The UAE authorities have announced that a certificate of good conduct and behaviour will be a mandatory requirement for obtaining a new UAE work visa from 4 February 2018.

Expatriates will need to procure a certificate of good conduct and behavior from their respective home country or a country where they have legally resided in the last five years. The certificate will then need to be authenticated by the UAE diplomatic mission or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs overseas. This new rule is deemed to be applicable to all UAE jurisdictions but excludes dependents accompanying primary applicants as well as tourists.

The implementation of this new rule comes in light of the UAE authorities endeavoring to achieve high levels of security for UAE residents and ensuring that security screening measures are met with authenticated evidence in the form of a legalized good certificate of conduct.

This Service allows Customers to obtain a Criminal Record Verification “Certificate of Good Conduct” for the purpose of (Work / Study / Immigration / Naturalization / Marriage / Permission or License / Rehabilitation / Changing of Name).


To all Filipino who are already in the United Arab Emirates and planning to apply jobs from one company to the another need not provide this certificate.

Requirements for Getting Good Conduct and Behaviour Certificate

  1. Secure NBI Clearance Form No. 5 from the Philippine Consulate General. NOTE: The form is free and not for sale.
  2. Fill out Form No. 5 and go to the nearest police station for fingerprinting, which should be rolled impressions. The person who took the fingerprint impression must sign on the Form.
  3. Return to the Philippine Consulate General to have the NBI Form No. 5 notarized and to apply for a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) authorizing your representative in the Philippines to submit accomplished Form No. 5 to the NBI office.

Upon release of the NBI Clearance, your representative will also request for the authentication of the document with the Department of Foreign Affairs, and apply for attestation of the said document at the UAE Embassy in Manila before mailing it back to you.

  • Checklist:
    • Special Power of Attorney
    • Original and photocopy of NBI Application form with fingerprint specimen and signature of police officer
    • One (1) 2×2 ID photo with white background to be attached in the NBI Form No. 5.
    • Four (4) copies of applicant’s passport identification page.

*Please send an email to for any notarial related inquiries.

Steps in securing an NBI clearance in the Philippine Consulate General Dubai

  1. Get your queuing number from the doorman before entering the Consular Section.
  2. When your number appears on the board or is called out, proceed to Counter B to get an NBI Form No. 5.
  3. Fill up the NBI Form properly. Avoid erasures.
  4. Affix a passport-size picture with white background.
  5. Proceed to the Abu Dhabi Immigration Office (Near St. Joseph Church, Al Saada St.) and purchase E-Dirham (50 AED).
  6. Go to the CID-Ministry of Interior, near the Grand Mosque for finger printing.
  7. Present the E-Dirham as payment for the finger printing.
  8. Go back to the Embassy and get your queuing number from the doorman before entering the Consular Section. When your number appears on the board or your number is called out, submit at Counter B your accomplished NBI form and provide a photocopy (back-to-back) and a copy of passport.
  9. Proceed to the cashier to pay 100 AED notary fee.
  10. The NBI form will be released in three (3) working days.
  11. To claim your NBI Form No. 5, get your queuing number from the doorman before entering the Consular Section. When your number appears on the board or your number is called out, present your claim stub and claim your certified NBI Form No. 5.
  12. Send the certified NBI Form No. 5 to the National Bureau of Investigation (Identification and Records Division) in the Philippines by mail or through your authorized representative in the Philippines, who can submit the application, and collect the NBI clearance. A separate fee is charged by the NBI for the NBI clearance.


How Long and How much it does it cost?

  • Regular process: 27 working days – Dh800-Dh900 (minimum)
  • Express process: 20 working days – Dh1,000-Dh1200 (minimum)

Step by step Process and Cost

  1. Special Power of Attorney (SPA):
    • Dh100 (regular, 3 working days)
    • Dh140 (express, nest working day)
  2. Fingerprint at CID: Dh150 (3 working days)
  3. Notarize CID Fingerprint document:
    • Dh100 (regular, 3 working days)
    • Dh140 (express, next working day)
  4. Sent to Philippines via courier: 2-3 working days Dh280-Dh400
  5. Have representative with SPA get NBI Clearance after submitting Form 5 with finger print documents: One working day P140.00(Dh15)
  6. DFA Authentication (Red Ribbon):
    • Php100 (regular 5-7 working days)
    • Php200 (express 2-3 working days)
  7. Attestation at UAE Embassy in Philippines via DHL since they don’t accept personal appearance:
    • UAE Embassy authentication fee: P1,700.00 (Dh130) Plus courier fee (P550.00)(Dh50)
    • Processing time: 7 working days
  8. Mailing back of DFA-authenticated and UAE Embassy-attested NBI Clearance:Dh200 – Dh400
    • Processing time: 2-3 working days

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