If you’re a Filipino currently residing in Los Angeles, California, or you have a newborn and have very few idea on the renewal of your passports, worry no more because everything you have to know will be presented in this complete guide how to renew your passport.

All you need to do is go to the Philippine Consulate Los Angeles California office in person bringing with you all the necessary requirements.

The office address is 3435 Wilshire Blvd #550, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA or Google Map, and is open between 9: 00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. The phone number for their office is +1 213-639-0980.

Griffith Park Los Angeles, California

What are the requirements in renewing my passport in Philippine Consulate Los Angeles?

Here are the minimum requirements:
1. Personal appearance of the applicant wearing a decent attire (no sleeveless and/or collarless attire) and without eyeglasses/contact lenses. No facial piercings allowed.
2. Applicant’s recent Philippine passport and a photocopy of data page of that passport and,
3. Applicant’s Passport Application Form signed by applicant, and by parent or legal guardian for applicants below 18 years old.

Take Note:

  • Passport Pictures are taken by the Consulate so there’s no need to bring Passport size pictures.
  • All Passports that are valid for a year or less from issuance date may be renewed.
  • The releasing of renewed passport takes 10 weeks from date of processing.

Additional requirements for the following categories:

Dual Citizens 1. Dual Citizenship Documents
2. PSA Birth certificate
For applicants who are renewing Philippine passports issued before May 1, 1995 1. PSA Birth Certificate (if born abroad);
2. PSA Marriage Certificate (if using the married name); and
3. Authentication of identification and current citizenship (e.g. green card)
For applicants with green and brown passports issued after May 1, 1995 1. PSA Birth Certificate (if born abroad);
2. PSA Marriage Certificate (if using the married name);
3. One valid identification document; and
4. Authentication of identification and current citizenship (e.g. green card)
For minor applicants 1. Personal appearance of the mother if minor is an illegitimate child.
2. Original and Photocopy of PSA Marriage Certificate of Parents
3. Original and Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate/Report of Birth (if born abroad)
4. Original and Photocopy of the minor’s passport.
For married woman using her husband’s name for the first time 1. If woman is married in U.S: one original and one photocopy of the Report of Marriage (ROM) issued by the Philippine Consulate where the marriage took place.
2. If the woman is married in PHL: one original or certified true copy and one photocopy of PSA Marriage Certificate
For married woman who used her husband’s surname but desires to return her maiden surname due to the death of spouse or legal dissolution of marriage 1. PSA Death Certificate of husband and a Photocopy or PSA Marriage Certificate with Annotation on Court Decree on Presumptive Death.
2. Annulled marriage: PSA Marriage Contract with Annotation on Annulment or Certificate of Registration and certified true copy of Court Order
3. Divorced: Original or certified true copy and one (1) photocopy of Marriage Contract or Annotation Document issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) proof that the divorce has already been recognized by a Philippine Court.
For all Foregoing Cases, the female applicant must accomplish a sworn declaration to revert to maiden surname.

How much Passport Processing

Fees are:

ePassport Processing Fee $ 60.00
USPS Mailing Fee $ 23.00


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