One of the perks of having a credit card is that, while waiting for your income to be realized, you have the advantage of spending now. Plus, you get to receive points which can be converted to a Gift Check or to any form of discounts that the institution tied up for.

There are plenty of different cards to from when apply for a Metrobank credit card. Each one is based and matched on the type of consumer or consumer that you are.

If you’re excited to get your hands on a new Metrobank credit card, hold on and let’s get it the application started. What I am going to enumerate below are typical requirements and procedures to follow and it’s important you follow each strictly. Why do I emphasize this? Metrobank credit card applications are very strict when it comes to evaluation and if you miss out one item, expect your application to be thrown out of the bin.

How to Apply for a Metrobank Credit Card

STEP 1 Obtain credit card application form.

So there are two options: First, you may obtain the application form by asking for it in different Metrobank branches from the New Accounts (or Download metrobank credit card PDF Format application form). They will be happy to serve you and entertain you for any questions or queries. Secondly, for a hassle-free and time-saving method, you can just visit their website at or and click on the website’s APPLY NOW option.

STEP 2 Secure Requirements

This is probably the most important part of the whole application. The requirements should be complete and must not contain any discrepancy. Please be aware again of the strict policy.

Requirements are numerated below:


1. Photocopy of the following valid IDs

a. Passport;
b. PhilHealth Card;
c. Driver’s License;
d. Senior Citizen’s Card;
e. Police Clearance;
f. NBI Clearance;
g. Postal ID;
h. Voter’s ID;
i. Company IDs;
j. Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID;
k. Social Security System (SSS) Card;
l. Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS); and
m. All other valid IDs issued by the Philippine government


2. Proof of Income

a. For those employed:
1. a copy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR) duly stamped as received by the BIR or its authorized agent bank (BSP Circular No. 472 as amended)
2. and/or the employee’s copy of BIR Form 2316 duly signed by the employer
3. and details of other credit card(s) with at least one (1) year principal card membership (this adds a bonus point on the approval rate since the bank can assess your credit card history, evaluating how much of a good payer you are)
4. or Certificate of Employment (COE) (the bank would like to know whether you have a stable employment status) 5. latest payslip (one Month)
b. For self-employed:
1. copy of latest audited financial statement with bank or BIR stamp (as required by BSP)
2. copy of SEC or DTI business registration
3. and details of other credit card(s) with at least (1) year principal card membership

STEP 3 Pass your application form and requirements

You can either pass online as per given on their website or you can submit it personally to any Metrobank branch. Please ask for assistance and ask if you have any lacking requirements. The employees would be happy to help you.

Step 4 Approval

Approval of your application will depend on a lot of factors but it usually takes around 2-3 weeks to fully process. You can just visit the branch and ask for updates on the status of your requirements or you can call their toll free number provided on their site.

The only advice I can give is: never leave one item blank on the application form. If you cannot answer an item because it’s not applicable to you, please write N/A.

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