There are certain points in your life that you want or need to go from one place to another. Certain documents are needed to be prepared when travelling. One of the main required documents to prepare specifically for foreign nationals is the Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-Card or in some points, Immigrant Certificate of Residence Philippines).

Even in the most important ones, they have the possibility of being lost or stolen. Of course at this point, you could ask yourself, “What should I do? Are there any fees for lost or stolen ACR-I Card?” Assistance or help is needed in these hard times.

According to the Bureau of Immigration Philippines, under the stipulation of the Philippine Immigration Law, it is possible to apply for an ACR I-Card renewal for certain people under several conditions such as lost ACR card in Philippines.
BGC Taguig, ACR-I-Card-ID

Who can apply?

The reassurance of ACR I-card is for foreigners who has existing ACR I-card who’s basis of renewal or has a condition is any of the following:

  1. Lost card;
  2. Damaged card;
  3. Amendments (address, name, nationality, civil status, etc.);
  4. Rejected card (wrong entries or information printed in the card due to fault or negligence of the applicant)

Where to apply?

You can apply for the reassurance in BI Main Office and Other Immigration Offices

Link for list of offices:

What to bring?

These are the needed requirements for the reassurance of ACR-I Card:

  1. Checklist with complete documentary requirements
  2. Application Form

How to apply?

In order to apply for the reassurance, do these simple steps:

  1. Secure and fill out an application form and attach required documents.
  2. Submit application with complete requirements.
  3. Check the database for any derogatory record.
  4. Get an Order of Payment Slip (OPS).
  5. Pay the required fees.
  6. Submit a copy of the Official Receipt.
  7. After evaluation application and approved, the ACR I-Card shall be printed.
  8. Present claim stub and identification (ID) card.

How much does it cost?

In terms of payment amounts and methods, these apply:

  1. All transactions except Lost I-Card – For the I-Card Fee, it will be $ 20. 00 with an Express Fee of ₱500.00
  2. Lost I-Card Re-issuance – For the I-Card Fee, it will cost you $ 20. 00 together with and Express Fee of ₱1, 000.00

IMPORTANT: Please be reminded that fees are updated as of March 6 of 2014 and may change without prior notice.

Application General Instructions:

  1. The application form is written in English language. Enter legibly all the information required into the appropriate spaces on the form. If the information required is not applicable, please write “N/A”. Do not leave any item blank. The Bureau will not act on application forms that are incomplete and incorrectly accomplished. Your answers must be in English and all entries must be in CAPITAL LETTERS using English characters only. Letters like ñ, é, ü and ç are not recognized by the system. For instance, please enter names like “Muñoz” and “Sémonin” as “Munoz” and “Semonin” respectively.
  2. All documents required for submission must be complied with, arranged in the order as listed in the Checklist of Documentary Requirements (CDR), compiled in a legal size (8½ x 14 in.) folder and shall be submitted within the prescribed period, if applicable. Otherwise, your application shall not be accepted.
  3. All sworn statements or affidavits must be original notarized.
  4. All entries in the civil registry section documents issued in the Philippines (i.e. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, etc.) must be original and issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) of the Philippines.
  5. All documents from the country of origin must be original and authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post (FSP), which has jurisdiction over the place of issuance, or by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) if said document is issued by the local Embassy in the Philippines with English translation if written in other foreign language.
  6. If the application is filed by an authorized representative, attach a photocopy of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Accreditation Identification (ID) Certificate or an original Special Power of Attorney (SPA) for EACH applicant with a photocopy of a valid government-issued ID of attorney-in-fact.
  7. The original valid passport of the applicant must be presented to the concerned frontline officer for identification purposes. Thereafter, it shall be returned.

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