How to make money from internet? is one of the most often asked question on the internet.

The main reason of make money from internet is the convenience and easy access to target market.

Overseas Filipino Workers or Seaferers, housewives and even students often asked these types of questions to find some ways through which they can make money.

In fact, it is good for them to utilize their precious time instead of wasting time in useless activities. Internet is spreading in all over the world. Now, world is becoming a global village.

Almost everyone can contact with each other no matter whatever the places they are living in and it is just because of Internet. There are number of ways available on the internet through which they can become successful entrepreneur.

Due to the lack of right information, people often deceived by scammers. But no need to worry at all, you can make money by utilizing your skills and creativity.

If you are a student, housewife and even a professional and also looking for legal ways to make bucks from internet then keep reading this article you will find some innovative methods through which you can handsome bucks from net with integrity.

How much you can earn?

Before we reveal earning methods with you, let us put a word about the possible outcomes. If you are thinking that earning money online is an easy job then you are thinking entirely wrong. You’ll have to work hard online in order to become successful.

People often ask that how successful they can become? Well, it totally depends on you and it is not a rocket science.

You just need to polish your skills and find some innovative ways to become prominent in online market.

There are no statistics available on the internet that how much averagely people are making bucks from net but it can motivate you that numbers of people are earning thousands and even millions of dollars from internet.

You just need to spend some time and do hard work by offering online services.

Now, be ready, we are going to reveal top 20 ways to earn online. You can select method according to your skills and taste. Let’s start,

1. Blogging


Blogging is one of the most well known methods to make money online. Basically, bloggers spend time on their professional blogs. They write articles and contents on it and they are remunerated by Google AdSense. Google AdSense publishes its Ads on websites. Those blogs and websites that receive a high traffic they tend to enjoy more income. If you think that you can write articles and compel the readers by your words then you should start your blog. You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per day.

2. Design Themes

Almost all the websites need themes and templates. Awesome themes can make the websites more beautiful and elegant. If you have high command on CSS, HTML, JAVA Script, and web design sense then you can make money by selling your web themes.

3. Online Teaching

If you are a teacher and have deep knowledge on certain subjects then you can teach online. There are number of students available on the internet seeking for a qualified teacher. You can teach your students in all over the world. All you need to decided hourly rate.

4. Online Author

Students and researchers are always in search of E-Books and PDF reports in order to accomplish their academic tasks and researches. You can sell your E-Books and PDF reports online. In return you’ll receive handsome payments. All you need to setup website with online payment gateway.

5. Website Development


If you’re a programmer and you think you can develop innovative and creative websites then you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per clients. You just need to have command on web languages including WP, PHP and HTML.

6. Freelancing

If you come to Freelancing then you can offer many services to clients such as writing, developing, marketing, and consultancy etc. You need to create your account on Freelancing websites in order to enjoy dollars. Top Freelancing sites are Freelancer, Fiverr, and Up Work available on the internet.

7. Social Media Market

Social media marketing is now considered as the major part of online marketing plan. Social media plays a significant role in boosting the sales of online business. You can advertise the ads of online businesses on your social media pages and in return you can charge high commission.

8. Amazon and EBay

Amazon and EBay both are online stores. You can become Amazon associate or you can create online store on EBay in order to sell commodities online.

9. Buying and Selling Company Stocks


If you’ve much capital and you’re looking for blue chips companies to invest in it. Then probably you should buy companies stocks. You can earn money in two ways i.e. purchase stock at standard price and sell at high price, after some time you’ll receive dividend on your shares.

10. Torrent

More than, 60% to 70% people often download music and movies from torrent sites; you can also make bucks from these sites. You just need to create account on torrent sites and then upload entertainment stuff on it.

11. Crowd funding

If you’ve a dream to become entrepreneur and you’re looking for potential investors to invest in your business then crowd funding is the best platform through which you can attract investors from all over the world.

12. Research Assistant

Several researchers often hire research assistants to get their research accomplish. If you’ve skills to become a good research assistant then you just need to allocate certain hours and work for your senior in order to get good bucks.

13. YouTube Channels


YouTube is also a famous video social media platform. Billions of people daily visit YouTube to watch videos and movies. You can earn money by creating a YouTube Channel. All you need to upload videos on it.

14. Online Jobs

There are number of jobs available on the internet paying high salaries. You just need to verify that these jobs are trustworthy and legal.

15. Become a Translator

If you’ve a strong grip on different languages then you can make bucks by selling your translation services online.

16. Transcription Jobs

Transcription is generally referred to write papers by listening or watching audios or videos. If you’re good in listening and watching then these types of jobs are waiting for you.

17. Be creative and Sell whatever you want

Etsy and Artfire are the websites available on the internet. These websites allow the people to sell whatever they want. You can also sell and earn on these sites.

18. Lend your voice

If you’re beautiful and insipiring voice then you should lend your voice in order to make handsome bucks.

19. Become a professional photographer

If you’ve a professional DSLR cameras then what are you waiting for? Numbers of websites are in search of fresh pictures and photos. You can sell your plagiarized free photos to websites and marketers online.

20. Fill surveys

If you think you’ve no professional and technical skills then no need to worry at all. You can also make money through internet by filling online paid surveys.

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Mark Napena
Mark Napena

Thanks to this article on How Work from Home and Make Money Online in Philippines work from Home and Make Money Online in Philippines Next thing is to make your arrangements, execute, and teach yourself.

Before long, you’ll win and have the capacity to spare cash for sometime later.