The Philippines is one of the most desirable tourist destinations worldwide not only because of its amazing and remarkable tourist spots but also for its extraordinarily hospitable people. If you are a first timer, it is advisable that you familiarize yourself first with the basic dos and don’ts in your desired country in order to have a smooth Philippines trip.

However, just like any other tourist destination, it is highly essential to know the diseases that you might get in a country where you plan to spend your entire vacation, not for you to be scared but to be prepared by getting the necessary travel injections.

Do I Need Vaccines for Philippines?

Yes! some vaccines are recommended or required for Philippines. The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccines for Philippines: typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, cholera, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, and influenza.

Here are some of the travel immunizations that you need before going to the Philippines:


VACCINE How Disease Spreads
Typhoid Contaminated Food or Water
Hepatitis A Contaminated Food or Water
Hepatitis B Contaminated Body Fluids (Sex, needles)
Cholera Contaminated Food or Water
Rabies Infected Animals
Japanese Encelphalitis Mosquito Borne
Influenza AirborneDroplets

Sources: CDC, WHO and ISTM.

1. Dengue Vaccine

The most common disease that you might get in The Philippines is Dengue, this virus is carried by mosquitoes, which are plenty in this country. Getting these immunizations for Philippines that was just recently discovered is highly advisable, especially if you will visit during the rainy season where mosquitoes multiply so much easy and bites often a lot. It is also recommended for those who plan to hike where malaria risk Philippines is high. If you plan to stay long in this country, you should be aware of your surroundings, get rid of all the containers, empty bottles, and tires that might contain stagnant water or better yet, keep it closed because it can be the mosquito’s nesting area. It is also great if you will bring mosquito spray handy so you can use it anytime and it will also add protection to you and your loved ones.

2. Hepatitis A

This vaccine is needed because you may easily get this disease by consuming contaminated water or food. Even if you are staying in a high-class location, there is still no guarantee that you will not get this disease so better having your injections before going.

3. Hepatitis B

If you are an adventurous type of tourist who wants to try exciting and new things in a foreign country, then this Philippines vaccination is best for you. Same as Hepatitis A, you can get this disease by consuming contaminated water or food but not only by that. It can be transferred through an unsterilized needle that you might get through piercing or tattoo. It is sexually transmitted as well so this vaccine is recommended so you can have fun and stay protected.

4. Typhoid

Aside from your regular flu shots, this vaccine would be a great additional protection and this vaccinations for The Philippines is suggested if you are going to stay in the province or any other rural location and if you sensitive in contaminated food or water are a little higher than normal.

5. Rabies

This vaccine is not only for stray dogs and cats but also for exotic animals and other mammals that The Philippines proudly have. This is recommended if you have plan a lot of outdoor activities like camping, caving, and any other doings that exposes you to animal bite.

6. Yellow Fever

This Philippines is a non-yellow fever country but NHS authorities require this vaccination of you came from a country that has this disease and these countries do not include USA, Australia, UK, and many more.

Those are the vaccinations required for Philippines so remember to include this list before you plan your travel to ensure a healthy, safe, and worry free trip.

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Travelers should consider Japanese encephalitis vaccination and antimalarials for some popular regions of the country.