As a total beginner you should first get a few things right. The broker you choose can be a big determinant in the success of your trading / investing operations. What you should look for in a stockbroker?

  • Trading Platforms
    • The quality & features of the web-based trading portal
    • Mobile trading app & its features.
  • Tools that can help you trade
  • Support
  • Brokerage charges
  • Transparency of the broker.

I would say price and platform are the two major categories based on which you could say “best online broker”. So my recommended brokers to buy Philippines stocks are as follows:

Stock BrokerURL / Company WebsiteMin Deposit
AB Capital₱10,000.00
Abacus Online₱10,000.00
APS₱5,000.00 to ₱10,000.00
BA Sec Onlinewww.baseconline.psetradex.phN.A.
BPI Tradewww.bpitrade.comRequired BPI Account
Coherco Secturities₱150,000.00
iTrade by DA Market Securities₱50,000.00
2Trade Asia by F. Yap Securities₱25,000.00
First Metro Securities Brokerage₱25,000.00
HDI Securities, Inc.₱25,000.00
Investors Securities₱25,000.00
Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities,₱25,000.00
Meridian Securities Incorporatedhttp://msitradeonline.psetradex.phN/A
Optimum Onlinewww.optimumonline.psetradex.phN.A.₱5,000.00
RCBC EZ Tradewww.rcbcsec.comN.A.
Regina Capitalwww.reginacapital.psetradex.phN.A.
Timson Securities, Inc.₱25,000.00
UCPB Securities,
UTrade by UniCapital₱10,000.00

What are Stock Brokers?

It may be clear that stocks brokers are available, but what exactly do they do? Stock brokers are the people or group who are knowledgeable and has ample knowledge in trading for the market, they are usually associated in various online brokerage enabling customers, like you, to choose in having a broker assistance or not.

With this, even though you are new to the world of investing, it is never a disadvantage. You can still win the stocks as long as you are guided accordingly by learning from the market or through brokers. However, corresponding fees may apply.

Online Platforms are said to be the best trading platforms that an investor can use. Especially in this age, if you have your own mobile phone with internet data, then investing is easy as 1 2 3.

With that being said, we are to give you various online platforms and the top online brokers in the Philippines that are accredited Philippine stock brokers for your trading needs that are verified, approved, and accredited by the PSE or Philippine Stock Exchange.

Note that almost all of the online stock brokers offer a commission charge of 0.25% for their service. The list of accredited Online Brokers to tell you where to invest your money in the Philippines are listed in the table above. Be mindful that they should be accredited by the PSE to guarantee that they are legal and are a member of the PSE.

In choosing for the online broker, it is important to know the online platforms that they are using. These are readily available for investors to read available reports to further the analyzation with regards to their investment. These helps especially for active traders.

Which Platform to use?

In stocks for beginners, it is recommended to use Col Financials because assistance by the use of researches and guidance is available, even for a minimum application of 5,000 Php. These are being implemented because they even cater this product to student above 18 years old. Included also is the user-friendly interface and free seminars for members.

  • However you can always choose to look at, FirstMetroSec, BDO Nomura, and BPI Trades which has its own bank counterparts best for easy and seamless money transfers for your active trades.

Wrapping It Up

It is good that you are interested in investing because it means that you are now ready to have a steady financial growth until you retire. A lot of things may not be favorable in your life, however the key is to be proactive and be ready for any financial crisis that may arise. Start now and be relieved later. Enjoy your future trading and have a great future kapwa pinoys!

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    • A very successful broker is going to be making ₱500k – ₱1 Million at a big well known and successful broker dealer. I’m talking 500 million to 1 billion or so under management.

      A very successful day trader is going to need substantial capital to make this same amount. If earning 10%-20% per year, which is probably in the top 5%, you’re looking at capital in the range of ₱1–₱10 million to do the same amount of after tax earnings.

      Given the fact that a broker needs zero capital to make this money and only needs a license, telephone, a few good suits and some hellacious sales skills, I’d say the broker is the easiest route to be honest, and being a broker is extremely hard work. For example I raised 130 million and it took about 8 years of working very hard, like 12 HR days and I never made 500K per year, so it may take about 20 years to get there and only after just about killing yourself and never seeing your family doing so, unless of course your born into money, have wealthy family and friends and come from an IVY league school graduating top of class and working somewhere like Goldman.

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    information request.
    1. What is the cost to make one day trade
    2. How much for one contract of no.2 furl oil for January 20.2018. delivery..
    3. How much for one contract of natural gas for January 20.2018. delivery.
    4. How much for one contract of wheat for April 15.2018 delivery
    5. What is the minimum amount to open an account in peso.
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