Our Signature Maker is an online app that allows you to draw your hand signature with ease or simply type it in different cursive fonts, and finally download it in image format. Here’s how to use it –

Create Sign By Drawing:

  1. Visit the OFWMONEY Online Signature Maker tool page.
  2. Choose the option: Draw Signature.
  3. In the Draw color option, select Pen Color and Pad Color from the top.
  4. Now use your laptop’s mouse pad, external mouse, phone screen, or digital pen to draw your signature.
  5. If you end up messing up your signature the first time, use the Clear or Undo button to try again.
  6. After you’re done with the drawing part, use the Save as PNG, Save as JPG, or Save as SVG option to download your sign.

Create Sign By Typing:

  1. Choose the option: Type Signature.
  2. Now just type your name and choose the signature color.
  3. Select your favorite cursive font and download it.
  4. Feel free to add the signature design in desired documents.