Who doesn’t want to work in Qatar?

“I never thought I would love the life here,” is what my friend will always blurt out every time we talk about the life and career of his in Qatar. Nevertheless, this speaks to thousands of Filipinos who have been working there for years and have already adapted the fast-paced and affluent life and career in Qatar.

Now that there’s an immediate job opening in Qatar, this is the perfect opportunity to work in this country. This is for the preparation of the incoming 2022 FIFA World Cup that will happen in Qatar. Know the job hiring in Qatar and figure out how to get direct hire from Philippines to Qatar.


How much is the salary range in Qatar?

The salary range in Qatar is like living up to your dreams in earning money in a Western country. Not only you get to live and work your dream, but you also get a quality salary to support your loved ones. Here’s the complete list of salary range in Qatar depending on the field you’re or planning to work on.

Accommodation & food serviceQR 9,270
Accounting and FinanceQR 12,794
Administration / Reception / SecretarialQR 7,383
Advertising / Graphic Design / Event ManagementQR 23,844
Agriculture, Forestry, FishingQR 5,020
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / DefenseQR 16,856
ArchitectureQR 19,386
Arts, Entertainment and RecreationQR 11,357
AutomotiveQR 13,250
BankingQR 21,130
Care Giving and Child CareQR 8,000
Cleaning and HousekeepingQR 9,350
Construction / Building / InstallationQR 17,292
Courier / Transport / DriversQR 3,650
Customer Service and Call CenterQR 12,780
Electrical and Electronics TradesQR 12,755
Electricity, Gas, Air-conditioning supplyQR 20,550
EngineeringQR 19,359
EnvironmentalQR 25,333
Facilities / Maintenance / RepairQR 11,290
Factory and ManufacturingQR 31,213
Finance and InsuranceQR 22,212
Hair/beauty/fitnessQR 4,950
Health and MedicalQR 18,491
Human ResourcesQR 16,904
Import and ExportQR 12,266
Information TechnologyQR 18,524
InsuranceQR 13,784
MarketingQR 17,870
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / EntertainmentQR 27,500
Oil / Gas / Energy / MiningQR 23,042
Pharmaceutical and BiotechnologyQR 12,875
PhotographyQR 17,000
Public Administration, Defense, Compulsory Social SecurityQR 25,123
Public RelationsQR 21,333
Purchasing and InventoryQR 15,141
Quality Control and ComplianceQR 15,382
Real EstateQR 13,000
Sales Retail and WholesaleQR 12,124
Science and Technical ServicesQR 7,500
Security/FireQR 6,622
Teaching / EducationQR 15,628
TelecommunicationQR 17,026
Transportation and StorageQR 11,921
Water supply, Sewage, Waste ManagementQR 14,891

What are the requirements to hire from Qatar?

Anyone interested to work abroad has to go through an agency that will help them in processing papers and ensuring that the employer that they will be working abroad is legitimate. Being under an agency also means that you get to have these perks; a) there are no placement fees and b) you can have the  chance to communicate with your employer, thus building a rapport even before you go to the country of deployment.

These are the following requirements you’ll need to have to be registered as an OFW under POEA.

  • Passport (Photocopy of Picture Page and Last Page)
  • Employment Contract (verified and authenticated by the Philippine Embassy)
  • Working Visa
  • Money for Fee Processing
  • 2 by 2 photos
  • PDOS Certificate
  • Medical Certificate

How to get direct hire from Qatar?

Direct hire means that you’ll have to be under an agency who has the job order from the Employer you’ll be working abroad. This job order coming from an agency or employer abroad should be accredited under POEA before giving this to the local recruitment agency they are partnering with. This may sound to excruciating, but this is just to ensure that you are in good hands when you’re abroad.

A. Engineer CivilI. Engineer Geotechnical
B. Engineer LeadJ. Engineer Quality Assurance
C. Engineer PlanningK. Engineer Laboratory
D. Engineer ArchitectL. Engineer It
E. Engineer QA/QCM. Engineer Material
F. Engineer ConstructionN. Engineer Procurement
G. Engineer BridgeO. Engineer Safety
H. Engineer Electrical
Supervisor SafetyTechnician X-ray
Worker BuildingTherapist Spa
Designer GraphicBabysitter
Operator Heavy VehicleTechnician
PainterPartner Patient Care
Physician GeneralMechanic A/C
Supervisor Food & BeverageLaborer Female
Technician Emergency MedicalHousehold
Technician PhysiotherapyIT Developer
Technician LaboratoryCoordinator Recruitment

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