They say that success cannot be found while sitting in your desk all day long, nor being an employee until you retire.

As most successful persons would like to advice in their talks that the successful steps having your own house, car, and supporting your future may either come from the small business you’ve built or through investing.

But as a worker who only earns enough to support your basic needs, how can you start your dream business?

Now, if you are planning to apply for a Land Bank loan to start or expand your business, buy a house and lot or renovate it, or simply for personal use, here is an easy and complete guide of everything you need to know if you are considering to apply for a Land Bank loan.
LANDBANK offers variety of loans that will suit your needs. If you’re going to loan to buy land, Landbank housing loan application is the perfect housing loan for you. All government employees and even OFWs have a chance to acquire loans through Landbank loan for OFW, OFW home loan or home equity loan and even Landbank loan for teacher.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

LandBank Loan Requirements

    1. Legibility Criteria:
      • You are legible to apply for a LandBank loan if you satisfy the following criteria:
      1. Must be a Filipino Citizen (by birth or by legalization)
      2. Must be at least 21 years old (but not more than 65 years old)
        But for business loans, the age requirement is from 21 to 70 years old
      3. Has to be employed or has to have a profitable business (there is no specific required gross monthly income)

    1. General requirements:
      1. For employed/salaried applicants:
        • 2 x 2 picture
        • Fully-filled loan application form
        • Certificate of employment
        • Any two of these billing statements: electric bill, credit card bill, phone bill, TB subscription bill, water bill
        • At least 2 valid IDs and their photocopies (e.g. GSIS ID, SSS ID, Senior Citizen ID, Passport, Postal ID, PRC ID, and also a driver’s license)
        • Latest pay slip that indicates your net take home pay
      2. For self-employed applicants:
        • 2 x 2 picture
        • At least 2 valid IDs and their photocopies (e.g. GSIS ID, SSS ID, Senior Citizen ID, Passport, Postal ID, PRC ID, and also a driver’s license)
        • Deposit passbook or a copy of your last 6 months’ bank statements
        • Photocopy of business license and business certificate
        • Biodata
        • Income Tax Return for 1 year (should be BIR-stamped)
        • SEC OR DTI registration
        • Proof of Billing
      3. For OFWs:
        • 2 x 2 picture
        • Certificate of Employment (COE) (should be authenticated by the Philippine Consulate)
        • Crew Contract and Exit Pass (Should be authenticated by POEA)
        • Last 3 months’ pay slip.

Note: Depending on what type of loan you are going to avail, the bank may need more requirements than what is stated above. To avoid the inconvenience of going back and forth to the bank because of additional requirements, you may opt to call Land Bank’s Customer Care Center to inquire.

Telephone: (+632) 405-7000, 1-800-10-405-7000 (PLDT Domestic Toll Fee), e-mail:

What is the process of applying for a Land Bank loan?

Step 1: Visit the bank’s Lending Center you can find (here) and apply for a personal loan
In case of offline procedure, the applicant needs to visit the bank’s branch to complete all the formalities.

Step 2: Fill out the application form which contains your personal details and loan requirements.
Applying for a Land Bank loan is the same as when applying for other loans. Just fill out the application form and submit all the requirements needed. And then wait for the approval, which may take 3-5 days to process.

But the longevity of waiting time depends on what type of loan you are going to avail. To increase your eligibility to avail their loan, you must have a good bank credit as it will increase the chance of your loan being accepted.

Step 3: Applicants can compare different loan options and apply for the one that suits him/ her.

Step 4: Post this, the bank’s representative will call and verify all the details.

Land Bank’s Products List

Land bank offers a wide range of loan types, or what it calls development lending programs. It has loans specifically designed to cater farmers and fishermen. Also, it offers personal loans, which you can use to avail housing loans, either to buy a land or to carry out home improvements. And it even has a home loan for OFWs.

Furthermore, they also have what they call a Mobile Loan Saver made for private and government employees. And lastly are business loans for small business entrepreneurs or medium enterprises, large corporations, and for OFWs.

For a better overview of some of the types of loans offered by Land Bank, refer to this table:

1. Loan to farmers and fishermen

This type of loan is specifically designed to meet the needs of farmers or anyone from the agricultural and fisheries industry.

  1. DA Sikat Saka Program (DSSP):
    • DA Sikat Saka Program is launched by the Department of Agriculture and Land Bank to provide a direct credit assistance to palay farmers so as to boost their palay production projects. These include assured market, extension and administrative services, irrigation.
  2. Agricultural Credit Support Project (ACSP):
    • LANDBANK’s ACSP provides credit and non-credit support to agriculture-related projects that are in need of additional capital so that they can expand their operations, as well as increase their production.
  3. Agricultural and Fisheries Financing Program (AFFP):
    • DA Sikat Saka Program is launched by the Department of Agriculture and Land Bank to provide a direct credit assistance to palay farmers so as to boost their palay production projects. These include assured market, extension and administrative services, irrigation.
  4. Agrarian Reform Program (ARP):
    • Land Bank’s Agrarian Reform Program seeks to give credit assistance to farmers and farmworkers an equitable distribution and ownership of land, so as to give them the opportunity to enhance their dignity as well as the quality of their lives through a greater productivity of their agricultural lands

2. Personal Loan

  1. Housing Opportunities Made Easy (HOME) Program:
    • Land Bank’s Easy HOME Program caters to both homebuyers and home developers.
      It can be used to purchase a housing lot, a residential lot, townhouse, or condominium unit. Also, it can be used for home renovation and also for refinancing an existing mortgage loan.
  2. Bahay para sa Bagong Bayani:
    • This type of loan is specially made for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) allowing them to acquire, build, or renovate at a friendly interest rate and at flexible terms.
  3. Mobile Loan Saver:
    • Land Bank’s Mobile Loan Saver is Philippines’ first paperless and fully electronic salary loan and it is made for government employees and privately-employed/salaried applicants who work in companies with payroll account with Land Bank. This is to assist them with their credit needs and to help them recover from damages caused by natural calamities. But it can also be used for other reasons, of course.

      Here, the qualified applicants must initiate their mobile loan application using any Smart, Talk n’ Text, or Sun-enabled mobile using these keywords:

    • LOAN EMPLOYEE NUMBER AGENCY CODE then send to 5363
    • After which, the qualified employee shall proceed with the loan application online. A link will be emailed to their e-mail address. The online application gives the applicant the option choose the loan amount, loan term and auto-savings amount.
  4. Livelihood Loan Facility:
      • Livelihood Loan Facility was made in partnership with the DepEd so as to provide an innovative loan designed for teachers so that they can borrow cash for as high as ₱500,000 or an amount that’s equivalent to their pay for 8 months. The interest rate is fixed at 10.5%, which is relatively lower compared to that of privately owned banks.

    3. Business Loan

    LANDBANK’s business loans aims to support small medium enterprises, large corporations, and OFWs through its lending programs so that they can start or expand their business wherever they are in the country.

      1. Kalikasang Kabuhayan para sa Wastong PamaYanan (KAWAYAN) Program:
        • Land Bank’s KAWAYAN Program can be availed by cooperatives, Federations, NGOs, Small Business Enterprises, and Large Agribusiness Entities (LAEs). Its rationale is to offer credit assistance for the said eligible applicants that are engaged in bamboo production or any bamboo-based economic activities.
      2. ASENSO Program:
        • ASENSO program is a credit program for agri-business, trading and manufacturing projects. This is available to cooperatives, partnership, sole proprietorship and corporations, whose 60% of shares are owned by Filipinos, whether by birth or by legalization.
      3. OFW Reintegration Program (OFW-RP):
        • Land Bank’s OFW Reintegration program was specially made for OFWs vying to open a business in the country. The minimum loanable amount is ₱300,000.00 and the maximum is P2 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take for my loan application be approved?:
    • The application and approval process will usually take around thirty (30) working days and you’ll be notified by Landbank if your application has been approved or not. After which, you’ll be brief on the payment terms and agreement with the Lender
  2. Can I loan without an existing Land Bank account? :
    • Yes, you can. But as you get approved, the bank will ask you to open a Land Bank deposit account. But in many cases, such as in Mobile Loan Saver, the privately employed applicant or the government employee must have an existing Land Bank peso or dollar deposit account and ATM payroll tie-up with Land Bank before being granted with the capability to avail its loans.
  3. What are the valid IDs when applying for a Land Bank Loan? :
    • All government-issued IDs are valid IDs. Your passport, GSIS ID, Postal ID, PRC ID, SSS ID, and Voter’s ID are some of those that you can use when applying. Aside from these, Land bank also accepts driver’s license and NBI clearance.
  4. Can I apply for a Land Bank loan online? :
    • Yes, you can. Land Bank’s Mobile Loan Saver enables you to avail the loan online. But in the case of the other loan types, you would have to go to the branch when applying.
  5. Is it advisable to get a loan?:
    • Yes, definitely it is so long as you’re able to pay the required payment needed monthly. Sooner or later, the house you’ve loaned for would be an investment that you can leave to your family and that if you’ll retire, you no longer need to think of where you should live or what business should you have for you have long invested and saved on it before your retirement.
    • Surely, getting a loan is just one of the many steps on achieving your aspirations in life. But first, think if it’s really suitable for you to get a loan because there are things you’ll have to consider after getting approved, monthly payment and the timeliness of acquiring it. They said that while you’re young and you have the ability to work longer, then it’s actually the time for you to get a loan. You should also see to it that you can shoulder the expenses even if you’ll have a loan to add up to the monthly expenditures.
  1. Bonus Link to Form

Tips to Increase your Chances of Having your Land Bank loan be accepted

Qualifying for a loan is a long and tedious process, as the bank vehemently makes sure that you are eligible to avail their credit programs, so to speak, that you are capable to pay. To increase your chances of being qualified, here are some tips:

  1. Check your Credit Card History :
    • In order to have a better chance of getting approved for the loan you have applied for, you must ensure that you have obtained a high credit score because it’ll reflect if you diligently pay your bills and to check if there are errors on your credit card history.
  2. Go for the Perfect Loan:
    • What are you getting loan for? Is it for a house you’ve been wanting to buy? Or a car that you and your family definitely needs for everyday transportation? Or will the loan be used on starting your own business? There’s a specific loan that shall be offered as to which purposes you’ll be using it. But if the reasons of the loan would be for a quick leisure trip or anything deemed not necessary for the lender, this might likely end up getting your loan application disapproved.
  3. Have a Guarantor or Signer:
    • Did you know that getting a co-signer will get you a better chance of having your loan approved? Asking any of your family members or friends to pay the loan amount in an unexpected circumstances will get you a higher chance of getting approved loan application.
  4. Present your Savings Account:
    • Presenting your savings to the lender will show that you are financially stable and you have the ability to pay for your loan on a regular basis. It also goes to show that in case of unexpected events (e.g. losing job or using your income for emergency), your savings will be used to pay for the loan you have applied for.

List of Available loan in Land Bank

Exporters Production Support Facilities
Term Loan Facility
Working Capital and Liquidity Support Facilities
Agrarian Production Credit Program (APCP)
Agricultural and Fisheries (AFFP) Financing Program
Agricultural Credit Support Project (ACSP)
ASENSO Program
Brightness Program
CLEECP Program
Community-Based Forest and Mangrove Management Project (CBFMMP)
Countryside Financial Institutions – Calamity Assistance Program (CFI-CAP)
Credit Assistance for Cacao Agri-Business and Other Organizations (CACAO 100) Program
H2OPE (Water Program for Everyone)/Water District Loan Program
Integrated Support for the Development of Aquaculture (ISDA) Program
Kalikasang Kabuhayan para sa WAstong PamaYanan (KAWAYAN) Program
LBP CaReS (Calamity Rehabilitation Support Program)
Lending Program for State Universities and Colleges (SUC)
LGU Investment Program (LIP)
LGU Investment Program 1 (LIP 1)
LGU Investment Program 2 (LIP 2)
LGU Lending Program
LGU Support Credit Program (LGUSCP)
Masustansyang Inumin para sa Likas na Kalusugan (MILK) Program
Microfinance Program for Microfinance Institution-Retailers
MWMP Environmental & Social Safeguards Documents
OFW Reintegration Program (OFW-RP)
REWARD/Electric Vehicle Project
SSS Business Development Facility
SSS Social Development Facility
Step-up Loan Program
Support for Strategic Local Development Investment Project (S2LDIP)
Agrarian Reform Program
Assistance to Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs)
Assistance to Landowners
Bond Transactions
Land Transfer Claims
Special Lending Windows for Landowners and Bondholders
Agricultural and Fishers Financing Program
Agricultural Credit Support Project
DA Sikat Saka Program
Bahay Para sa Bagong Bayani (3B Program)
Bahay Para sa Bagong Bayani (3B)
Easy Access to Shelter You (EASY) Home Loan Program / Gintong Pabahay Program
Easy Home Loan
End Buyer’s Tie-Up Facility
End-Buyers Financing Tie-up with Developers Program
Disclosure of Methane Recovery from Wastes Management Program – ESMF
Equity Infusion Program
Strengthening Program for Cooperative Bank Plus (SPCB Plus)
Unsecured Subordinated Debt Facility
LANDBANK Home Loan Program
LANDBANK Loans to Farmers
LANDBANK Loans to Fishers
SME Credit Facility

How to Get Quick Personal Loans If You Need a Loan Now

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am i eligible for loa?

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my husband is a retired policeman and he gets his monthly pension at Land Bank.
My question is, can he apply for a loan to purchase a lot to be used for business?How much maximum amount can he gets, just in case…