The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) also known as an “exit pass” is a mandatory requirement for every Overseas Filipino Workers who leaves and goes back to the Philippines. Under Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) an OFW who holds an OEC is legally documented and protected by the Philippine government. Likewise, OEC is presented to exit ports in the Philippines to proof the legitimacy of an OFW. Additionally, holders of this document are not required to pay travel to tax and airport terminal fee.


Getting an OEC before is one of the most frustrating requirement that an OFW should comply because most of the time it takes a day to get an OEC. However, this time the procedure became more convenient. Using your smartphones, tablets or any gadgets that possess a web browser, you can already get a copy of your OEC anytime anywhere.

If you are an OFW with visa or work permit who is returning to the same employer, returning to the same job site or will just go to spend a vacation. Including those who have already a record of POEA Database. You can avail of the OEC exception. All you just need to do is to sign up or register at and fill in the registration information under “New User”. If you know that you already have a record of POEA database, use the email address you provided. Always secure your email address because it will be your lifetime log in account. In case you forget it, you should contact the System Administrator.

While for those OFW’s who already registered themselves for Balik Manggagawa (BM) Online Processing System, you just need to log in and follow the procedures instructed in the website to know whether you are exempted from securing an OEC or you should secure for it. If you need to secure, you should set an appointment by following the instruction below:

  1. Prepare and bring the following on appointment date:
  1. Valid Passport 6 months from the time of departure
  2. Working Visa
  3. Employment or contract.
    1. Using your smartphone with an existing browser go to Under “Already Registered.”. Log in your registered account. Be reminded that before tapping the “next step” tab. Make sure that all the information in your profile is updated and match with your documents.


  1. Next, enter and submit your flight departure details. Then, if you are not returning to the same employer, select set an appointment.
  1. Then choose your location and the most convenient branch or office to set your appointment. Under “My Transactions” tab you can view the details of your appointment.


  1. If your Balik Manggagawa Appointment Schedule was approved, click “My Profile” tab and proceed with “Next Step”. This time you’re going to enter again your departure travel time. Finally, you are going to select the method of your payment to pay the Php 100.00 BM processing fee. If you choose an e-payment system there’ll be an additional transaction fee.

If you’re returning to the same employer, the only thing you should do is to update your profile and do the steps below.

  1. Using your smartphone or tablet with an existing browser go to Log in your registered account. Then enter the last digit of your OEC number.
  1. Next, you need to update your personal profile if necessary.
  1. Click “Acquire OEC or Exemption.” Then provide your flight departure details. Upon choosing “Returning to the same employer and job site” a notice will be display on your screen stating your exemption from securing an OEC.

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