Australia is now considered one of the most sought after countries for OFWs to work and experience the life abroad. With more than 180, 000 Filipinos working in the country and earning an average of 673 Australian dollars per week or ₱88,000.00 pesos per month, Australia is surely the best countries to try your luck abroad. There are also no placement fees in this country along with New Zealand and you can actually get direct hiring for the job vacancy you chose. Also, some Filipinos are interested to work and study in Australia because of its innovative system of education.

So, what’s the catch?

Here are the successful steps to get hire if you’re one of the Filipinos who want to work abroad in Australia and take a leap to see what’s in store for them in the progressive country.

1. What are the popular jobs in Australia?

Agriculture and Horticulture Arborist
Automotive Trades Automotive Electrician
Motor Mechanics
Panel beater (auto denter)
Building Professions and Technicians Surveyor
Elevator Technician
Child Care Occupations Child Care Centre Manager
Construction Trades Bricklayer
Solid Plasterer
Roof Tiler
Wall and Floor Tiler
Engineer Electronic, Chemical, Civil, Cost, Design, Electrical, Field, Material, Mining, Structural, Estimator, Inspector
Food Trades Baker
Hair Dresser Hairdresser
Health Professions Sonographer

2. What are the requirements to be able to work in Australia?

The basic requirements that you should know if you’re interested to work in Australia are as follows;


A. Age – They accept applicants under 50 years of age.
B. English language – Most Australian employers require their applicants to have a sufficient and competent skills with the English language. Tests like International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are one of the exams they use to determine the English ability of these applicants.
C. Nominated Occupation – Your qualifications and experiences should also match your preferred job and this field should also be one of the jobs the Australian employers need to have in their country.
D. Skills Assessment – An Australian assessing authority will assess your skills and determine if these skills are legitimate enough to be listed as one of the fit applicant for the job vacancies in Australia.
E. Health Assessment – You will be asked to undergo various medical assessments to attest that you’re a healthy and fit applicant for the job. Most foreign employers, aside from Australia, are really strict with their health requirements since this will determine if the applicant can do long work hours and be productive in the field they chose to take.
F. Character Assessment – There will also be checking of any criminal record for any applicant to ensure there would be no issue or delay in the process of employment of an applicant in case he/she is chosen for a specific job position.
G. Applying for Visa to Australia – There are different types of work permit in Australia;

Skilled Nominated Visa
  • A type of permanent work visa is issued to those individuals who’ll have a big role in the improvement of the Australian economy, like State authority or Business.
  • Applicants fit for this type of visa should be sponsored by the employer.
Skilled Independent Visa
  • This work permit is issued to all hopeful who possess the necessary skills and qualifications required by for a specific occupation that has been listed under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  • This work permit do not require an employer to sponsor the employee in any way that makes this visa the best for people looking for immigrating to Australia.
457 (Temporary Business) Visa
  • A temporary work visa issued to those overseas workers who are sponsored by their employers. Workers can be issued visa up to 4 years.
Employer Nomination Scheme
  • A work visa issued to overseas workers who are sponsored by their employers. This is issued to increase competitiveness globally as well as filling up the skills shortages in different fields.
Working Holiday Visa
  • For individuals from age group of 18-30 that came from reciprocating countries to take up a short-term employment while vacationing in Australia.
  • The visa expires after 12 months and the candidate needs to undergo health assessment for his/her visa to be renewed.

3. How to get a direct hire from Australia?

Fortunately, becauseof the internet you can find legitimate websites online that offer direct hiring for all job vacancies in Australia. Some of these are Indeed, Apply Direct, and Work Abroad that’s also accredited by POEA.

Surely, Filipinos moving from Philippines to Australia goes to show how the manpower produced by our country is surely one of the trusted and well-known work force across the world.

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Good day to you all! 🙂 Can I apply for a job in Australia through the job portals you listed here even though I’m still here in the Philippines?
Thanks and more power to you all!


hi what is the process and requirement of direct hire to australia from saudi arabia I have job contract already.