ibrar now it was change my status kasi nakapag asawa po ako dito sa pakistan at gusto ko
    po ma avail yong idole card paano po ?


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