Despite its small size, the Qatari entertainment industry has witnessed extensive growth within the last few years. Aside from its booming film industry, the country is also home to several world-class movie theaters where the best movies across the world are screened. In fact, according to statistics, only 9% of Qataris watch films that are produced in Qatar.

This low percentage can be attributed to low film production outputs in the country. And to cover up for the low production, most Qataris take solace in watching foreign movies including Hollywood, Bollywood, and the likes.

However, occasionally, we have had to come across questions like – “how can I book movie tickets online before a film is released in Qatar” and what are the cost of movie tickets in the cinemas across Qatar” from our estimable fans. As experts in the Qatari entertainment industry, we understand how challenging booking movie theater seats in Qatar can be. And to ease the challenges, we have come up with a list of the best websites where you can source movie theaters that offer reserved seating in Qatar below:

1. Q-tickets

Q-tickets is the largest online ticket booking platform for Movies, Sporting & food events, Concerts and Leisure in Doha, Qatar. The website was founded in 2014 by Dr. Tejinder Singh and serves the GCC region i.e. UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. Like many booking platforms around the world, Q-tickets is a third party ticketing facility. However, what makes it stand out is that it is the first of its kind in the GCC region. The Q-tickets partners with cinemas, top event venues and the Doha Bank in Qatar to offer quality ticketing service to Doha people. In just three years of its establishment, the website already has over a million users.

After registering on the site, users have the opportunity to choose their preferred movies as well as their desired theater seats. To purchase movie tickets, you will have to complete payment via credit cards or through a Doha Bank Internet banking account. After which you will receive a reservation code via SMS or e-mail (based on your preference). Alternatively, you can choose to book movie theater seats via the mobile app available on Playstore. Currently, the mobile app allows you to book movie tickets for cinemas at Villagio, City Center, Landmark, Royal Plaza and The Mall of Qatar.
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2. Q’s Cinemas

Q’s Cinemas cater for Qatari movie lovers looking for a quiet and comfortable place to experience world-class cinematic experience. The theater is located on the 5th floor of Rising mall at the heart of Kathmandu Darbarmarg. The cinema complex houses two halls designed to give movie fans maximum cinematic pleasure. The cost of movie tickets are divided based on morning shows, Matinee show, and regular shows. Fortunately, all the tickets are competitively affordable. The website also offers special ticketing services such as free refreshment on every ticket, special discount for selected persons, and a telephone booking system. Most importantly, Q’s cinemas partners with eSewa, SCT, and nPay which makes it possible for users to book for movie space online via the online ticketing platform. Presently, the website does not have a mobile app.

3. Vox Cinemas

Vox Cinemas was founded in 2000 by Majid Al Futtaim. It is a part of the Majid Al Futtaim conglomerates spread across the Middle East. In the past 15 years, the cinema has aired over 5,000 films to an estimated 50 million customers in the region. The Vox Cinemas website allows interested Qataris to book movie tickets online. Also, prospective customers get the chance to apply for offers and choose reclining theater seats via the website. However, the website mostly allows booking for the Doha Festival City cinema located at the Umm Salal Muhammed, Doha. Users can also download the Vox Cinemas app via Google Play store. The app allows checking of showtimes, booking of tickets and many others. A booking fee of 2.50 QAR is sometimes applied per ticket. (N.B: A maximum of 10 tickets is allowed per transaction).

4. Novo Cinemas

Novo Cinemas was established in 2000 by Gulf Film LLC owned by Qatar Media Services. The company operates in UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain. It allows users to book movie ticket swiftly and quickly on mobile phones. You can either do this via the website or on the mobile app on Google Play store. The mobile app is the first of its kind in the whole region. The Novo Cinemas app gives users instant access to Qatar’s largest chain of cinemas. It has three branches in Qatar: The Pearl (IMAX), 01 Mall and Mall of Qatar.

5. Fandango

Fandango offers one of the most distinguished movie ticketing services worldwide. The brand which is headquartered in New York, USA, allows movie fans to search and book the nearest movie theaters around them. You can also get to reserve seats for your favorite movies in any movie theater located in Qatar, particularly at the Villagio Cinema. The mobile app permits you to save your favorite theaters and movies for quicker searching and score perks like free movie screenings, digital downloads, exclusive discounts and more. Fandango also offers services such as purchasing tickets by scanning your credit card, exchanging your ticket for a refund or Fandango ticket and storing your credit card with your Fandago VIP account for faster purchases.
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