Being blacklisted in a country is a dilemma no one would want to experience and if you are one of the unfortunate folks who are currently blacklisted with Philippine’s Bureau of Immigration, well, here’s a few things we have for you to make things a little bit easier.

But before that let’s know the probable reasons why one would be blacklisted in Philippines.

There are heaps of factors a person can be blacklisted in the Philippines, which includes a person’s age, health status, mental status, social status, violation with the condition of stay, overstaying, illegal entry, and so much more, you can refer to the Bureau of Immigration website to see all possible reasons of being blacklisted in the Philippines:

  1. PDF FORMAT Circular NO. SBM-2014-001

How would you know that you are in the blacklist?

There is no online database to show in the Philippine’s Bureau of Immigration website if you are on their blacklist, more often what happens is that when you arrive in the Philippine’s premise, the Immigration officer will do an assessment and check if your name is in their black list.

If you would like to double check if you are on the list prior your trip to Philippines you can contact the Visa Division (Telephone numbers: 834-4854, 834-3707, and 834-4810), Department of Foreign Affairs, 2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City or to any Philippine Embassy or Consulate abroad.

What are the requirements?

If deemed that you are included in the blacklist of the Philippine’s Bureau of Immigration and you are looking to request the lifting of you being blacklisted, here are the steps and requirements you need to accomplish:

Submit a Letter of request addressed to the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and a Photocopy of your passport, indicate in the letter the nature of your request. The letter should be detailed where it indicates the reason why you were blacklisted and the reason why you need the blacklist be lifted.

It would be best to seek professional advice with this, you can always consult a lawyer who can assist you all throughout the process.


How much fee cost Removing my Name from Immigration Blacklist?

Fees varies with the nature why you were blacklisted, here’s an example where the requestor was blacklisted because of overstaying:

Documentary requirements in applying for the lifting of Black List Order: Letter of request addressed to the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and Official Receipt of payment of Overstaying Fees.


Authorized representative pays overstaying fees at the BI Cashier

  • Submission of Official Receipt and Letter Request at Window 1 (BI Main Office (Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila)
  • Once the request is granted, a Lifting Order shall be issued, a copy of which shall be furnished to the representative of the petitioner

Fees in filing application for the lifting of the Black List Order:

Application Fee ₱2,000.00
Service Fee ₱1,000.00
Legal Research Fee ₱20.00
Express Fee ₱500.00
Total ₱3,520.00

For clarification on their process, you can always contact BI Helpdesk Hotline at (632) 524-3824 or (632) 524-3769 or

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I have a friend in the Philippines that has called all three of those numbers and nobody answers. I am living in Florida and I am trying to find out iwhat my status is in returning to the Philippines. Can you assist me?



me i know someone who can assit you



I read your articles how to know if you are on blacklisted by the immigration.

Am filipino and heard that i have police warrant of arrest.I have a plan to have a vacation this year but am afraid if am having trouble in my arrival or departure.

Can you please help me how to find out if i my name is on immigration?

Hope hearing from you soon.



I have a friend, she is vietnamese. She went to Philipines, but she was stopped by customs officer in the manila airport. She had to come back Vietnam and her name was in black list.
Can I ask you when will she can remove her name from black list? how can She do it? How much?



Hi can someone help me plzz
My gf is there in philiphine and i went to see her this march 17 to manila airport but at that time i deported from manila airport to srilanka my home country .when i ask them they told me im already black listed to philiphine emigration so i want to know my gf can remove me from the black list and does she can send me a visa to me to go to philiphine

Mhareeze Fernandez
Mhareeze Fernandez

Hello im mhareeze just want to asked how much is the total fees to be paid to lift the blacklist of my friend who had been black list here for over staying for two years. And how long is the processing to before blacklist will be listed. Thank you


My appeal for my name to be lifted off the blacklist was rejected
How can I go about appealing for reconsideration
Thank you