So what are the pros and cons in Are you an Overseas Filipino Worker thinking of investing in the Philippines? Is condo investment A Kind of Investment? The answer will depend on why you are purchasing a condo unit and several factors as well. For people working in the metro buying a condo unit will definitely be an ease for them, especially if they are living a few hours from their work place.

However, there are Pros and Cons in investing in condos, and we cannot categorize it as a property investment for everybody.

So yes, buying a condo unit can be an investment. But before you buy, always do your market research and make sure you’ve made up your mind WHY you are purchasing a condo in the first place and make sure you get an affordable condo that suites your budget.

Some would buy a condo because it’s way better to than travelling 3-4 hours to work and home. Saves time and money – a form of investment. Some folks on the other hand have extra money and are looking for an investment and they think a condo in the metro is the best option to start a leasing business.

It’s always important to consider how you’ll buy the unit, is it a one spot payment so it’s ready for occupancy or you’re going to go with pre selling, where you buy via bank loan for a 10-20 years payment terms? And if you do budgeting, always include the fees that are tied in owning a condo, how much it would cost you in a monthly and yearly basis vs how much you’ll save or earn if you have it leased.

Lastly, if your aim is to have your unit rented, make sure you have a target market, this assures you that you will always have tenants for your unit.


Investing for a condo unit?


  • Purchasing a condo can be a good investment property for folks working in the metro for a long term period. Especially if you are living a few hours from your workplace.
  • Condominiums has a high value in the market, if you intend to buy and have it leased in the long run or put the unit for sale, then you’re up for a good property investment, of course location is still a factor in buying a condo.


  • Condominiums are depreciating assets, a building’s standard lifetime is up to 50 years, and after that the value of the building depreciates.
  • HOA fees and other Fees. You should prepare yourself with Home owners association fees and maintenance fees when getting a condo. Though this is an addition to your expenses, some of these fees provides security and insurance. So it’s best to put in consideration putting additional budget for these fees.
  • Though you can use your newly purchased condo as a rental unit, take note that not all properties allow tenants to have their unit rented. Always do research before you purchase.
  • Condominiums are hefty expensive compared to other properties, with the vast amenities, prime location and grand lifestyle some condos has to offer, it comes with a price. And ROI for this kind of investment depends on the location of the condo and how you’ll have it rented (corporate or as a flat)

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While it is true that buying a condo to save time travel from your outside the city house … stand alone condominium still does not address some of the needs. Here is an article about why owning a township is much better than a stand alone condo .. 3 to 4 hours from your house will be save through buying a condo but the lifestyle inside a township is much better.. township are self sufficient homes, the component within are retail spaces, malls, hotels, large scale amenities, lifestyle space… some township even have school and a clinic or hospital. there… Read more »