All Filipino overseas workers or migrant workers can attest to the fact that one of the most anticipated event in their lives is to finally go home to their families. There’s not a single amount of money that can compare to these hardworking heroes of our country who did their best to give the most comfortable life for their families. No one wants to leave, let along be separated with your love ones for years. So all the sacrifices of these overseas workers have been paid through this magnificent idea that will surely be adored by different Filipinos workers all over abroad.

And what’s the other thing that awaits for these persistent and diligent workers of the Philippines abroad? They no longer have to pay ₱550.00 terminal fee. Yes, that’s right.

It was on March 2017, that Ed Monreal, Manila International Airport Authority general manager, proclaimed this good news to everyone during a press conference. Through his best effort, they have worked on and coordinated with international airlines to eliminate the airport terminal, like Manila Airport, fee imposed by the previous management of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on OFWs in February 2015.


Before, OFWs, out of compulsory, needs to pay for the terminal fee. But fortunately through this new rule, Section 35 of the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipino Act exempts OFWs from paying travel tax, documentary stamp and airport terminal fee, the can have a P550 airport terminal fee when they buy tickets online or in airline ticket offices. They can claim their refund upon departure at the airport terminals.

But since some of the OFWs are still unaware of this new rule, the total collections of the airport terminal fee has reached more than a billion pesos and half of this amount remains unclaimed by OFWs. According to Monreal, all unclaimed amount remains in the general fund of the NAIA.

How can you refund the terminal fee?

For refunding of the fees of all OFWs, as long as they possess the E-ticket, boarding pass and passport they used even several years ago, they are all set to the refund by going to the airport terminals, may it be at NAIA Terminal 4 and such.

Now Philippine travel tax in NAIA and terminal fee, has been off the burden of our overseas Filipino workers and they’ll have the chance to experience how they are valued as Filipinos who represent the country by bringing out the best manpower and services that they could offer to the rest of the world.

This brilliant ideas was described by OFW advocate and former labor undersecretary Susan Ople an “early Christmas gift” for OFWs. Ms. Susan Ople’s cluster was among the first that strongly pushed authorities against keeping the terminal fee in the OFWs’ payment, saying the refund system was cumbersome to the migrant workers and violated their rights.

It’s finally safe to say that all their hard works are paying off in some little ways that would make the me feel like they are being valued by their country.

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