Wanting to travel to Philippines?

Travelling from Italy to Philippines has never been this convenient for our OFWs working there or Italian nationals who have a strong desire to see what our country has to offer because knowing visa requirements for Philippines and how you can apply are made easier through internet. And the best thing? Various airlines offer cheap airfare to the Philippines, who wouldn’t want to explore the wonders of the Philippines in cost-effective ways?

Why do we need a visa?

A visa is an endorsement made on a travel document by the consular officer denoting that the visa application has been properly examined and that the bearer is permitted to proceed to the country of his destination. The granting of a Philippine Visa, whether a Philippine business visa, is not a guarantee that the holder will be admitted into the country. The Bureau of Immigration Officers may exercise discretion to either grant or deny admission. Visa holders are subject to normal immigration control at the port of entry.

From Rome to Manila, are you ready to see what these 7, 107 island country is really proud of? Here are the easy steps for visa application requirements in the Italian Embassy;

1. Personal appearance at the Philippine Embassy
2. Duly accomplished application form (click here to download)
3. Present the Resident Permit in Italy or the Permesso Di Soggiorno and submit a photocopy of the document
4. Submit the passport valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines and a photocopy of its data page
5. Letter of invitation and Identification Card of the inviting party or a copy of hotel booking of the applicant
6. Two pieces of 2”x2” color ID photo with white background taken within six (6) months to the time of application
7. A copy of the round-trip air ticket or flight booking confirmation
8. a. If applicant is employed, proof of income such as monthly pay slip or a company certification on applicant’s annual salary and allowances or latest bank statement.
b. If applicant owns a business, business registration or latest bank statement
c. If applicant is self-employed, proof of sufficiency of travel funds such as bank statement
d. If applicant is a retiree, a copy of statement of pension or bank statement
9. Payment of application fee of Euro 27


1. Italian passport holder need not apply for entry visa for a stay not exceeding 30 days in the Philippines.
2. If an Italian passport holder plans to stay in the Philippines beyond 30 days, he or she must apply for a 59-day visa at the Philippine Embassy.
3. For extension of stay in the Philippines, foreigners are advised to visit the Bureau of Immigration in Intramuros, Manila. Please check the Bureau’s website www.immigration.gov.ph.
4. The Philippine government has special requirements for other categories of foreign nationals who want to travel to the Philippines. You can email them through romepe2007@gmail.com for further queries.

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