Photography is undoubtedly an enjoyable art considering the great flexibility it offers. You can be as ingenious as you desire when taking photos of anything that catches your attention. Aside being passionate with photos, it can also be an avenue to make real fortune by selling these photos online. This article is for photographers who are searching for great websites to display and sell their photos to millions of buyers on the internet.

IStock Photo – owned by private equity as part of Getty images
Sell your images via iStock Photousing the wide range of templates that are available on this site and you’ll profit a royalty price of 15% for each purchase. There is also a benefit by becoming an exclusive contributor and earn up to 45% instead, which is very impressive. This website provides you with a good community added to it with bunch of forums and group discussions, which are highly informative and helps when you’re trying to determine which of your photos will sell on the internet.
Website: – Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This website is similar to online gallery or portfolio with extra benefit of being able to post and sell your photos online. It’s cool as it has two advantages. Firstly to sell your photos and secondly to wonderfully exhibit them just the way you desire, you’re more likely to sell more photos here, the more professional and impressive your photos are displayed the more buyers will see your photos and possibly buy from you. You can set your own price tag and you’ll get to keep 85% of the each sale you made. That’s not all, you can as well sell digital prints and greetings cards too, which is beneficial for sellers who want more selling possibilities.
Website: – Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

On Alamy photographers earn a massive 60% royalty fee on any images or photos they sell, no wonder why this website is such a preferred choice with regards to selling photos online. It’s one of the world’s richest stock photo libraries – though you’ll have a bit of competition, but see this as a challenge to step up your game and climb the ladder to success!
Website: – Headquarters: Abingdon, Oxfordshire, U.K.

Dreamstime is also a microstock organization, and one of the highest paying agencies, it is easy to use which is just as fundamental when making the decision of where to sell your pictures online. Before you commence selling, you’ll need to get your images approved by their moderators (which can take a lot of time) but once your photos are approved, you can start selling at 25-50% payment per purchase, and royalty can expand to about 80% according to the purchase level of the photos.
Website: – Headquarters: Nashville,TN and Bucharest, Romania

Fotolio – acquired by Adobe
I enjoy Fotolia for its simplicity, fair royalty and broad market. Sign up now and showcase your photos to more than four million buyers on this site, in no time your photos will start selling rapidly and seamlessly. You will earn a royalty between 25 – 63% of your sale every time your photo is sold, which is instantly added to your Fotolia account without hassles.
Website: – Headquarters: New York City, United States of America

Shutterstock – listed on NYSE
Shutterstock is one of the major membership based microstock agency which implies high traffic from buyers. It’s perfect for selling photos real fast! Buyers once registered can purchase up to 750 images per month. This site also have an approval process, you have to post ten initial images for approval before you can start selling. Have no worries, there are many online community forums on the website where you can find hints and tips as a newbie. With Shutterstock you’ll earn between $0.25 and $28 per purchase, although it depends on the license of your photos.
Website: – Headquarters: New York, United States

123RF – 12 years of track record and the last of the independent ones
This is a good microstock website, here you get 50% of the commission for each image sold. There are different sections where images are categorized i.e, low res, med res and high res, which are sold at $1, $2 and $3 respectively. Their royalty system is also dependent on your contributor level, which is quite unique and interesting. It simply means, the more pictures you upload, the more you can earn – recommended for anyone who plans to commit to this as a full-time business. The amount you earn could grow from 50-60% if you are seriously active on the site – so get registered quickly and boost your of reputation in photography.
Website: – Headquarters: 33N Dearborn Street Suite 1830, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

Stock images websites and their customers go for pictures of high quality. They usually don’t welcome amateur looking photos, but rather those that are appealing and eye-catchy. You should invest in a very high quality digital camera to take the snapshots look great. The camera to choose will depend on the types of shots you’re hoping to take. Take for instance, if you are hoping to take motion shots (images of things or people in action) you might want to use a digital camera that is specially designed for this purpose. Get camera recommendations at any digital camera forum on the internet and you are on the right path in making extra money from selling photos online!


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