Uses of Mathematics in our Daily Life

We use Math in our everyday lives.

And we also can’t deny that some people vote Math as their least favorite subject when they were studying. The math tests they have to take, worksheets that demand deadline, and books about algebra or trigonometry are surely not the kind of activity they are fond of.

But whether you noticed it or not, in our daily activities and routine, Math is there to help and guide us, may it be through business, stocks, travel, and most importantly with money.

The importance of Math and its vast uses in different fields of study such as Science has helped professionals to learn more about air, sea and discover mankind’s discoveries such as aerospace and other advanced technologies.

What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is a science that deals with shape, quantity, and arrangement which basically means that Math is everywhere your eyes can look. Thus, Math has become the head of any growing society and country and has been using as a reliable tool in measuring even before the revolution that led to this generation where Math is heavily used in upgrading the way of life of people.

What is Business Mathematics?

Business Mathematics deals with money and finance and mostly utilized in the industry of trade and business. It includes topics and/or factors such as and not limited to; loans, depreciation, investment, insurance, credit, taxes, discounts, payroll, statistics, inventory, real estate, and interest.

Everyday Activities Which Use Mathematics

1. Cooking

In order to make a delicious and mouth-watering recipe for your friends, love ones, family, relatives, or customers, you need to measure the ingredients, thus use Math, in order to get the right amount.

2. Gardening

Math is also vital when it comes to taking care of your plants. When growing new seeds, you’ll have to measure their distance from each other and how many holes their pots need to have because everything will be put into waste if they will not grow properly, or worst just die because of improper measurements.

3. Arts

Photography, painting, dancing, or even sculpting requires Math to produce a breath-taking output. Although the concept of art is to express one’s feelings and/or emotions, it also requires calculation in order to make an even more compelling artwork that will definitely catch the audience’s attention.

4. Banking

Imagine a life without a bank to guide you in your finances such as savings and alike? This only goes to show that Math, whether you may have loathed it once in your life when you’re still a student, is something that you’ll actually be thankful for because it’s maybe one of the lifehacks you should know as you get older.

5. Parties

The real question in any party, may it be a corporate or just a gathering with friends: how many and how much? Everything should be precise and measured to ensure that all guests can be catered and their expectations can be met (at least half of it). From what time it will start, to how much alcohol should be allowed in the part, requires Math.

6. Decorating

May it be decorating your home, office desk, or your very own store, we are subconsciously using Math to measure the space where we will put our things (e.g. height and width of curtains, new furniture, etc.) or where shall we put the bulbs in order to give light to a larger area of the room.

7. Statistics

If it weren’t for Statistics, organizations such as government agencies wouldn’t be able to measure the needs of their people and what issues should be addressed and resolved right away. If it weren’t for Math, marketing firms will not know what are the needs and wants of their customers and how they will be encouraged to buy their products. It is through numbers that companies are able to grasp if they are making an impact to their target audience.

8. Designing

All the infrastructures we see and get enthralled at use Math in all aspects of it – from the grocery store you pass by every morning, to the building you’re working in, to the billboards you see while you’re in the train, to the very spot you’re sitting or standing in the rain – it has used Math not only to ensure that it will look amazing but also to ensure that it could stand calamities and assure that its safe for use.

9. Shopping

Unconsciously, we use Math when we’re calculating how much we are going to save up every time there’s a sale in your favorite local store. You’re also consciously using Math when you’re making canvass on which stores offer the most cost-effective price of the product you want to have.

10. Travelling

Haven’t you notice how you convert currencies whenever you’re traveling abroad? Comparing how much it would cost in our country, thus still using Math? And even when going from place to place, we’re always measuring the distance and how much time it would take for you to reach the place if you’re going to do it by walking, hailing a cab, or riding public transportation.

11. Working

Not only that Math works in Sales and Marketing, but it is also involved in the overall operation of a business to ensure that it earns and sustains its employees and the overall cost to run the company.

12. Budgeting

Of course, it is through Math that we’re able to designate a specific amount on our daily expenses. If it weren’t for the utilization of Mathematics, we wouldn’t be able to figure out how much we will spend on our transportation, food, and savings.

13. Time Management

We also use Math in designating specific hours and/or times so we can utilize our everyday lives effectively. It is through effective time management that we can be productive and finish a lot of tasks within 24 hours.

14. Critical Thinking

From the moment we wake up, we use critical thinking on how our day should go, and little did we know, we also use Math in making crucial decisions in our lives may it be work, career, or family decisions.

15. Relaxation

Even when we are relaxing, we also use Math. Whether we notice it or not, going to spa as your form of relaxation, reading a book, or spending your day off sleeping also requires calculations. We always have the how much and how many thinking inside our head more than we realize it.

16. Use for Analytical Thinking

Math, it teaches us how to weigh the pros and cons of a situations, it helps us to arrive at logical resolutions and prepare ourselves for situations that may happen in the future.

17. Use for Rational Investigation

Through Math, it helps us to stay rational in situations where we can be deceived by our own emotions or manipulations by external factors. The data gathered and statistics acquired can help us see the truth in every investigation.

18. Better Emotional Intelligence

One of the many importance of Math in our lives is that it helps to find solutions through following a process, that’s why Math is taught even when we are kids because it programs our mind to stay calm under stressful situation and to follow steps that will help us come up with solutions to our problems.

19. Process of How Things Work

Mathematics is also us in processing our thoughts and arranging them in such a way that we are delivering it with clarity and coherence.

20. Encourages Wisdom

Math applied in Science has been a path to major discoveries over the past centuries. Math has been the way in solving the mysteries of the world and has also been the solution in the ease of lives of many people through technologies.

21. Makes us think clearly

Math promotes a deeper understanding of our lives, problems, and of the world itself. It helps us understand how to properly use our time, how to solve problems that have and may come in our way and it also helps us understand people around us.

22. Makes a child smart

Kids that have early education with Math, even with basic counting, have a better chance of not only excelling in the subject but in life as well. At such a young age, they are already equipped with the ability to think fast and with rationality as much as possible. Since Math is what we use in our everyday lives, kids that are trained to be good with numbers can also be successful in life for they know how to handle their finances and alike.

23. Can make money

It is through Math that we earn money. If you’re going to be aware of your everyday activities, you’ll realize that everything you do requires calculation in order for you to acquire your wage.

24. Key not to lose money

It is also through Math that you’ll not lose money because you became aware of your finances and how much would you need to get through a day or so.

25. Get you to tour the world

If Math will be applied properly through our daily lives, let’s say for example saving enough to travel the world, it’s definite that you’ll get to places without losing all of your savings.

26. The only constant thing in a fast-pacing world

While everyone’s changing their taste of fashion, house, or country they live in, Math will always be part of these changes for we always have to measure things to ensure that they will meet our desires and needs.

27. Important factor in the future

Analyzation will be a huge part of our future and Math will be an aid to provide a thorough and rational understanding of any situation.

28. Part of our everyday lives

Although you can’t notice it, Math is one of the vital skills that will always play a big factor on how we live our lives.

29. Helps you understand the world better

There’s always a calculation to everything and when we have finally come to terms that even the mouse you’re using has its own calculation so you’ll comfortably be using it while browsing in the internet, the more you’ll realize that everything has numbers in it.

30. Helps you know the reality of life

Through statistics you may have heard from news or informational materials you’ve seen online, it helps to better understand the drastic changes, may it be good or bad, around us and helps us better assess not only of our situation or of others but of the world itself.


Mag's is a market research editing and graphic design manager based in Qatar. As a freelance writer and editor, he covers personal finance, travel, careers, education, pet care and automotive.

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