Payment services platform nowadays are very popular for sending and receiving money through online. With this simple and affordable payment systems, you can now buy things online.

Are you looking for an PayMaya like payment services without a need for credit card? Here are the best 10 alternatives to consider.

1. Smart Money

Smart Money is an e-wallet service which provides online payment services for merchants and online shoppers in the Philippines.

Regardless of the possibility that the recipient may not have a SMART Money account. Account holders can transfer funds to Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid, Infinity or TNT subscribers by simply sending it to their smart mobile number.


Along with this, account holders can use this for shopping online and pay their bills.

An amount of ₱5.00 will be debited for the first ₱1,000.00 while an amount of ₱2.50 for every ₱500.00. While smart money airtime fees are free for domestic money transfer.

The service is available for Smart Postpaid / Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers with or without an active BDO Smart Money Account.

However, transfer of funds to non-Smart subscribers are not allowed by the system.

2. Globe GCash

Globe G Cash is similar to Smart Money, it only allows Globe and TM subscribers to avail its services. But for remittances, it is not necessary that the recipient must be a subscriber.


In terms of online transactions, a website which is affiliated with GCash provides the instructions on the website on how to pay using GCash or you may opt to use GCash American Express Virtual Pay. Unlike Smart Money, the following services of GCash are free of charge:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • ₱1.00 to ₱40.000
  • Change PIN
  • Check Last Transaction
  • Suspend Service
  • Re-activate Service

3. Rcbc Visa debit wallet card

MyWallet Visa card is accepted locally and internationally. Through the MyWallet Visa card, you can Send money to anyone within the Philippines. Pay Bills, shop online and do cashless shopping.

There are no transaction fees for purchases made at any BancNet or Visa accredited merchants. However, there is a charge of ₱27.50 for every fund transfer transaction.

4. COINS.PH is a trading platform for bitcoins. That offers payment services for merchants and consumers. You can request and send payments by merely sending to any recipient who has a phone number, email address or your Facebook friend. Consumers who don’t have an account doesn’t necessarily need to have an e-wallet. They just need to proceed to an affiliate store such as 7-eleven to send their payment.


There is no fee for paying bills and for buying loads.  The fees for cash in and cash outs depend on the amount and the payment option.

To avoid fees:

  • Cash into your Peso Wallet via BDO online or BDO cash deposit to get 100% of your cash-in fee back.
  • Cash Out via coinsXpress Cardless ATM Instant Payout (24/7). Then claim your Cash Out at any Security Bank ATM, even if you don’t have an account or debit card.


Peso Pay provides secure and seamless electronic payment solutions for both SME’s and large enterprises. This payment system allows merchants to accept online payments, from credit cards, debit ATM cards, over the counter payments, e-wallet payments, and via PayPal.

In using their services Peso Pay charges an undisclosed amount for annual set-up, from the payments received and a chargeback handling fee.

6. Weepay

Weepay is a Merchant Service Provider (MSP) of Metrobank Card Corporation and BancNet. It is an e-Merchant Aggregator of BancNet and MegaLink for Online Payments. Beside this, it authorized Merchants with websites to accept online payments from all the banks accredited by ATM.

7. Dragon Pay


If you have an e-commerce website, you can use the dragonpay’s payment system. Customers can pay online via banks, PayPal or over-the-counter.

Here is how a merchant charge for every transaction:

Online Banking ₱10.00
Over-the-Counter (OTC) Banking ₱15.00
Over-the-Counter (OTC) Non-Banks ₱20.00

Merchants who sell items for ₱200.00 have the option to be charged for 5 5% of the total transaction.


Skrill is a European based company that offers a free charge for the first transaction. Its payment system permits money transfer to those who has skrill wallet and to anyone with email and phone number. Likewise, it can also send money to those who has an active Smart Money or Globe Gcash in the Philippines.

After the first transaction, there is a 1.9% fee for sending or money transfer which is capped at €20 equivalent. In addition, skrill charges 3.99% for currency conversions into Philippine Peso (PHP).


Payoneer is the counterpart for PayPal, who offers online payment services with minimal charges.

Sending money, making payments and receiving payments from clients who use Payoneer is totally FREE. But, if you will receive the money using the Global Payment Service of Payoneer there is a charge of 1% for USD currency only.

Through their billing services, you can request payments. With a 3% charge to credit cards and 1% for eCheck USD.


Pay Pal is the most known provider for online payment service. However, during this time a lot of freelancers find difficulties in using this service. Aside from its expensive charges, withdrawal of funds sometimes is neither on time nor in time. In some cases, it could be delayed for more than a month.

Concerning to fees, pay pal has the highest rates among others. Withdrawing beyond ₱7,000.00 has no withdrawal fee while less of it has a fee of ₱50.00 plus a return fee ₱250.00 for both.


On the other hand, there is a fee of 2.9 % plus a $0.30 USD of the amount sent.  Which is either the sender or the receiver can pay for it. This also applies if you click Request Money on the PayPal website.

On a merchant’s side, there is a charge of 4.4% + ₱15.00 on every sale he makes outside eBay. If the sale is inside it will be 3.9% + ₱15.00.

The following fees are the reason why most Filipino look for Pay pal encashers. Such as PayMaya, because it credits the 250-withdrawal fee from PayPal on your Pay Maya account.

To avail the services of PayMaya. You must link your Pay Pal account through the following guidelines:

  1. On the PayPal website, go to ‘Banks and Cards’ and choose ‘Link a Card’.
    1. Enter your card information and ensure that your PayPal address is an exact match with the address used in your PayMaya registration.
    2. Note that you will need to load at least ₱100.00 to your PayMaya account to link to PayPal to facilitate an authorization request. The authorization amount charged against the ₱100.00 balance is immediately refunded when PayPal verifies from PayMaya that the card is valid.
  1. Load up ₱100.00 to your PayMaya account via our loading partners:
        • 7-Eleven
        • Smart Padala Centers
        • Smart Money
        • Robinsons Department Stores
        • SM Department Stores
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