Everyone desires a flawless smile with sparkling teeth impeccably aligned in a row. Braces can be a great help in aligning your teeth in to a perfect shape whereas teeth whitening helps you have the flawless, stain free teeth. Qatar has some of the best orthodontists who offer professional services in reasonable prices. Have a look at some of the best dental clinics in Qatar.

There are many clinics and orthodontist who are providing the best orthodontic treatments in Qatar. Most of the orthodontist in these clinics are foreigners with years and years of experience. There are different types of braces like the traditional metal braces or the lingual braces. Today’s orthodontics offer a wide variety of braces Metal braces or traditional braces are colored bands and are the least expensive then there are aesthetic braces and lingual braces.

Aesthetic braces are expensive but due to their crystal clarity are liked by people and are trending. Lingual braces are more like traditional braces the only difference is that lingual braces are placed inside of teeth. Pauline-Ferrand-Prevot.jpgThese braces although are invisible but are expensive, hard to clean and not appropriate for severe cases. The treatment duration of these braces depends of the condition of your teeth but the normal treatment varies for six months to one year. The price range for teeth braces in Qatar cost varies from Qr. 6,000 to Qr. 20,000, depending on the condition of your teeth as well as the orthodontist you are visiting as every clinic and dentist/ orthodontist has their own prices but the good thing is that you can pay it in installments. You can get the best orthodontist braces price in Qatar from the given above list of dental clinics in Qatar. These clinics offer treatment for every age group be it kids, teenagers or adults.

What are the best dental clinic in Qatar (list of clinic?)

Al Rabeeh Dental CentreAddress: AL RABEEH DENTAL CLINIC QATAR, Al Rawabi St, Doha 22891, Qatar
Phone:+974 4442 3127
Al Reem Dental CenterAddress: Al Waab St, Doha, Qatar
Phone:+974 3001 2393
Platinum Dental CenterAddress: Al Bustan St, Doha, Qatar
Phone:+974 4488 4115
Majestic Dental CenterAddress: League of Arab States Street، Al Markhyia, Building # 14، Doha، Qatar
Phone:+974 4418 1509
Avenues Dental CenterAddress: Al Wakra Main St, Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar Phone:+974 4481 8112
Cedars Dental CenterAddress: Building no. 65, Street 850, Zone 20, Doha, Qatar Phone:+974 4486 4088
Al Wehda Medical CenterAddress: 870 Al Nuaija St, Doha 14368, Qatar Phone:+974 4455 3863
LOTUS DENTAL CENTERAddress: Villa No. 51, 584, Al Khor, Qatar
Phone:+974 3335 6887
First Dental CenterAddress: Al Thaoafi St, Doha, Qatar
Phone:+974 4487 4771

Everyone wants a beautiful smile but with stained teeth people are more reluctant to do so. But there are many new techniques that you can use to get whiter teeth without harming them. Dental clinics in Qatar provide a wide variety of services in this relation, these services are not only effective but are cheap as well for instance Majestic Dental Center offers Dental bleaching which is cost effective and can be done either professionally or dentist-prescribed. Apart from this dental clinic there are many other as well such as Dentae Center (associated with The British International Dental Centre) that has a very modern approach towards teeth whitening treatments.

What should one know before getting braces?

Getting braces can be the most intimidating experience that everyone dreads but with the right information, dental braces, and advice it can be a walk in the park. Getting braces is something very important there is some basic information that you should have before getting your braces.

No age limit:

There is no age limit for getting your braces, as long as your gums and teeth are healthy you can get your teeth straightened at any age you are. One of the most important thing to consider is the condition of your jaw bones and gums, if your gums are unhealthy and jaw bones are weak the extra pressure create unfavorable discomfort and complications.

Orthodontist has got the training:

It is preferable that you visit an orthodontist for getting braces as they are especially trained in jaw function and tooth movement whereas dentists are not. Orthodontics is an extensive study that dentists take specifically to learn about jaw function, tooth movement, and facial aesthetics. After this they take a special exams to become board certified.

Take care of your teeth:

Oral hygiene is very important when you have braces, you will have to brush your teeth several times a day and swish you mouth after every meal. Try flossing once a day, the purpose is to keep your braces clean and look out for any food debris on any of the brackets. Avoid using whitening toothpaste as it will cause two tones teeth after your braces are removed.

Do your Research:

Before getting your contract for braces it is necessary that your do your research as it’s a long process so you should be well aware of what you need from your orthodontist and where you can get the best price as well as the service.

It hurts for a while:

For starters it hurts and gives your sore gums, mouth sometimes the entire face gets sore but this is temporary. This stage lasts only a few weeks. You can take different pain killers for the pain. You also have to be aware of any allergy you have and inform your orthodontist about them.


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