Direct or Name hires are Filipino workers who are able to secure an overseas employment opportunity with an employer without the assistance or participation of any agency. Although your future employer would take care of the requirements (pane tickers, work visa etc.), you must still have certain documents processed at the POEA.

Starting today – November 13, Filipino expats no longer need to secure an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). According to the official Facebook page of the Philippine Embassy in UAE, the acceptance and processing of new applications for the OEC document for all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) including direct hire workers are suspended from today – November 13 to December 1 2017.

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On May 16, 2017 The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has recalled the suspension order on the processing and issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) to all directly hired Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

OEC is a very important document for OFWs, whether first time or working and returning to the Philipines since this will serve as your exit clearance before you can leave the country. If you are a direct hire, you will need to go to POEA to acquire an OEC. For first time OEC applicants, do not forget to register and set an OEC appointment schedule at

Useful Video:
POEA: How to Apply Legally for Work Abroad
Direct Hire Requirements

These are the POEA requirements for OEC:

1. Registration – Register at Windows 6 (Skilled/Professional Workers) or Windows 14 (Household Workers) and get a number. Wait until your number is called.
2. Proceed to the designated window.
3. Submit both Original and Photocopy of the documents for verification.

  • Passport
  • 2×2 picture
  • Work Visa
  • Employment Contract/Agreement must be verified and duly authenticated by Philippine Embassy. The quickest way not to wait for the authentication since you are a direct hire is to ask for approval directly to Name-Hire Director and POEA Administrator by signing the Addendum saying that the employer will provide a return ticket and will be responsible if anything happens during your stay abroad.

4. Wait for verification and the recommendation for medical and PDOS referral.

  • Proceed to OWWA to schedule and get a slot for the PDOS seminar that will cost you Php400.
  • Choose an accredited clinic and take the medical exam that may cost you Php2,500. You will receive fit to work medical certificate

5. Undergo PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar) and take Medical Exam.
6. Go back to POEA (window 9 for skilled and professional workers and window 12 for household workers).
7. Submit the verified documents along with the certificates received for final approval.

  • Valid Passport
  • Employment Contract
  • Valid Working Visa
  • PDOS Certificate
  • CPDEP Certificate (for household workers)
  • Fit to Work Medical Certificate

8. Pay the necessary amount for OEC which includes $100US for POEA processing fee and OWWA membership fee of $25US (Philhealth and Pag-IBIG which is optional)
9. You will receive the OEC

For first time OFW and Filipinos who are interested in working abroad thru direct hire process, here is the important advisory on deployment of direct hire workers. Under the 2016 Revised Rules and Regulations on the Recruitment and Employment of OFWs:

Section 123. Ban on Direct Hires – No employer shall directly hire an OFW for overseas employment.
Section 124. Exemption from the Ban on Direct Hiring. The following are exempted from the ban on direct hiring:

  1. Members of the diplomatic corps;
  2. International organizations
  3. Heads of state and government officials with the rank of at least deputy minister; or
  4. Other employers as may be allowed by the Secretary of Labor and Employment, such as:
  1. Those provided in (a), (b) and (c) who bear a lesser rank, if endorsed by the POLO, or Head of Mission in the absence of POLO
  2. Professionals and skilled workers with duly executed/authenticated contracts containing terms and conditions over and above the standards set by the POEA. The number of professional and skilled OFWs hired for the first time by the employer shall not exceed five (5). For the purpose of determining the number, workers hired as a group shall be counted as one; or
  3. Workers hired by a relative/family member who is a permanent resident of the host country.

For some countries, POEA has granted exemptions to direct-hiring policy such as major labor exporting countries in Canada, Italy and Hong Kong from the mandatory $5,000 repatriation bond and up to $3,000 performance bond.


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  1. Hi,

    Would you know the processing time for the OEC for direct hires – from registration to actual issuance of the clearance?


    • There’s no specific date when can you receive your OEC…but you can monitor through the POEA website because they usually post the names of poeple whose OEC is released.

  2. can you please po if which clinic that its connected from poea for our security good result.
    because im also direct hired for doha qatar by the month of july 2017

    thank you po..and god bless

  3. Hello good morning.

    How to get an iDole card if you are a direct hired? I’m here in Singapore since 2012 and every 1-2 years uuwi ako ng Pinas. Please let me know, thanks! Your response will be truly appreciated.

  4. Good day po. I’ll be working in a government hospital in Germany and have applied for employment visa, awaiting approval. My employment contract is already authenticated by the Phil. Embassy in Germany. I would like to know if I could apply for OEC here in Cebu? As to PDOS, can I apply online and have my certicate? Kindly advise. Thank you very much.

  5. Hi. i need badly a help from you guy’z i’m one of those under to the direct hired and i heard that the poea ban the direct hired especially, those on the private now my problem is i all ready have a contracts with my employer i all ready have the documents please help me what to do?please

    • Hi im Janhen same issue from your daughter i just to want help bka makatulong since mama ko agent sa Agency Tutulungan tayu mag asikaso ng documents para makakuha ng OEC. +639167041351 Yan ung # ko.
      Sana nakatulong din tulad ng pagtulong nila sa akin

      • Hi mga kabayan,
        Patulong naman sa tanung ko,sa mga nakakaalam at mga may exprience na po sa direct hire,bago po ba kumuha ng oec kailangan may work visa na po,or may contrata na bago makapag apply ng oec.?at mga kabayan kung may alam po kayo na agency na pwde po na sila ang mag ayos ng mga papers ?

        • kailangan po meron kana POLO authenticated contract, visa, passport bago ka mag apply for oec…and sa agency maghanap ka dun sa website ng POEA but may agency din dun malapit sa POEA mismo Cubic S…search mo nalang yan sa website para sa fullname and address…meron din sa makati…JCJ…just went there last week…

  6. same here merun ako issue about sa direct hired or named hired hindi ko alam paano processing ng pag kukuha ng agency para sa pag asikaso ng ng mga documents para makakuha ng OEC sinu may alam na pwede po akong tulungana, may VIsa Copy na ako at may job offer. kasi dito na ako nakapagsign ng job offer through email anu po gagawin. PLEASE HELP ME.FIRST TIME KO PO

    • My experience doing exit sa asian
      Well na OFFLOAD ako kahapon lang Oct. 10, 2017. Kasi sariling idea ko at hindi ako nagtatanung kay mama about need pala mag pa agency para sila mag process ng alis mu once you’re a direct hired. Bago na pala kasi ang sistema sa pilipinas na suspended pala ang direct hired dto sa pilipinas , at hindi ko alam . Then nung andun na ako immigration for second interview malalaman nila pala na may visa kana sa ibang bansa at sasabihan ka lang ng sinungaling for tourist ka sa asian masasayang lang effort at cost mu bumili ng ticket at paglakad. Then naikwento ko na kay mama na kailangan ko ng agency sinabi niya sakin na agent siya sa agency at bka pwede ako i refer today para processing ng pag alis dahil direct hired din ako. Kasi kailangan din na this month maka alis ako. At baka makatulong tong experience ko kahapon at ngayun lang na may agency na inacept ang offer at pag uusapan kung magkanu magagastos for this processing.

        • Going to hong kong sana.
          Kaso dun na ako nakitaan sa immgration ng visa. With ur passport id and full name malalaman nila na my visa status ka.

          • Hi. Saang country ka sana papunta? Direct hire din ako pero hindi kasi work visa ang ibinibigay doon sa country na pupuntahan kundi work permit lang. matatrack pa rin kaya nila iyon?

      • Hi Janhen, ganyan din ang nangyari sa akin. Na offload ako kasi i tried to exit by Tourist visa. Direct hire din ako, may employment visa na. I found out na Ban na pala ang direct hire. Need ko rin maghanap ng Recruitment agency na mag-pprocess ng documents ko. Pwede ba malaman kung anong Agency ang nag-accept sayo? Magkano raw ang magagastos for processing? Sobrang nakaka stress talaga. Please po baka matulungan nyo ako sa info.

        • marami pong agency dyan…tingnan mo dun sa tas isearch mo din dun sa list ng accredited agencies sa poea website lahat ng mga agencies dun may mga email address, gawa ka ng request/inquiry lettere, i-state mo situation mo tas isend mo sa mga address ng mga agencies na mahanap mo, as many as you can, kapag nagreply saka mo puntahan…1 month salary po ang fee na hinihingi ng mga agencies ngaun…pero kadalasan employer ang nagbabayad nyn…pero i-deduct nila yan sa salary mo.

          • Nakapaghanap na ako. Tumawag na lang ako sa different Recruitment Agencies para mas mabilis. Pero mostly talaga magbabayad ka ng placement fee. Tapos may service fee pa. Ipapasagot nila sa Employer mo, pero syempre si Employer ayaw na maglabas ng pera kasi direct hire ka naman. Kaya ipapa-salary deduction ko na lang. What to do. Walang choice mailakad lang ang papers ko. Kaso aabutin ng 1 month sa pag- Accreditted ng Employer mo sa POLO at POEA. Perwisyo talaga. Pulubi ka talagang aalis.

    • Tama po. Recuitment Agency lang ang tanging way mo para magkaroon ng OEC. Take it or leave it daw. Ihanda mo nyo na po ang pera ninyo. Ang galing galing talaga ng Gobyerno.

      • ang ending ung mga mapang abusong recruitment agencies naman ang mananamantala sa mga aalis kasi wala kang choice kundi magpprocess sa kanila e, mga walang puso mga agency na yan..


    Finding an overseas job without the assistance of a recruitment agency is called a direct hire or name hire.
    Some of the benefits of finding work this way are
    •Direct contact with your OVERSEAS PRINCIPAL OR MAIN AGENT. You are in touch with them from the beginning.
    •A feeling of fulfillment. You negotiate it all to your own satisfaction.
    •Fewer complications.
    •A learning experience you can share with others.

    What You Need for a Direct Hire
    Many Filipinos find work abroad in this manner, but they must complete certain steps in order to avoid problems.
    •Before you do anything else, make sure you have your visa and working permit.
    •Depending upon the type of job you will be doing, you are required to process your employment documents and other permits with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).
    •After you have completed these steps, you will be a registered Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) with the benefits of being a member of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.

    Note that there are different procedures for skilled workers and household workers. The differences are detailed below.

    Requirements for Professional and Skilled Workers
    When you go to the POEA, be sure to bring a black ballpoint pen and money to pay fees. Professional workers in any field must also bring an original and two photocopies of the following valid documents to the POEA office:
    •passport (picture page and last page)
    •employment contract
    •working visa
    •money for fee processing
    •2X2 photos of yourself
    •PDOS certificate (this will be issued in the POEA)
    •medical certificate (except for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand)

    Household Service Worker Requirements

    When you go to the POEA, be sure to bring a black ballpoint pen and money to pay fees. Household employees of all types must also bring the original and photocopies of the following documents to the POEA office:
    •passport (picture page and last page)

    employment contract
    •working visa
    •money for fee processing
    •2X2 photos of yourself
    •request for exemption from the direct hiring policy issued by the POLO/Labor Attache, as applicable
    •TESDA NC II for HSW (except for Canada and ex-overseas HSW)
    •workers heading to Taiwan need a COC from TESDA
    •workers heading for the Middle East, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel and China workers need an OWWA certificate on language and culture orientation
    •family driver Middle East workers must have personal accident insurance and motor vehicle insurance verified by the POLO/Labor Attache
    •PDOS certificate (this will be issued in the POEA)
    •Medical certificate (except for Canada, Australia, New Zealand)

    Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar
    Attend your Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) at the scheduled time. All OFWs are required to have a PDOS certificate. It is very important to attend and the seminar will provide information about the country where you will live and work. Keep your PDOS certificate and have it photocopied.

    Medical Examination Requirement
    Have your medical exam done in any accredited medical clinic. The POEA usually provides a list of accredited clinics. Once you have completed the exam with a bill of good health, it means you are fit to work. Keep your original medical certificate and have it photocopied. You will need them at the next step.

    Final Approval and Issuance of Order of Payment
    Submit your evaluated documents together with your PDOS certificate and medical certificate. Once you are approved, they will give you an OP (order of payment) which you will pay.

    Release of Papers and Documents
    Go to window eight in the central office, or the releasing area, for the release of your original papers. Make sure you receive your passport and PDOS certificate.

    Proceed to window one for your assessment of payment.

    Payment of Processing Fees
    Go to Window J and pay all required fees. These will include your POEA processing fee, OWWA and Philhealth.

    After paying you will receive an E-receipt or Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), which will serve as your OFW travel exit clearance at the immigration counters in the airport. Keep it, because you will use it in the airport for free travel tax, airport terminal fee, and reduced travel tax for dependents.

    • lahat naman ng agency as long na verified sila ng POEA or yung licensed nila still active. merun akong agency na kilala which is by monday makakausap ko sya and we will talk about dun sa processing OEC and how much yung placement fee for that ayun namn sa naka usap ko sa POEA katumbas lang ng sahud ng isang buwan ang babayaran or dependes na din sa pag uusapan niu with an agency

  8. For Direct hire/ Named hire
    *only two options*

    Regardless if you have:
    A. working visa – granted by immigration
    B. Job offer – provided directly by your employer
    C. Flight ticket

    1. Go under Agency (legal)
    – they will re-process your work visa and job offer.
    – they will have to talk to your employer about your contract
    – pay massive amount of you know what *fee* of course.
    – means your job offer and work visa would be useless( since you will have to get a new visa and contract that you are under the agency )


    2. Mentioned already from prior comments.( risky )

    Cant be more specific with what I have mentioned from above. Goodluck mga kababayan.

    All I can say is that, pnahihirapan ang mga Pinoy ng sarili nating _______ ( just fill in the blank).

    • ganyan din ngyari saken kumpleto na ko. aun di ko na naituloy ung pangarap ko kse ang gusto dadaan sa agency then d nag agree ung company na inapplayan ko kya wala ng ngyari

  9. Teacher po ako sa Japan last year, umuwi po ako after I finished my contract due to maternity situation. Now my former employer wants to hire me again. There are 5 Filipinos already working in our school. Will it be a problem kung nore than 5 na kami? Can they hire me again directly or do I need a recruitment agency? Thank you.

    • No need for a recruitment agency maam. Since balik manggagawa ka/ someone na babalik sa dati nilang employer exempted kana sa OEC…but you need to visit the POE website and register with your previous OEC nmbr(?) something like that. Kung nakalimutan mo na oec nmbr mo maybe with just your full name will do. Ban na po kasi direct hire ngayon…I just went to POEA last week to confirm. Now, looking for recruitment agency and transfer the job order to them seems to be a hassle and takes a long time if the documents are not complete.

  10. No more direct hires…just went to POEA last week to confirm this and they said direct hires are banned. But the exemption of this are professionals like engineer, doctors, etc…

    • Hi, I called them last week. They told me even if you will work as a professional and will be hired by a private company, you are still ban from processing your papers.

      • Yes, we called them twice before we went there and they told us the same thing. Even professionals are banned and they are only allowing diplomats. But when we got there they told us that professionals like doctors, engineers etc. are allowed. We showed them our visas which is under professional category and the answer is still no. Maybe not all under professional category, pinipili lang siguro.

        • Hi sir Lee, question po..since you said na may instances na pinapayagan yung mga doctors, engineers sa direct hire process, how about po CPAs kaya? Thanks

  11. Section 124. Exemption from the Ban on Direct Hiring. The following are exempted from the ban on direct hiring:

    A. Members of the diplomatic corps;
    B. International organizations
    C. Heads of state and government officials with the rank of at least deputy minister;

    i was there at POEA last week ayan lang allowed or pasok sa direct hired or name hired mga companing kamaga anak nh toyal or may hawak or under government. so pinapahanap ako ng agency yun nalang ang best option dahil ban ang direct hired since August ..

    • Dati may letter d. yan pero nung tumawag ako and mentioned that section sabi nila binago daw since Aug.17 so I asked saan ko makikita na nagbago nga then they can’t show any proof.

      • ung D niyan po is pasok ako dun ang nangyari lng daw since August hnd na inalowed dhil sa mraming gumgawa daw ng peke or underAge nasangkot fin amg NSO sa pagdodoble ng birth certificate pra mklabas ng ibang bansa. ang maari nlng gwin is mghanap ng Agency na magproprocess sa inyo ng skilled workers.

    • hi yung employer ko naman po is from government. German Red Cross. di ko alam bakit ayaw tanggapin ng POEA. and sabi pa sa akin hindi nila iproprocess papers ko kahit na anu gawin ko. May working visa nadin ako nun before pa nila iban ang direct hire. sabi pa nila is ready na daw ako to go my visa na, kasi yun naman requirements nila diba. parang pinapalabas nila na huli na ang visa. di ko din magets anu gusto ng POEA, dumaan sa madaming tao yung papers ko dun sa POEA pero sa end ayaw nila iprocess. before ang Ban itu nangyari.

  12. kaya yun ,kinausap ko ung company ko na mghahanap ako ng agency tpos kausapin nila sa usapan ng pglakad ng agency ko .ang sabi skin kakausapin ung manager na i endorse ako sa mismo na company din nila na agency pra mka alis sa pinas. hirap humanap dto tpos depends pa sa usapan niu. try niu ung accredited tlga ng POEA na agency ang byarin dun daw is placement fee or katumbas ng sahud niu ng usang buwan kayu din mgbbyad sa lhat ng iprocess pti ung medical

  13. Nag apply po ako ng direct hire sa nixon family sa new zealand nka post po kasi sa web page ng POEA.Sabi po ng employer sila na daw po bahala sa lahat ng travel documents ko humihingi lang po sila ng P23,500 para sa processing visafirst global po yun ng a assists para sa visa and other travel docs.Pa help nman po kung ok lang talaga na magbayad ako ng ganun halaga, sa western union pa daw po ipapadala ang pera sa branch nila sa US.

    • What I heard dahil nag ask na aq sa iba’t ibang mga agencies…nanghihingi talaga sila ng 1 month salary na kabayaran…which is nirequire daw yun ng POEA…

    • nakaalis ka Dionie dun sa naapplayan mo direct hired ng Nixon Family? kasi sa akin nag email at nagforward ng job description kahapon? tanong lang sana ako kung nakaalis ka o napasukan muna yung apply mo sa kanila??

      • Hi eduard ako rin may job offer narin at contract pero nag punta ako sa POEA at naka ban daw and New Zealand sa direct hired pano kaya un? Ikaw ba?

  14. Hi! Anybody found a reputable agency that can help process accreditation/certification? I am a programmer and supposed to be bound for Germany, kaso late ko na nalaman na ban ang direct hire, kung kelan OEC nalang ang kulang. Walang proper dissemination of information. Ang tagal ko ngpprocess, wala naman akong nakitang ban na ang direct hire at kailangan pa dumaan sa agency pa. Ano pa silbi nung direct hire when you still have to pay out a large processing fee. Hindi biro ang 1 month salary, I wouldn’t mind paying a processing fee, pero 1 month worth of your salary is too much, hindi makatarungan ang amount na yun.

    • JCJ services and management promotion, or IPAMS(industrial personnel and management services)….sa JCJ ganun rin sila…nanghihingi ng 1month worth na salary. Pero ang IPAMS sinasabe nila na free sila for everything…so I suggest you go to IPAMS…they claimed to be an award winning recruitment agency…like no. 1 on the list…

      • Thanks Lee! May na-contact na din ako na agency previously EDI Staffbuilders. They told me na depende daw sa magiging usapan ni agency and employer yng fee, pero on average daw nasa 1000USD. Processing will take 2-3 weeks depende gaano din kabilis magresponse si employer sa mga needs na infos and docs ni agency for the processing of accreditation, then mga 1 week daw para sa issuance ng OEC. I’ll contact IPAMS na din tomorrow and ask yung processing and fees sa knila.

      • I called IPAMS na, they don’t process direct hires daw if less than 5 yung hires nung employer. Hanap daw ako ng agency na nagpapadala ng individual hires abroad. I guess this is in line din sa rules ng POEA before. I got an information from someone who used to work in POEA, before daw kasi kapag 5 or more yung hires, required na dadaan sa agency. Kapag less than 5, pwedeng individuals na yung kumuha ng OEC sa POEA. Pero since Aug. 16 or 17 2017, not sure of the exact date, no exceptions na daw, lahat dapat dumaan sa agency.

        • Lately ko lang din nalaman na ban na pala direct hire. Since may Visa ako i have to double time sa paghahanap ng way to process my documents. Concern ko is kaya kaya ma-process for one month ang documents ko? Tinanggap ako ng Placewell international nung una, then tinanggihan din after a week kung kelan ng-pprocess na kmi ng papers for Attestation ng employment contract sa country of destination ko. Baka daw hindi nila mahabol at sila pa masisi bandang huli. 2-3 weeks of Employers accreditation to POEA is without compliance pa yun. So I called POEA if kaya mahabol, sabi sakin possible kasi may 1 month pa naman ako. He suggest na maghanap daw ako ng mga Top recruitment agencies, yung mga awardees. So am still in the process sa paghahanap ng agencies kasi wala na akong choice. Sobrang deppressing na at gusto na akong ayawan ng employer ko sa haba ng process na kinakailangan ko makaalis lang. I hope someone here can refer na okay na Recruitment agencies na nag-pprocess ng direct hire. This is my email po: [email protected] just in case. Salamat.

          • try to make an appeal to DOLE. May nabasa akong article tungkol sa appeal…you can make an appeal stating na gusto mong ma-exempt sa ban…but yun nga lang walang assurance na madali makakuha ng OEC…for sure aabutin ka din ng isang buwan…

          • Yes..I made an appeal..Oct 21 ako nag appeal, Oct 26 na-endorse sa POEA ung appeal ko and ayun nakapaevaluate na ko ng papers. After that, cguro it takes another 3 weeks kac for DOLE clearance na yun, then mag medical na and PDOS.

          • Hi Ms. Rhea, Pwede po malaman if anu-anong documents or details ang hinanap sayo ng DOLE para i-proceed nila sa POEA? Baka kasi maghanap sila ng attested Employment contract, which i am willing to give naman. Wala parin ako medical kasi naghihintay ako ng go signal dahil gusto kong makasiguro na hindi mapunta sa waste lang yung pera at effort ko. Pwede rin bo ba malaman if anong exact email address ng DOLE ka ng-send ng appeal kasi ang dami nilang email address sa website portal nila. Thank you po. In case, appeal would be my only hope na lang.

          • Naka-ilang tawag na din ako sa POEA stating my case na may visa na ako and everything, I just need an OEC and naghahabol ako kasi nga running na yung validity ng visa ko. They always insist na I go through an agency. I also called DOLE na din to get some advice, sabi nila try ko daw mag-ask ng exemption since I have all my papers ready na. When I called POEA again, 2 different occasions, yung isa sabi pwede lang daw exemptions kung naverified yng contract before September, yung isang nakausap ko naman sabi yung exemptions daw are for yung nakalagay sa A,B,C na exempted for direct hire. Mukhang malapit na din ako ayawan ng employer ko. ang tagal na nila nghihintay.

    • Thank you Ms. Rhea sa info. I emailed to DOLE na. Sumagot the next day pero pinapa-correct lang yung Full name ni Bello. As of now..naghihintay parin ako ng update from them. Sa ibang forums, may nababasa ako na inaabangan nila si Sec. Bello para makiusap, yung iba naman sa Office of the President. May Nag-try na po ba dito nang ganun?
      I also emailed POLO(in my host country) if I can get verified employment contract without the assistance ng recuitment agency. They advise me na dahil Ban ang direct hire, so hindi pwede. Except if may go signal ako ni Sec. Bello.

      • Hi Ms. Iya! How are your papers na? I sent an email to DOLE just today. I’m hoping they would answer me. Were you able to get an exemption po? huhu Nahihiya na ako sa employer ko kasi ang laking pabigat ng gobyerno itong direct hire ban. Kung tutuusin, maraming donations na nagawa ang employer q dito sa Pinas tuwing may calamity kasi active siya sa mga charitable causes.

        • Hi Ms Bernadette, pwede po malaman kung me feedback sa request nyo? Medyo similar case po kasi tayo kasi pa Japan din po kasi ako.Thank you.

          • Hello CJ. I called DOLE earlier today and they told me that they already sent a memo to POEA so that they’ll verify my documents. POEA will be the one to determine whether my documents esp. the employment contract meet their standards. If they find it qualified, they’ll forward it again to DOLE for clearance from direct hire ban. Supposing DOLE clearance will be granted, only then can I process oec. Sobrang haba pa ng proseso pero ipagpatuloy ko nalang to kasi I heard na kung thru agency, it will take about 40 days din naman pagprocess kasi may mga documentation procedure pa clang dapat gawin among ur employer, POEA and POLO in the host country.

          • Thanks for the feedback Bernadette. Looks like were at the same stage. I sent my letter and supporting docs last week Monday then called them up last Friday. Under verification na daw sa POEA yung docs. By the way ,authenticated ba yung pinasa mong contract? Ang inaalala ko lang baka hindi makapasa yung akin kasi hindi authenticated/verified ng POLO Japan. Kung ganun mangyayari, ewan ko nalang kasi in the first place ayaw din mag authenticate ni POLO gawa daw ng direct hire ban. Nalilito rin kasi ako sa flow ng process nila.Anyway I hope we all get through this.

          • Same here CJ. POLO Tokyo refused to verify my contract due to this direct hire ban daw. I guess it shud be okay pero ifollow up mo nalang ulit sa POEA kasi di pa ako nakapagfollow up sa case ko e kasi wiating pa aq sa work visa q. My friend who also shares the same situation as ours went to POEA earlier today at binigyan daw siya ng form ng POEA to fill-up tsaka checklist ng ibang required documents to proceed with the DOLE Clearance. Sabi daw nila, after na daw mabigyan ng clearanca ng DOLE tsaka na ipapaverify yung contract sa POLO. Ay ewan ko sa kanila, ang gulo nila kausap.

          • Kelan nga pala yung alis mo tsaka saan sa Japan? Ako lang kasi ang pinoy sa workplace q dun e kaya buti na yung meron sana aqng kakilalang ibang pinoy na malapit sa akin dun.

          • Eh?ang dami pa palang pasikot-sikot. Parang napaka inefficient naman ng process, sobrang redundant. Sana sa POLO nalang nila in endorse in the first place… Expected ng employer ko nung Jan. 5 pa sana. Kaso dahil nga sa di ako makakuha OEC nauurong na ng nauurong. Ewan ko lang kung hanggang kelan pasensya nila. Sana lang hindi mag backout. Nagoya ako. Ikaw ba?

          • Kaya nga e. Talagang napakagulo ng chanelling nila. Palage nalang nagtuturuan kung sino dapat mag entertain sa atin. Pero yun nga e wala tayong choice. Pray nalang tayo na may divine favor para di na tayo pahirapan. Buti naman at mahaba ang pasensya ng employer mo. Sa Ibaraki prefecture ako medyo malayo pala.

          • Thanks Bernadette! Yung friend mo na pumunta sa POEA kahapon, approved na yung appeal niya? Iniisip ko kasi pumunta na din sa POEA habang ongoing yung approval ng appeal para magawa na din yung nagawa ng friend mo (makapag-fill-up na ng forms and makakuha ng checklist to proceed with the DOLE clearance), para lang ma-ready ko na iba pang hihingin nila.

          • Hello Chie. I called DOLE earlier today and they told me that they already sent a memo to POEA so that they’ll verify my documents. POEA will be the one to determine whether my documents esp. the employment contract meet their standards. If they find it qualified, they’ll forward it again to DOLE for clearance from direct hire ban. Supposing DOLE clearance will be granted, only then can I process oec. Sobrang haba pa ng proseso pero ipagpatuloy ko nalang to kasi I heard na kung thru agency, it will take about 40 days din naman pagprocess kasi may mga documentation procedure pa clang dapat gawin among ur employer, POEA and POLO in the host country.

          • Hi Bernadette!
            Pwede po malaman yung DOLE number kung saan kayo tumawag at nag-follow-up?
            Nakapagpa-medical ka na po ba? Hindi kasi updated yung POEA website dun sa list of hospitals…

          • Hi Rain! Yung tinawagan q kanina ay yung 527-3000. Bale itatransfer ka nalang nila dun sa mismong in charge ng mga email request.

  15. Sino po ang may maisuggest na magandang recruitment agency na nagpapaalis for Japan…? May alam ako kaso lang ayaw ng employer q sa kanila kasi pinaghihintay sila…so hanap na naman ulit ako ng agency…please po urgent lang.

    • Hi Lee try mo ang Travel Agency for Japan.

      >Relic Tours & Travel Agency – Dusit Thani Makati, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall
      >Attic Tours Phils – Pasay, Hotel Jen Manila, and Waterfront Airport Hotel Cebu
      >Universal Holiday – Makati and Cebu
      >Friendship Tours and Resorts – Makati, Cebu, and Davao
      >Discovery Tour Inc. – Makati, Cebu and Davao
      >JBT Philippines – BGC and SM Mall of Asia

  16. Ang kakapal ng mga accredited na agency month salary ?bkit jayo hinahayaan ng governo na mamera sa mga ofw ng ganyan.lhat kayong meron dito sa pinas cla mismo nagkakampihan para tayong mga mahirap lalong maghirap.samantalang cla nmn nagpakasasa sa pera ng mga mahirap…saan na ang bagong governo natin ha nkaka stress dito sa pinas walang trabho ngayon nkahanap tayo magandang offer na trabho rapps ganyan governo natin

  17. Hindi pa siya nalift actually. It’s currently being reviewed daw. In my case kasi, sa DOLE na ko nakipag usap because POEA said na they can’t process my papers unless may agency ako. But I explained my side, masyadong malaki ang 1 month salary na hinihingi ng agency, then, ayun nakaappeal ung application ko ng OEC sa POEA na for approval.

    • Hi Rhea, Just want to check kelan alis mo. ako kasi early January supposedly. tapos ang mahal ng processing sa agency since need pa iaccredit ung company. ano na progress ng OEC mo?

      • Wala pa ko date ng alis kac I am still waiting sa OEC pero I think from the date na pinasa ang requirements sa POEA, it takes 3 weeks to a month maybe..

        • Oks I’m planning to drop by this Monday sa DOLE. Lols, suspended ang OEC processing for 15 days. Nagwowonder nga ko eh if di ba covered ng exemptions ang Big 4 since meron don category na international organization. Nag-email ka din ba sa POLO? Mind if I check if Big4 din lilipatan mo?

          • Suspended daw ang oec issuance? Yung sa international organization, hindi siya yung sa international companies.. international organizations ata is like UNICEF. Actually kakaresign ko lang sa isa sa big 4, nagprivate na ko..hehehe 🙂

        • Yes dear, kanina lang un. December 1 na ung release. huhubells. check mo sa twitter. sinign na ng sec. Ako naman nagstay pa ng Big4. Hirap kasi umalis eh.

          • Good for you. huhubells kastress. Pero icheck mo din kasi nakalagay sa order. the acceptance & processing of all new applicants for OEC.

          • Hi Ms. Bambie! I’m also an aspiring OFW na direct hire. Alam mo pa ba yung link sa twitter regarding suspension of oec at dec 1 na ulit ang issuance? Pakisend naman po dito. Hindi ko kasi mahanap. Thanks!

  18. Nag email ako sa knila, taz kwinento ko yung side ko..then, they asked for few details (nagreply sila after 2 days) tapos ayun, sila nag appeal sa POEA. But I am not sure kung approved or hindi, magfollow up palang ulit ako..hanapin mo ung email address ng DOLE. Ngapala, I am not sure sa ibang OFW ha but since you asked Yung sa professional, so Yun ang sinasagot ko..hehe

    • Hello Ms. Rhea! Kumusta na po yung papers nyo?
      I’m currently processing my papers for Japan as an English teacher po. Aware of the ban on direct hire, i asked my employer to have my documents authenticated by POLO but even POLO won’t authenticate contracts anymore unless they get a go signal from the Secretary of Labor. I’m not even processing my OEC yet because I’m still waiting for my work visa and this sort of problem is already happening. Huhu.. I’m planning to make an appeal to DOLE to advise POLO and POEA to let my papers be processed. Did you just email them? Or did you have to mail them the documents through a courier? Please reply. Thank you!

      • Ok na ung papers ko, nakaalis na ko..hehehe..inemail ko lng sila eh, nagreply nman pero I think better if you also call them para mas mabilis

      • Hi Ms. Bernadette. Nacontact niyo po ba ang DOLE? Nagemail ako, 1 week na wala pa din. Sa Japan din po ako. Tinawagan ko POLO Tokyo, mag agency daw ako kasi sila magpprocess pati ng POLO.

      • Hi Bernadatte,
        May updates po ba kayo?
        Same case po tayo for Japan din po ako. Visa processing pa din ako. February dapat ang alis ko. Huhu.

        • Hello Ms Rain.. Sorry for the delayed response. I emailed them last week pa and they replied on the same day asking for more details about my employment. They also asked me to attach the scanned documents required for OEC pero I politely told them na I haven’t got the work visa, medical etc. yet because I am still currently waiting for my Certificate of Eligibility from Japan. I attached a signed letter of appeal by my employer instead. I haven’t received any reply from them since then. I hope they are just waiting for the approval. 🙂
          My starting date will still be in early April but I have to complete everything by March because I need to be in Japan a week before my work starts.

          • Hello Bernadete,
            Thank you so much for your response.
            May I ask kung ano po yung contents ng letter of the appeal mo from the employer?
            Actually waiting din ako for COE. Super gipit na sa oras.. Your detailed info and advice for DOLE letter of appeal and proceeding steps will be much. If it is not too much, kindly update us as well sa result appeal mo for reference ng mga future na magrerefer sa thread na ito 🙂 Thank you very much in advance!

          • Hi Rain! Kumusta yung papeles mo?
            Hanggang ngayon hinde pa rin nag email ulit yung DOLE sakin.., Susubukan ko nalang clang tawagan bukas. As for the format or template ng letter of appeal, simple lang naman yun pwede mo lang makita yung template sa google pero my employer included proofs of his goodwill dito sa pinas kasi active rotarian siya na madalas nagchacharity trips dito sa atin. Bale, he tried to convince the secretary that he is a good man and could automatically mean that he is a good employer.
            How about your papers? Kumusta na? Dba sa Feb sana ang alis mo?

          • Hi Bernadette,

            Kamusta na yung papers mo?
            Japan din ako, english teacher. Kakaemail ko lang ng appeal sa DOLE. Sana magreply sila agad.

            After ba ng clearance saka magpapamedical or pwede na magpamedical while on going ung approval?

            Hindi authenticated ng POLO ung mga papers kasi they refused to dahil nga sa Ban. So that means po ba ung mga original na papeles eh isesend back sa Japan via mail para mauthenticate ng POLO tokyo, then isesend nila dito ulet via mail?

        • Hi Bernadette! Kakabigay ko pa lang ng appeal letter sa Office of the Administration ng POEA 3rd floor nung Friday. Andun si Secretary pero busy may bisita at that time. Tawag ako bukas to follow-up..

    • Hi Rhea,
      Dun sa e-mail mo sa DOLE, ano mga attachments na binigay mo? Meron ka na bang visa at that time and authenticated contract?
      From October 21, gaano mo katagal nakuha reply ng DOLE na okay na iprocess papers mo?
      Same case din po kasi tayo. Medyo nagwoworry ako dahil baka hindi ako umabot sa expected start date ko.

        • Hi Rhea,
          Thank you sa reply!
          May Japan visa ka na ba nung nag-appeal ka?
          After maapprove ng appeal mo, ano na procedure na ginawa mo?

          • well inantay ko ung visa ko..kac pag na approve na ung appeal mo sa dole, iendorse ka nila sa poea tapos ung poea ievaluate na kung complete docs mo..

          • Hi Rhea,
            Thank you so much for your response! Sorry, medyo hapit na po oras may mga detailed questions pa po ako.. Your response is very much appreciated. 🙂
            Q1: At the time na ongoing yung appeal mo, wala ka pa pong visa nun?
            Q2: Yung procedure nung pag-endorse ng DOLE sa POEA, paano po yun? Through e-mail? DOLE initiated yun? Kailan po kayo pumunta sa POEA para submission and evaluation ng docs?
            Q3: Pwede po malaman timeline niyo? Approval of DOLE appeal: 1 week (based po sa reply sa taas). POEA processing: ?

          • q1. well nakuha ko visa ko after a week..parang ung sa kin sakto lng, nung nag appeal ako at naapprove appeal ko, nakuha ko visa ko mga after 3 days.
            q2. ikaw magfollow up sa dole kung approved na ung appeal mo, tawagan mo dole. kapag sinabing approved na, papuntahin ka na sa poea for evaluation.
            q3. ung sa dole appeal, approved cguro in 5 days.then evaluation ng papers, mejo nagtagal ako kc un ung time na nasuspend ang oec clearance..kung wla un bka 3 weeks to a month..kelangan proactive k sa pagfollow up…

          • Thanks Rhea!
            Nagbigay ka ba ng printed letter sa DOLE?
            Dun ba sa e-mail correspondence mo with DOLE, kasama sa recipients yung POEA?

          • Mam rain..hi po.. Im luxelle from bacolod..puede ba mam humingi ng no. Sa DOLE mam kasi e ffup ko sana yong clearance ko kasi til now di pa na post ang name ko.. Bound for canada po ako mam.. Sabi ng poea ditu hintayin ko lng daw..kay tagal na po mam.. Ty

        • Hi Rhea, I would just like to be enlightened if you directly attention your appeal (I understand na e-mail lang ito and no formal letter) to Sec. Bello?
          Thank you very much in advance!
          Iba rin kasi yung case ko.
          Since last year pa supposedly yung employment ko – a lot of circumstance happened lang, reason why I’m still here.
          I got already a validated contract before September 2017, then I just got the working VISA recently, so running na rin yung validity, thus, I have to secure na ng OEC. Just so lucky that my employer is patiently waiting for me. Nakakahiya naman with all the support they provided, I cannot be able to pursue because of internal (PH) issues natin.. And I think they don’t want to repeat the process (offer, contract, etc.) with an agency. So sayang na sayang kung magkakaganun..
          Thanks again huh..

          • Hi Mic, well dun mismo sa office na nasend ung email though i dont know kung siya mismo nakakabasa or ung mga staff nia..i recommend tumawag ka n lng..ang kelangan kac is proactive sa pagfollow up or else wla mangyayari..

  19. I have a job offer in Malaysia. The agent was processing my work permit and then we saw their quotation for the whole process. It would cost more than Php 120k for the whole thing. Normally, their foreign workers only cost them Php 60k. So ngayon, nagulat yung employer ko at hindi pumayag, hati daw kami 50-50 and I don’t have that much money or willing to pay that much. Wala akong kilala OFW sa industry ko (advertising) who had to go through the same.

    Basically, the Php 70,000 pesos is going to through their processing/handling documents and “POEA Company Accreditation” which I thought was full of sh*t kasi alam ko OEC lang ang kailangan. Reading the comments on this blog now and confirm nga na ang daming paandar ng POEA ngayon. Grabe kawawa naman tayong mga Pinoy.

    Question lang. 1. Would I be able to exit the country on tourist visa and just process POEA there? I don’t mind paying travel tax. 2. Or I’m thinking enter Singapore then tawid ng Malaysia, is that possible?

    • Hi Trish. I also work in the Advertising industry. More or less similar tayo ng issue. I was able to leave the country as a tourist but Immigration had me sign a written document to return to process my OEC. My issue now when I get back to process OEC is the Direct Hiring Ban. Although I’ve been reading articles online saying that the suspension was lifted last May.

      • Hi JB,

        Do you mind sharing what you did? I’m interested to do the same, kasi I really need to fly out this coming 13th. Kung talagang may official waiver ako na pwedeng i-sign to prove that I’ll still process my OEC but on a later date, that would be so helpful. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Trish,

      I’m also bound for Malaysia. Digital Marketing naman po ang line of work ko. Ano na pong nangyari? Did you still go through an agency? Kakasubmit ko lang po ng appeal sa DOLE today.

      • Hi Trish,

        I was also thinking of the SG-MY route pero naissuehan na kasi ako ng Malaysia Embassy ng Reference Visa. Do you think it’s possible?

        • Hi Trish,

          Grabe they’re leaving us with no choice. Pero anyway regarding my previous query, I don’t think it’s a good idea since it’s pretty obvious naman na I’m leaving for work.

          By the way, ayoko po talagang mag-agency simply because I don’t see the need for one. So today, nagpasa po ako ng appeal sa DOLE. Hopefully maapprove agad. 🙁

  20. Hi! My employer have a problem with their existing agency tie up. The employer wants me to be hire as direct, do you think after submitting all the requirements for direct hire, POEA will process it? I am afraid that POEA will ask me to go back to agency or POEA will ask additional documents to prove that the employer is real. What do you think?

    • Wala kaya. Am asking ung division chief ng direct hire sa poea kanina e bsta sabe nung august p daw nalabas ung ganun order.. But I think it is internal.. Wla na kase silang makurakot

  21. Hi. Same din po naging problem ko when I was leaving the Philippines. Hinanapan ako OEC and I didnt know na kelangan pala. First time OFW po ako. Napayagan pa din ako umalis kasi I declared na Tourist ako pero pinasulat ako ng Imiigration natin na I have to go back at a certain date since pinabili nila ako ng return ticket right there sa NAIA. May working VISA na din ako and Im a direct hire. ang worry ko is pag umuwi ako to fix OEC e magka problem naman ako because direct hire ako. Any recommendations will be of great help po. Thank you!

  22. updated ba tong post na ito about sa pagkuha ng oec for direct hire? kasi the regional office at baguio didn’t recognize yung third na exemption. my employer is my relative in canada. they insist that i am included sa ban for direct hire. what to do? please update this post.

  23. Hello! First time out of the country to work ako. I already have a ticket to Vietnam and leaving on November 15. I just found out about this direct hire ban. Pero I will be there for a little over a month lang and then babalik sa Pinas for one week tapos balik Vietnam again. Hindi ba puede cross country every time mag expire yung 21 visa free days? Or apply for extended tourist visa? Kasi nasa Vietnam lang ako hanggang mid February.

  24. Ako din po applicant for direct hire sana to UAE kaso nung nalaman ng company na nasa Pilipinas ako hindi na nila tinuloy ang pag hire sakin kasi nga daw iba ang patakaran dito satin unless nalang daw kung nasa ibang bansa ko, from there madali lang nila maprocess mga documents hindi kagaya dito halos lahat may bayad. at take note na experienced ko din ma offload tourist apply ko pero ini insists ng immigration na for work daw ang alis ko. at pinipilit nila akong mag process ng working visa at yun nalang daw tanging pag asa ko para makaalis ng pilipinas. Grabe talaga! para tayong criminal para harangin at hindi paalisin samantalang yung mga totoong criminal madali lang para sa kanila ang makaalis at makatakas sa pilipinas.

  25. Galing po ako poea last month, ang sbi po sakin close na ang direct hire/name hire. Kailangan daw po dumaan ng agency. So nakahanap ako agency na mercan, pina compute ko bbyrn ko kng sknla ako mag pprocess, is 1k cad. Plus.500 cad. Ang per doc raw po ay may 12 cad 18 cad. So aabot din ng less than 2k cad.

    Buti nalang tinawagan ko agencu nag process skn sa Canada, sya nalang nag asikaso hiningan lang ako ng 1k cad. Lahat lahat na. So 3 weeks na ngayon since naipasok, ang sbi po ng agency na nag process ng Polo ko s Toronto 1 month ang process.

    • Hi ods. Pareho po tayo ng pinuntahan na agency, Mercan, which i taught na credible and mas makakatulong sa akin sa pagprocess nga ng papers since direct hire are banned. Sabi din sakin is d aabot ng mga 2k CAD, eh may visa na ako and all, the pdos, oec nalang need. Pwede po ba malaman ang agency na tumulong sa inyo from canada? It would be of great help for me. Maraming salamat po.

  26. Direct hire po yung brother ku may Visa na cxa.. Paanu po mka kuha ng OEC? Should we go directly to POEA?or kailangan talaga may agency? What would be the agency na nag pa procesa ng OEC? Sa dubai po cxa skilled work please need some advice

  27. hello po,
    tumawag din po ako sa POEA, banned daw ang direct hiring ngayun kailangan agency po mag.apply po para daw ang agency ang maghanap sa employer abroad if ever may mangyari sa worker.
    pero according to your post is pwd naman mag direct hire kung aaprobahan ng Secretary of Labor under POLO, authenticated contract or relative na nagwowork dun. so meaning pwd pa din as long As pasok ka kay Secretary??

  28. Hello po sa lahat,
    Patulong po ako sa my experience na direct hire.
    Natanggap ako sa isang cruise ship sa canada but i don’t the sea man’s book through email lang po.
    Na send na sa akin ang Contract of agreement, letter of appointment tsaka nag send sa akin VFS consent form, work permit.
    Na submitt na din lahat ng personal information ko sa kanila at ang cruise ship my pinahanap sa akin na isang tao sa canadian embassy para mag process at mag assist pra sa visa approval.
    Ako kasi daw mg process ng visa ko.
    Processing fee nlang kasi kulang ko at gusto ko manigurado na hindi scam kasi 200usd ang processing fee..
    Sa kanya ko daw ihulog ang 200usd sa account nya.
    Pumunta akong POEA at dpat daw authenticated ng POLO ang contract ko kaso approved lang ng company.

    Please give me advice on what to do.

    Thank you and God bless

  29. I am currently processing my paperworks under Starborne International Promotions & Manpower Corporation. They were referred to me by my German-side agency who are processing my paperworks there. Currently, I am still waiting for my job order from Germany and having some documents translated to German. Not sure kung para saan pero it is one of the requirements daw. After those two are done , the agency can start processing my OEC in POEA and then PDOS daw then hopefully I’m good to go na. I’m having my fingers crossed na umabot ako before my visa expires at sana lang hindi tuluyang magback out yung employer ko sa tagal ng paghihintay nila.

    With regards to the fees. I asked if need ko pa ba magbayad ng placement fee even though I already have an employer na, they told me na I just need to pay a processing fee. Sa mga direct hires who are looking for an agency to help you with your OEC, try nyo mag-inquire sa kanila if they can help you, as far as I know kasi, limited lang yung countries na kini-cater nila. Maayos sila kausap so far in my experience and very accommodating.

  30. hi admin of POEA.. ask lang PO direct hire PO kasi ako, pumunta ako sya POEA edsa at nakahanap ako ng agency. binigay ko lahat ng documents na binigay ng employer ko working visa, job contract, passport at ba. bakit PO ako hinihingan ng agency ng half ng salary ko at 800 para sya processing fee.? sinabi ko sya agency n direct hire ako at di ko kailangan magbayad sya kanila ang employer ko ang may sagot. ngayon po naipit ung papers ko sya kanila 1month na ako nag tatanung sya status . pati employer ko n iinip n run..

  31. Hi po!

    Ask ko lang po ano kaya magandang gawin para sa scenario ko?

    Direct hire rin po ako by a Malaysian-based company. Bale as of the moment, Jan 12, 2018 ay on processing na po ung VISA application saka ung personal bond ko. February 1, 2018 po ung starting date ko sa contract. Pano po kaya ako makakakuha ng OEC sa POEA? Yung nga po palang personal bond ay babayaran ko sa immigration (1,000 MYR or 12,650 PHP). I’m an accountant po pala by profession. I need your advice po. Salamat! You can reach me at [email protected] or just reply here. Thanks po.

    • Hi Reynan,

      Parehas tayo ng sitwasyon. Direct hire rin ako sa Malaysia, Feb 15 start date ko at on-going palang processing ng working visa ko sa Malaysia (handled by my employer). Nakapagprocess ka ba ng OEC na wala pa working VISA?



  32. Hi po pwede po ba magtanung hire din po.. ayaw ng employer ko ang mkipa work to any agencies kasi masyado dw pong mabusisi.. ang gusto nya sya na mismo ang kukuha ng contract sa hk immigration pagkafill up nya isesend nya sakin kasi sbi dw ng immigration officer ipa notary ko dw po s phil.consulate. saan po ba ang phil.consulate? If nagawa ko po yun saka ko isend pabalik saknya and the rest xa na daw po bahala s hk. First time dh po ako s HK. Dti n po akong ofw s taiwan as factory worker. My previous oec na din po ako. Now by March 2 which is need nya po na andun ako s hk eh ang balak nmin papasok ako ng hk as tourist while waiting na dun sa working visa ko. If ever need mag exit, eh eexit nlnh sana ako ng macau. Taz di na rin sana ako dadaan pa dto ng training housekeeping at s language. At pdos pero meron nmn po ako na accomplished na online seminar ung peos. Plz pa advice nmn po.. d na kz ako dadaan tlga ng agency sa laki n babayaran at tagal ng proceso at ayaw na din mkipagwork sa agency ang magiging amo ko.. urgent po kz tlga ako.. salamat po sa mga maga advice.

  33. Hi. Anyone here who knows how to get OEC without need for agency. Wala po akong makita na agency na makakaprocess nang papers ko on tims, baka mag back out yung employer. Hahay, instead of helping us, the POEA is making it hard for us.

  34. Hello po, tanong ko lang po. Direct hire din po ako as a teacher sa Vietnam sana and ayaw po naming dumaan sa agency kasi sobrang mahal.
    Ano po kaya pwede kong gawin and pano po ung process ng appeal?

  35. Hello everyone,

    Who knows a credible agency in Cebu City who can help me process for OEC? Please refer me to an agency asks for minimal fee for the whole process. My Visa iPetition is on process pa.
    Please please please please help me.
    I’m expected to travel in USA on MAY 2018.
    Please please help me.

    Thank you very much!
    Your advise and assistance is highly appreciated.

  36. hello,
    ask lang po ng help. may working visa na po ako. Pano po ba kumuha ng OEC kung direct hire? Meron na po akong ticket paalis ng Pinas. this will be my third time na paalis na ng country pero first time ko pa lang magkuha ng OEC. tska ibang country na po pupuntahan ko. hope you can help me. Your help is highly appreciated.

  37. Hi,

    I am also a direct hire and this is what I did:

    1. Send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] stating your appeal.
    I stated my name, position, employer name, deployment city and country.
    I also attached some supporting documents but I’m not sure if this is necessary.

    *** I called DOLE direct lines to follow up the next day (Direct Line: 7275523 / 7272121, but upon checking their directory, baka nagbago na?
    They will include your name in some sort of a memo to be signed by the Secretary.
    In my experience, to be “considered” for the exemption, it took me a total of 5 days (my name was submitted Monday, when I followed up 2 days after, my name is missing so it was re-added (Wednesday), got signed Friday)

    Once “considered”, you can now check your appeal’s status with POEA admin (7221163 / 7221159) because you will now need the POEA Admin approval. No need to do anything here. Since I was “considered” Friday afternoon, I had to follow up again the next working day. Come Monday afternoon, I got an approval from POEA admin and I am now for “pre-evaluation” (again, no need to do anything here).
    The next day, my appeal’s status is for POEA admin approval (again).

    2. Once POEA Admin approved, you can now submit your documents to the POEA Name Hire Division for evaluation.
    Your documents will be evaluated by the POEA Name Hire Division (requires 3 signatures), POEA Admin, then forwarded to DOLE for clearance.

    3. You will have to wait for your name to appear in the memo:

    4. Print the memo with your name in step 3.
    You may need to bring a copy of the documents your first submitted.
    You can now take your medical exam, and schedule your PDOS.
    Ask for an endorsement letter to the POLO of your deployment country

    5. Get your contract POLO verified.

    6. Bring the POLO verified contract, PDOS and medical to POEA name hire division.

    7. Your OEC will be issued.

    I am still on step 3 so I cannot give you the timelines.

    My advice is to be pro-active 1) In calling DOLE/POEA 2) In knowing what documents you need to submit (I went to POEA name hire division to ask so I could prepare them in advance).
    Please also note that your employer can only be exempted for their first 5 direct hires.

    Hope this helps.

      • Hi J,

        Not sure what kind of memo you’re looking for but I got the idea of sending an appeal via email from rhea’s comment (look for her name here).

        Now if you want to want a lengthy read of the rules & regulations, here’s the link: (section 123-124 is the direct hire ban). Mind you, you won’t get any instructions here if that’s what you’re looking for.

        I started the process Jan 21, still on step #3.

        Feel free to ask any more questions, I’ll be happy to help.

        • Hi Maan,
          Thank you for taking the time to answer!
          Sorry for the confusing question. What I meant was after you emailed DOLE with the appeal, did you get a confirmation that you can already submit your documents to POEA? Or do you just have to call them regarding the approval of your appeal?

          • Hi J,

            Ah yes, sorry I wasn’t clear on how I found out, but yes, steps 1 & 2 involves a lot of phone calls. Main contact is DOLE (5275523 / 5272121); the next steps / status / phone numbers I narrated (until step #2) came from them. Step #3 onwards are the instructions from POEA name hire division.

            Hope this helps.

          • Hi Maan,

            Thank you for this! I have now submitted my appeal to DOLE. Do you know kung gano katagal yung process for this? Also for Step #2, did you include your visa for it? And what do you mean by requires 3 signature?

            Sorry ang daming tanong.

            Thanks ulit!

          • Hi J,

            From Step #1 -> Step #2 – it takes 3-5 working days.
            Step #2 – yes required na po ang visa.

            “And what do you mean by requires 3 signature?”
            Ito po yung sinabi sa akin ng POEA name hire division, internal process sya. Tinanong ko kasi kung gaano katagal, di nila masagot nung una kasi tatlo daw ang pipirma. Sorry for over sharing, na nagcause ng confusion. :p

        • Hi Maan,

          Thank you! Ang hirap talaga ng ginawa nila na process. Sayo ko lang nakita yung maayos na step by step. Thank you for that!

          Natanggap mo na yung clearance mo for Step 3?

          • Hi J,

            Nasa step 3 pa din ako. 🙁

            May bagong internal process ata sila, not sure kung may kinalaman yung issue sa Kuwait, pero nasa DOLE Undersecretary daw papers ko ngayon (kakatawag ko lang kanina). Ang sabi sa akin ng DOLE, after ma-evaluate ng Office of the Undersecretary, saka pa lang pupunta sa kanila (Office of the Secretary).Upon checking sa Office of the Undersecretary, hindi pa gumagalaw papers ko at d nila masagot kung kailan or gaano katagal, kakapasa lang daw kasi sa kanila ng processing ng OEC last week.

          • Hi Maan,

            Thank you for the info! Nakalagay na daw yung name ko sa appeal but di pa signed. Hoping on Monday signed na. Gano pala katagal yung POEA admin approval?

    • Hi Maan,

      I am also a direct hire for a multinational company and supposed to be assigned in the UK as operations manager. Unfortunately, my employer advised me of the ban and since it’s their first time to hire Filipino (I assumed since there is no Amazon in the Philippines or Southeast Asia), they are quite unsure how to issue a working visa for me and are asking if I can get an immigrant visa instead.

      My question is regarding Step1, before applying for the appeal, have you obtained the working visa and/or the contract. Was it on your hand and did you include these in your appeal?

      Thanks for the assistance and looking forward to your response.


      • Hi Don,

        I am bound for UK as well. Since my employer and I didn’t know this POEA process (or I underestimated it), we processed my visa right away.

        To answer your question, yes I already have my working visa before I sent an appeal, and I also included that as one of the attachments together with my contract (notarized and legalized in the UK), IELTS result and employer certificate of incorporation. But again, I’m not sure if attachments are required esp visa in sending an appeal. I am sure though that it is needed when you submit your documents to POEA for evaluation (step #2).

        Good luck!

        Best Regards,

        • Thanks Maan!

          The issue I am facing now is that my employer advised me about the POEA suspension and claimed that they will not be able to process the working visa given this suspension. In your letter of appeal, what grounds did you use to justify the exemption?

          Also I am currently studying in Europe hence I have a valid student visa to fly out of the Philippines, would it still be needed to go thru the POEA? A friend in Europe who got his working visa last year didn’t do anything with POEA.


          • HI Don,

            I didn’t had to justify, I just stated my name, job role, employer name, country of deployment and attached supporting docs. Government will consider exemption as long as your employer don’t exceed 5 hires.

            To give you context: OEC is meant to legalize/document your working overseas apart from the fact that immigration officers will look for it if you are leaving the country on a working visa. Now, since you have a valid student visa, I’m guessing you can declare to the immigration officer that your business in the UK is to study, I’m not sure how strict they are for student visas but prepare any supporting docs. Once in the UK, you cannot use your student visa for job employment and AFAIK you cannot switch visa types until the active one expires (check Anyway, if you’ll be successful in flying out and securing your work visa, I would advise you still get your OEC afterwards (not sure if POLO UK issues one).

            Sorry for any typos, I’m on my phone. But hope this helps.

    • Plese also note na may list of documents na kailangan sa POEA, depende sa deployment country. I suggest you email DOLE first, then go to POEA to inquire kung ano yung mga documents na kailangan. Sabihin mo na may pending appeal ka sa DOLE. Hindi sila magbibigay ng copy, pero pwede mong tignan. Yung unang punta ko sa POEA, hindi nila sinabi sa akin na may option to appeal, they would suggest going through an agency straight away. I even called DOLE and POEA hotlines before, walang magiinstruct kung paano hindi dumaan sa agency. I only found out through research, rhea’s comment was most useful and got me started. So I am returning the favor by letting you guys know the complete steps. 🙂

      • Hello Maan,
        I send an appeal yesterday sa DOLE and asking me to send some documents. I will just wait for their reply again. How long does it take with the appeal?
        I also called the POEA hotlines and they suggest going through an agency.

        • Hi Gwen,

          If this helps: I attached my contract, working visa, employer certificate of incorporation and IELTS result.

          I suggest tawagan mo sila kasi matagal sila magcheck ng email, you’re lucky sumagot sila agad sa first email mo.

          The whole “appeal” technically is step #1 and #2 of my prev comment. It took mine 1 week. Step #3 for me, well 15 days na pero wala pa din.

          Where are you bound to and kailan alis mo dapat?

          • Ok thank you maan. Papunta ako sa denmark. Next week na nga scheduled flight ko.
            Nga po pala nakared ribbon po ba contract nyo?

          • Hi Gwen,

            Re: red ribbon, not sure kung same to with POLO verification, pero no, and hindi sya tatanggapin ng POLO hangga’t walang DOLE Clearance (step 3), and dapat notarized and authenticated sa deployment country. Mine’s notarized and authenticated na kasi inuna ko yung POLO, pero ayun nga binalik din ng POLO kasi wala pa ko DOLE Clearance.

            Unfortunately, mukhang hindi aabot OEC mo kung next week na alis mo. 🙁

  38. Hi Maan,

    Really appreciate the great help.

    If you may, I wish to ask one more question. Could you advise on where I can obtain the details pertaining to the appeal for exemption? Is there a website or did you have to email DOLE or POEA? Also if you can share the contact details (phone or email) which you used to follow through.

    I’m planning to forward this to my employer to share to them some sort of ‘formal’ document that exemptions are still allowed by our government.



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