Canada has long been considered as one of the progressive and well-developed countries considered by immigrant of different countries to live for good. Even the population growth of Filipino immigrants who chose to live in this respectable country have shown huge percentage for the past few years.

It’s also because of the various jobs in Canada and the direct hiring for Filipinos there.

How is life for Filipinos in Canada? Not only have they found huge improvement on their respective jobs that serve as their way on providing for their families, but the cost of living in Canada, culture, and way of living here are one of the many reasons why Filipinos encourage or sponsor their family members to move to Canada and rebuild their own lives there.

With lots of Filipinos interested to live and work Canada, here are some of the few things to get you started. Probably the easiest way to apply and get to Canada is through applying for Canadian Visa from Philippines either through spousal sponsorship or Canadian work visa sponsorship.

Family Sponsorship

How to apply for sponsorship of my family to come to Canada?

Here are the successful steps that you can use for both sponsors and sponsoring for different purposes (e.g. Canadian work Visa sponsorship or sponsor a child to Canada).
Sponsorship for Spouse, Conjugal partner or Common-law partner, Dependent Children living outside Canada
By right, you are eligible to sponsor a spouse or a common-law or conjugal partner or dependent children if this person is:

  • Part of the family class
  • Under 18 years of age or older
  • A citizen of Canada or a permanent reside
  • Living in Canada
  • Not residing in Canada, but you can sponsor your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner and/or dependent children who don’t have a dependent children of their own.
  • Willing to undertake an oath in providing basic requirements of the person with/without dependent children to be sponsored
  • Willing to sign an agreement with the person being sponsored that they both have a mutual agreement with the obligations and responsibilities they have to do.

You have to provide a financial support for the family members you want to sponsor depending on their age and relation to you. If you plan to sponsor other family member, you will need to provide a proof that your income is at least equal to the minimum necessary income.

What are the requirements for sponsorship to Canada?

These are the requirements that you need to acquire for the processing of applications of family members you’re sponsoring to Canada.

Immigration Forms 1. Generic Application Form (IMM 0008)
2. Additional Dependants/Declaration (IMM0008DEP)
3. Schedule A – Background/Declaration (IMM 5669)
4. Additional Family Information (IMM 5406)
5. Spouse/Partner Questionnaire (IMM 5490)
6. Use of a Representative (IMM 5476)
7. Declaration from Non-Accompanying Parent/Guardian for Minors Immigrating to Canada (IMM 5604)
For references, visit:
Identity and Civil Status Documents 1. Birth Certificate
2. Marriage Certificate
3. Death Certificate
Travel Documents and Passports Photocopy of passports of the person sponsoring the family members and members being sponsored.
Proof of Relationship to Sponsor For Spouse Immigration in Canada. If sponsored by spouse or common-law partner;

  • wedding photos or proof that you’re partners
  • photos of yourself and your sponsor both old and new
  • card/letters with postmarked envelopes
  • emails
  • telephone bills that reflect calls made between you and your sponsor
  • proof of visit to each other (e.g. airline ticket coupons, boarding passes)

If under conjugal relationship;

  • joint ownership of property (ies)
  • joint bank accounts and/or investments
  • life insurance with each other’s names written as beneficiaries
  • details of the history of relationship
  • two statutory declarations from both parties with personal knowledge of your relationship and indication that your relationship is genuine and continuing
Police Certificates and Clearances It must state that you and every one in your family aged 18 years or older have resided six months or more since reaching 18 years of age in other country.
Proof of Medical Examination Including yourself and your sponsored family members, you must submit an upfront medical examination.
Photos Two (2) recent photos for you and each member of the family with label at the back which includes; name, date of birth and signature.
A Copy of this document checklist

All the requirements stated above should be sent to the person sponsoring the family members to Canada. The sponsor is solely responsible in sending your permanent visa application with his/her sponsorship application to the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga (CPC-M). If approved, your visa application will be sent back to Manila Visa Office for processing.

The processing for your application will undergo several stages and reviewing. There are times that in the midst of the processing, you will be asked to provide another set of documents or conduct an interview in order for the officer to make the final decision. You will be notified through email if your application has granted or denied. As of now, CPC-M is taking approximately 40 days to process the sponsorship applications while Visa posts will take from three to 17 months to process the immigration portion. The international average for processing the immigration portion is four to eight months.

How much does a sponsorship to Canada costs?

Your application processing fees must be paid online. Include your proof of payment with your application.
The principal applicant must also pay the $490 right of permanent residence fee (RPRF) before permanent resident status can be granted.
These people do not have to pay the $490 right of permanent residence fee:

  • The dependent children of the person you are sponsoring,
  • A dependent child of a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, and
  • A protected persons and their family members.

What are some tips for getting visa sponsorship in Canada?

1. Remember that you should submit a complete and signed application forms. It would be a waste of time if you’ll find out that your application has been brought back to you just because you forgot to put not applicable label or missed out some information in your form.
2. Always provide the right information and do not try to forge documents. This will only lessen your chance of getting approved and more doubt on the credibility of your application.
3. You can submit as many supporting documents as you can to prove that your identification is genuine and to support your Canada Visa requirement application as well.

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