I didn’t know I can earn money from home, not until I discovered these… I’ve heard that there are people making lots and lots of money through online sites as sort of a sidejob, even Filipinos abroad.

As a college student, it’s really hard to save and earn money. Even though we’ve been taught on why and how we should try to invest here in the Philippines, it is still not enough because of the minimum investment of ₱20 000.00 (which typical college students doesn’t have).

That is why I would spend countless nights on the internet to search on how to earn money online without investment. And this is where my story starts.

Captcha Decoder

I’ve been to these Captcha decoding websites to easily make money fast (but small amount) per week. All you have to do is type in the words correctly (make sure that you’ve entered the correct words or letters, because they will ban accounts with multiple errors). There are a lot money making ideas and websites online, but I will only include the two sites that have at least given me money. Here are the two genuine sites that pays you through Bitcoins.

But first, I should introduce you to Mr. Bitcoin.

Since I’m still a college student and didn’t come from a wealthy family, I don’t have any bank accounts (e.g. PayPal, BDO, BPI, etc.) that’ll help me in claiming the money from the internet, until I discovered bitcoins.

Bitcoins is like an internet money currency that has its own exchange rate. Coins.ph is one of the most famous internet wallet that’ll help you receive the Bitcoins that you earned and send as well. In Coin.ph, you’ll be given 2 wallets (Bitcoin wallet and Peso Wallet) each having its own wallet address. Those wallet addresses enables you to receive your earnings and can later on be transferred to your peso wallet for withdrawal.

The good thing about this is that you can withdraw your money using local banks (e.g. BDO, BPI, Security Bank, PNB, etc.), Cash Pickups, Cash Card, Globe Gcash, Door-to-door delivery, and even Game Credits (e.g. Steam Wallet, Garena Shells). Also, you can pay bills, buy gift certificates or even buy cellphone load directly from coins.ph

Going back, here are the two legit sites that’ll help you earn bitcoins:

1. Megatypers


In megatypers.com, you can earn by typing captchas or by referrals. You can start working and type in average captchas or enable the Smart-Captchas. Rate of earnings will vary depending on the time you work (It is mostly high from 10PM – 5AM). It will be stated at the upper left corner of your screen while working.

Additionally, if you’re a fast typer, you can join the contest event which happens every hour. Being on the top place will benefit you by having more earnings compared to the usual typing session. However if you are not included in the ranking list, contest earnings will not be added to your total earnings.

Also, keep in mind to type fast and accurately, this site gives TyperPoints bonus as compensation to those who solve captchas quickly and correctly. On the other hand, if you type slow and wasn’t able to solve captchas based on the given time, there is a possibility of temporary or permanent ban.

Moreover, remember to choose the Bitcoin payment mode for faster payout. You should also paste in your bitcoin wallet address to receive payment.

At an average, I would earn the minimum payout of $1.5 in 1 and a half week (10 days to be exact), because of my schedule at school. But you can do more depending on your solved captcha.

2. 2captcha


2captcha.com is similar to megatypers but gives slightly lesser earnings compared to megatypers. However this offers different features like mobile interface and PC application, which gives higher earnings.

2captcha doesn’t focus on how fast you enter the captchas but by the correctness of the entered characters from the image shown. So be sure to enter the words correctly and earn reputation points to avoid account bans.

I earn $1.2 every week. Again, you can earn more if you have more time than me.

Tip: Download the 2captchabot for higher earnings and set the settings to “only ReCaptcha”

And then… I went out of my safe zone.

3. Freelancing

It was not long until I discovered another clever way to make money – Freelancing. At first, I was scared to try freelancing sites because I think that I don’t have any talents to share. But this is one of the major ways in earning money online. Most of the needed persons in freelancing are Content Writers, Virtual Assistants, Web Developers, etc.

But why should you enter the world of freelancing?

Because you can earn extra money from it even though you are still getting your college degree or a single mom looking for home-based jobs, as long as you have the necessary skills, sources, and patience to do the task given, then you are good to go.

Here are some of the websites that’ll let you offer your skills:

Things you’ll need:

  • Internet Connection
  • Laptop/ Computer
  • Keyboard and typing skills
  • Prayer
  • Time and Patience
  • Self-learned skills appropriate for the desired skill

As for me, I am still a newbie at 199jobs.com. But for every job you sell, you’ll get at least ₱159.20. Last month I got 2 orders in line with my expertise, 2D / 3D CAD Modeling. Those unique orders are not that rampant but the very popular ones are Content Writing, Web Development and Logo Designing.

Bunos Legitimate Ways To Earn Money Online:

However, you’ll need Bank cards for you to withdraw your earnings. My tip is to collect all your earnings first, then work your way in getting a simple cash card offered by your local banks. Cash Cards doesn’t have a minimum maintaining balance fee (e.g. BPI Easy Saver Account or BDP Cash Card) and is ideal for saving purposes only.

Having experienced these, I believe that everything can be attained as long as we have utmost desire and passion to do it.

Furthermore, tremendous courage is required to get out of our safe zone (it’s good to get out there once in a while so as to open opportunities). It might be scary at first but I promise you that it’ll be exciting and fun as well.

Lastly, take your time discovering yourself. Don’t rush everything and learn from every step and mistakes that you make along the way because the important thing is you as a person and as a professional worker. So let’s go and unravel life’s vast opportunities in this wide universe.

Are you one of those persons who are in need of an extra income really, really bad? Many will probably think of this as networking, but this is not. I know what it feels like to struggle to make ends meet and the frustration of wanting to work but couldn’t find a job everywhere. As what they always say, “Been there, done that.”

If you are a student, or unemployed, this article is for you. Today, we will discuss everything about earning money without stepping out of your house.

Before we proceed, can someone really earn money online? The answer is yes. Anyone can find a pot of gold, only if they know where to look. Although there are a lot of scammers these days, the gold ones are just sitting back there, waiting to be found like a needle in a stack of hay.

If you are finding a job online, make sure that the site where you’re browsing is a legit one. There are a lot of sites with drastic names such as ofwmoney.com, ofwmoney.org, or maybe ofwmoney.net.

Just a piece of advice, be wise enough to distinguish the real ones versus the fake. Finding a job on the internet is just a matter of patience.

Now, how can we make money from home? I’ve listed all the possible ideas to earn a few bucks without leaving the comfort of your house.

4. Sell your old stuff.

This is one of the fastest ways to earn cash. Do you have old books, CDs, or gadgets that you don’t use anymore? If yes, then you should sell it. Not only it will help you earn money, but it will also give you more space inside your house.


Facebook has a lot of buy and sell groups nowadays, and it is a good opportunity to sell your items. In addition, if you have some academic books that can still be used, you can sell them on Amazon for a pretty decent price.


5. Start blogging.

Blogging is still considered as one of the mainstream ways to earn cash effortlessly. Although you might need to spend a little amount to build your own website and have it hosted, don’t worry because you can earn triple of that amount once you start getting paid ads. You can build a community with the same interests, create helpful and informative articles and have sponsors for your blog posts or videos.


A good example for this is Google Ads which works by having their ad or banner posted on your site. Aside from cash, you can also meet new people who might be your potential contact in the future.


6. Sell your services.

If you are someone who got a lot of interests, this might be the job for you. There are sites which pay to do things such as babysitting, dog walking, tutoring, teaching languages and more.



7. Join an affiliate program.

There are a lot of brands who still needs constant advertising from different sources, and this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. If you have already built a community or if you are an amazing social media influencer, this is the perfect job that you should grab.



8. Write Well, Get Published, & Earn Money

If you are someone who enjoys writing anything under the sun, why don’t you try creating articles or maybe writing an eBook? You can discuss a specific topic, or produce a well-written novel.


There are a lot of business organizations out there who needs content producers who knows how to write a good quality article. Though it may seem hard to get a client at first, you’ll receive a lot of opportunities as time passes by. Sometimes, there are also a few instances where a certain buyer is asking for a letter, a product or book review, and even assignment answers. Just like what I’ve said, you just need to know where to look.


9. Answer surveys.

Believe it or not, you can really earn by answering surveys online. There are a lot of businesses around the world who relies on these surveys to discover the buying preference of their consumers so they can formulate a strategy on how to get their target market purchase their products.


Some of them also asks you to read an email or play a video or a game, but it’s all guaranteed to be hassle-free.

Just a reminder, be careful in answering surveys though. Some scammers are taking advantage of surveys and don’t pay those who answered the questions.


10. Sell your photos.

If you think you’ve got some photography skills, you can try to take a few photos and sell them online. Just make sure that it is commission-based, and your pictures should be of good quality.

fotolia stock-adobe-Website.png

Photography is undoubtedly an enjoyable art considering the great flexibility it offers. You can be as ingenious as you desire when taking photos of anything that catches your attention. Aside being passionate with photos, it can also be an avenue to make real fortune by selling these photos online.

This article is for Filipino OFW photographers who are searching for great websites to display and sell their photos to millions of buyers on the internet.

IStock Photo – owned by private equity as part of Getty images
Sell your images via iStock Photousing the wide range of templates that are available on this site and you’ll profit a royalty price of 15% for each purchase. There is also a benefit by becoming an exclusive contributor and earn up to 45% instead, which is very impressive. This website provides you with a good community added to it with bunch of forums and group discussions, which are highly informative and helps when you’re trying to determine which of your photos will sell on the internet.
Website: www.istockphoto.com – Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This website is similar to online gallery or portfolio with extra benefit of being able to post and sell your photos online. It’s cool as it has two advantages. Firstly to sell your photos and secondly to wonderfully exhibit them just the way you desire, you’re more likely to sell more photos here, the more professional and impressive your photos are displayed the more buyers will see your photos and possibly buy from you. You can set your own price tag and you’ll get to keep 85% of the each sale you made. That’s not all, you can as well sell digital prints and greetings cards too, which is beneficial for sellers who want more selling possibilities.
Website: www.smugmug.com – Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

On Alamy photographers earn a massive 60% royalty fee on any images or photos they sell, no wonder why this website is such a preferred choice with regards to selling photos online. It’s one of the world’s richest stock photo libraries – though you’ll have a bit of competition, but see this as a challenge to step up your game and climb the ladder to success!
Website: www.alamy.com – Headquarters: Abingdon, Oxfordshire, U.K.

Dreamstime is also a microstock organization, and one of the highest paying agencies, it is easy to use which is just as fundamental when making the decision of where to sell your pictures online. Before you commence selling, you’ll need to get your images approved by their moderators (which can take a lot of time) but once your photos are approved, you can start selling at 25-50% payment per purchase, and royalty can expand to about 80% according to the purchase level of the photos.
Website: www.dreamstime.com – Headquarters: Nashville,TN and Bucharest, Romania

Fotolio – acquired by Adobe
I enjoy Fotolia for its simplicity, fair royalty and broad market. Sign up now and showcase your photos to more than four million buyers on this site, in no time your photos will start selling rapidly and seamlessly. You will earn a royalty between 25 – 63% of your sale every time your photo is sold, which is instantly added to your Fotolia account without hassles.
Website: www.fotolia.com – Headquarters: New York City, United States of America

Shutterstock – listed on NYSE
Shutterstock is one of the major membership based microstock agency which implies high traffic from buyers. It’s perfect for selling photos real fast! Buyers once registered can purchase up to 750 images per month. This site also have an approval process, you have to post ten initial images for approval before you can start selling. Have no worries, there are many online community forums on the website where you can find hints and tips as a newbie. With Shutterstock you’ll earn between $0.25 and $28 per purchase, although it depends on the license of your photos.
Website: www.shutterstock.com – Headquarters: New York, United States

123RF – 12 years of track record and the last of the independent ones
This is a good microstock website, here you get 50% of the commission for each image sold. There are different sections where images are categorized i.e, low res, med res and high res, which are sold at $1, $2 and $3 respectively. Their royalty system is also dependent on your contributor level, which is quite unique and interesting. It simply means, the more pictures you upload, the more you can earn – recommended for anyone who plans to commit to this as a full-time business. The amount you earn could grow from 50-60% if you are seriously active on the site – so get registered quickly and boost your of reputation in photography.
Website: www.123rf.com – Headquarters: 33N Dearborn Street Suite 1830, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

Stock images websites and their customers go for pictures of high quality. They usually don’t welcome amateur looking photos, but rather those that are appealing and eye-catchy. You should invest in a very high quality digital camera to take the snapshots look great. The camera to choose will depend on the types of shots you’re hoping to take. Take for instance, if you are hoping to take motion shots (images of things or people in action) you might want to use a digital camera that is specially designed for this purpose. Get camera recommendations at any digital camera forum on the internet and you are on the right path in making extra money from selling photos online!

At the end of the day, always be cautious of the site you’re trying to find a job in. It’s better safe than sorry, right?

How about you, what’s your story? Share it in the comments.

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Chryzelle Mae Mayo

Can you give me your referral code? I need it for signing up in megatypers. Thank you. And thanks for these infos.


Hi! Thanks for the info, just started with MegaTypers with your invitational code.


great blog. Do you have an article about hosting a website step by step? I have a blog registered at blogspot.com. What site has best but cheapest in hosting?

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good day
Can you give me a referral code? I need it for signing up in megatypers. Thank you and Thanks for these infos.


MegaTypers is an amazing and legitimate workforce management company for earning money.Please give me referral code too.


Question: is this work possible for those that don’t go to school?

jasmine cuevas
jasmine cuevas

Hello can i have your invitational code? Thank you


Very interesting, I did not even suspect about some of these possibilities when I was interested in such a thing a while ago. But with the crypto-currencies, everything is much more loyal, and the opportunities for earnings are much greater. Including trading on the same exchanges. But this is always a risk, so I use only time-tested methods. Specifying, I mean the sale of currency through Coinsgive.com by a certain method. It’s quite simple – you just need to buy Bitcoin on site coins.ph, before using as a means of payment GCash. Then register on Coinsgive.com with the help of… Read more »


Can you give me also your referral code? I’m interested signing up in megatypers. Thank you and gbu.


great blog. Do you have an article about hosting a website step by step? I have a blog registered at blogspot.com. What site has best but cheapest in hosting?


Pls give me invitational code needed for signing up for megatypers.com

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rosalia montoya

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