Are you one of those persons who are in need of an extra income really, really bad? Many will probably think of this as networking, but this is not. I know what it feels like to struggle to make ends meet and the frustration of wanting to work but couldn’t find a job everywhere. As what they always say, “Been there, done that.”

If you are a student, or unemployed, this article is for you. Today, we will discuss everything about earning money without stepping out of your house.

Before we proceed, can someone really earn money online? The answer is yes. Anyone can find a pot of gold, only if they know where to look. Although there are a lot of scammers these days, the gold ones are just sitting back there, waiting to be found like a needle in a stack of hay.

If you are finding a job online, make sure that the site where you’re browsing is a legit one. There are a lot of sites with drastic names such as,, or maybe

Just a piece of advice, be wise enough to distinguish the real ones versus the fake. Finding a job on the internet is just a matter of patience.

Now, how can we make money from home? I’ve listed all the possible ideas to earn a few bucks without leaving the comfort of your house.

1. Sell your old stuff.

This is one of the fastest ways to earn cash. Do you have old books, CDs, or gadgets that you don’t use anymore? If yes, then you should sell it. Not only it will help you earn money, but it will also give you more space inside your house.


Facebook has a lot of buy and sell groups nowadays, and it is a good opportunity to sell your items. In addition, if you have some academic books that can still be used, you can sell them on Amazon for a pretty decent price.


2. Start blogging.

Blogging is still considered as one of the mainstream ways to earn cash effortlessly. Although you might need to spend a little amount to build your own website and have it hosted, don’t worry because you can earn triple of that amount once you start getting paid ads. You can build a community with the same interests, create helpful and informative articles and have sponsors for your blog posts or videos.


A good example for this is Google Ads which works by having their ad or banner posted on your site. Aside from cash, you can also meet new people who might be your potential contact in the future.


3. Sell your services.

If you are someone who got a lot of interests, this might be the job for you. There are sites which pay to do things such as babysitting, dog walking, tutoring, teaching languages and more.


4. Join an affiliate program.

There are a lot of brands who still needs constant advertising from different sources, and this is a great opportunity to take advantage of. If you have already built a community or if you are an amazing social media influencer, this is the perfect job that you should grab.


5. Write, write, write!

If you are someone who enjoys writing anything under the sun, why don’t you try creating articles or maybe writing an eBook? You can discuss a specific topic, or produce a well-written novel.


There are a lot of business organizations out there who needs content producers who knows how to write a good quality article. Though it may seem hard to get a client at first, you’ll receive a lot of opportunities as time passes by. Sometimes, there are also a few instances where a certain buyer is asking for a letter, a product or book review, and even assignment answers. Just like what I’ve said, you just need to know where to look.

6. Answer surveys.

Believe it or not, you can really earn by answering surveys online. There are a lot of businesses around the world who relies on these surveys to discover the buying preference of their consumers so they can formulate a strategy on how to get their target market purchase their products.


Some of them also asks you to read an email or play a video or a game, but it’s all guaranteed to be hassle-free.

Just a reminder, be careful in answering surveys though. Some scammers are taking advantage of surveys and don’t pay those who answered the questions.


7. Sell your photos.

If you think you’ve got some photography skills, you can try to take a few photos and sell them online. Just make sure that it is commission-based, and your pictures should be of good quality.

fotolia stock-adobe-Website.png

These are just seven of the possible ways to turn your computer into an income generator. If you need fast cash, there are a lot of things you can do to earn. You just need to be flexible enough to do different jobs and be patient when looking for them.

At the end of the day, always be cautious of the site you’re trying to find a job in. It’s better safe than sorry, right?


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