The online trading of BDO investment, commonly known as BDO Nomura is a joined force of BDO with Japan’s Nomura Holdings to provide online trading services. If you’re already into this investment, and want to directly withdraw money for vital reasons, may it be concerning health, emergency, or planning to further financially support your loved ones, we’ve got your back.

This online trading platform has sparked popularity among stock brokers since it has utilized online transaction to make stock exchange virtually done. Through this platform, you can become partners of big corporation and invest your money in a company you can either earn cash or company stocks at the end of the year or on a certain period, all depending on the company you’ve chosen.

For those who have been around this field, investing requires getting in contact with stock broker. They are the one who’s responsible on buying and selling securities on a stock exchange on behalf of clients. Stock brokers are important elements in buying stocks because they need to be contacted personally or sometimes over the phone before starting anything. Usually, banks have their own stock brokers who are always in aid to help their clients.

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There are ways that you can withdraw funds from BDO Nomura;

1. With BDO Nomura, the earnings you’ll get will automatically go to your account. You can withdraw the money by sending a withdrawal request email, upon clearance, your funds may be withdrawn after three trading days as per Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) settlement procedures.

You may send a withdrawal request to A withdrawal request form will be sent to you. Kindly fill it out, affix your signature and submit to BDO Nomura Securities, Inc. (Formerly: PCIB Securities, Inc.) at 17/F BDO-Equitable Tower, 8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City or any BDO branch. The withdrawn amount will then be credited to your nominated beneficiary account.

Please note that all withdrawals are subject to the following:

  • only cleared and available funds may be withdrawn
  • proceeds from sales transactions are available for as cleared funds for withdrawal only after 3 trading days due to PSE settlement procedures

2. You may submit a withdrawal request through your BDO Nomura Transactional Page under the Withdrawal Menu. Successful processing of your withdrawal request of cleared funds will be credited to your nominated Beneficiary Account.

You may contact BDO Nomura at (02) 702-7878 or Domestic toll free 1-800-10-7027878 for PLDT or call BDO customer service. For international toll-fee (international access code) 1-800-8-6318000.

It is guaranteed that for the next years to come, this platform of stock exchange will surely soar high and may reach thousands of people that will eventually change their lives for the better.

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