60 Best Online Jobs to Make Legit Money from Home

If you are one of those people who want to work and earn money but do not want to leave home, or if you are currently jobless and strives to experience something new, online jobs are probably the best for you. Online jobs emerged with the continuous advancement of our current technology, making the possibility of you working from home came true.

Anyone can apply here, whether you are a student, seaman, leaving abroad or overseas workers, or whoever you are, you can go for it once you have seen the most suited job for you. Moreover, if you have no experience, it is also fine since many companies hire part-timers who are fitted for the kind of job they offer, and things like that can become an opportunity and experience for you.

There are also easy online jobs in the current market that are best paying, plus you need not worry about its legitimacy! But before elaborating on those jobs, let’s first have a quick rundown of the basic types of equipment you might need when starting your work-from-home.

7 Basic Types Of Equipment You Need To Start Your Work-from-home

  1. Desktop Computer – Having a laptop is a good thing, however, some companies prefer their employees working on a desktop computer. Opposite to everyone’s thinking that a high-quality computer is needed for work-at-home jobs, you can manage to stay in that job of yours as long as you have an average computer that can do the usual tasks.
  2. Good Internet Connection – Since you are applying for an ‘online’ job, a good internet connection is a must. There are times when your employers or customers would want you to check something, either a downloadable file or an online message, and to respond with that, you need a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can also use this to check the details or have further researches regarding the job you want to apply for.
  3. Noise-Cancelling Headset – There are certain jobs where you will need to take phone calls from your company or clients and to avoid unnecessary noise during your conversation, you will need a noise-canceling headset.
  4. Good Working Space – For better and comfier surroundings, you need to have your own working space. It can help you focus more on the given task to you since your pieces of equipment and paper works will be organized.
  5. Good Chair – A good chair is a partner of good working space. Surely, you wouldn’t want to have a working desk while sitting on the floor. So, grab the one which is convenient for you.
  6. 3-in-1 Print, Scan, and Fax Machine – There are times when you will need to print out a certain file before you can submit it, and having a 3-in-1 machine will save you from that trouble since you won’t need to step outside anymore.
  7. Quiet Working Space – After completing all of the types of the equipment stated above, you need to make sure that your working space will be quiet. One of the goals of your work-at-home is to feel like you are working in an office, so make your working space as cozy as possible.

If you are interested in applying for any online job to earn extra cash but do not have the equipment stated above, hurry and get one now.

60 Best Online Jobs to Make Legit Money this Year!

1. Affiliate Marketer

What It Pays: Your income as an affiliate marketer depends on the sales you can give to your company. Usually, you can earn around $300 a day. This figure varies according to your sales.

Qualification: You must become knowledgeable and trustworthy. Knowledgeable because you need to give information and details regarding the product or service you are promoting. Trustworthy because you need to gain the trust of your prospective clients. You need to be truthful and don’t say false details just for the sake of your income.

How to Get It: Since we are now in a digital age, all you need to do is to send an application online. There are lots of platforms offering affiliate marketing programs especially for students, overseas workers like a seaman, and terminated employees. One of the most popular affiliate marketing websites is Awin in United Kingdom. However, you need first to establish your audiences either on Facebook, YouTube, or other social networking platforms since they will conduct a background check if you are eligible to promote products and services.

Job Growth: The job growth for affiliate marketing is currently stable.

2. Animator

What It Pays: Probably, the salary of an animator is one of the highest-earning jobs in the world. The average income of an animator is around $5,764 per month. It may still vary depending on the agreement between you and the client.

Qualification: Diploma of Animator. In able to become an animator, you need to take either animation courses or degree programs. Besides, you need to have skills related to animation. These skills include creative thinking to produce quality content.

How to Get It: Apply on trusted websites or companies specializing in animation. Present your certifications and other documents. Then, once approved, you can start working and earning even you are at home.

Job Growth: The job growth for animating is currently stable.

3. App Developer

app developer best online jobs
What It Pays: The average salary of an app developer is around $25 per hour.

Qualification: Diploma of Software Developer, graduate, or undergraduate in Computer Science. Just like other jobs, it requires you to finish a course or program related to software or application development. Since your job is to create software programs, you need to have appropriate skills related to this such as creative thinking and knowledge of technology.

How to Get It: Once you already acquired certification or diploma in software development, you can now submit requirements to your desired company that offers remote work from home. Get ready for some interviews.

Job Growth: The job growth for app development is currently very strong.

4. 3D BIM Modeler

3d bim modeler best online jobs

What It Pays: The average income of a 3D BIM modeler is around $625 per month.

Qualification: You need to be a graduate in construction management courses or other related courses. Your main job is to design and draft 3D models of projects with the help of engineers and architects. With this, you need creativity.

How to Get It: You can find job opportunities online. Choose your desired job and comply with all the requirements. Wait for their approval and get ready to start your work-from-home job.

Job Growth: The job growth for 3D BIM modeling is currently stable.

5. Blogger

best online jobs via blogging

What It Pays: Your income as a blogger depends on the number of audiences you can gather. The average salary of bloggers is around $340 per month.

Qualification: This is a great job for people who don’t finish any college degree. There is no specific level of education and experience required. However, you need enough writing skills and expertise in your chosen niche.

How to Get It: First of all, you need to select the right platform for your blog. There’s a lot of platforms you can use like WordPress and Adobe Spark. The second is to choose the domain name and blog hosting you want. When we say domain name, it is the address that your audience needs to type in whenever they want to visit your site. While hosting provider is the service that puts your website content on the internet for public viewing. After these steps, you can now start blogging. Select your niche and make sure to provide quality content for your audience.

Job Growth: The job growth for blogging is currently very strong.

We have a step by step guide on how to start a blog.

6. Bookkeeper

bookkeeper best online jobs

What It Pays: Bookkeeping is one of the in-demand jobs for people who want to work at home. The average salary of a bookkeeper is around $27 per hour and still depends on the agreement between you and the client.

Qualification: You need to acquire certifications like Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accountancy, or Banking. Moreover, you can also have Certificate IV in Bookkeeping. Your main job is to analyze financial records, and assure that budgets, tax returns, and assets reach the company’s goal. Thus, you need an analytical thinking skill.

How to Get It: The best way to apply for a bookkeeping job is to inquire online. Search for legit websites or companies that offer bookkeeping jobs. Send an application form together with your certifications.

Job Growth: The job growth for bookkeeping is currently strong.

7. Business Analyst

business analyst best online jobs

What It Pays: The average income of a business analyst is around $850 per month. This is just an estimated value and may still depend on your agreement with the company or client.

Qualification: Preferably, you need to be a graduate or undergraduate in Business or Engineering degree. Your main task is to handle complex issues about the business of your company and provide prudent solutions through analyzing. In this way, you can enhance the workflow of the business. Therefore, you need skills such as verbal, written, solving problems, researching, and minimal knowledge about technology-based software such as MS Excel.

How to Get It: While we know that a business analyst usually works inside an office, there are now companies accepting work from a home business analyst. You need to apply and submit requirements either online or face-to-face but most probably online. Some companies conduct job interviews before hiring employees and so, prepare yourself for an interview. Wait for your approval.

Job Growth: The job growth for business analysis is currently very strong.

8. Autocad Technician / CAD Draughtsman

autocad technician best online jobs

What It Pays: The average salary of a CAD technician or operator is around $370.

Qualification: Before entering this field, make sure that you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Architecture. Your main job is to produce technical drawings to be used for building the actual plan. You are going to work with engineers and architects and you need to make sure that all the blueprints are 100% accurate and complete. That’s why you need skills in 2D and 3D drawings.

How to Get It: First, you need to search for job opportunities online. Choose from numerous choices of jobs related to CAD technician or operator. Submit your requirements and certifications. Finally, wait for them to respond.

Job Growth: The job growth for CAD technician/operator is currently stable.

9. Client Services Specialist

client services_specialist best online jobs

What It Pays: The average salary of a client services specialist is around $1000 per month. It may have differences according to your agreement with the company.

Qualification: Graduate of business or marketing course. Your main job is to lead a team in communicating with clients and to develop strong relationships with them. Moreover, you need to manage the sales team. Therefore, management and leadership skills are also important.

How to Get It: First, search companies or websites that offer client servicing. Make sure that your chosen company or website is a legitimate one. Send an application and present your certifications. Expect some interviews and if you are fortunate enough, you will be easily hired.

Job Growth: The job growth for client servicing is currently strong.

10. Clinical Research Coordinator

clinical research coordinator best online jobs 01

What It Pays: The average salary of a clinical research coordinator is around $1,000 per month. It is one of the top-earning jobs.

Qualification: Most companies will require you to have a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Research or other related courses. Your task is to oversee the daily operations of clinical trials and researches. Also, you need to attend symposiums to promote studies and researches. Hence, you need scientific skills and knowledge.

How to Get It: You need to look for available jobs online and I’m sure there’s a lot of opportunities these days. Submit your requirements and wait for their response.

Job Growth: The job growth for clinical research coordinator is currently very strong.

11. Consultant

consultant best online jobs

What It Pays: The average salary of a consultant is around $12,000 per month.

Qualification: Most companies will require you to have at least a Bachelor’s degree major in Accounting, Business, Finance, Marketing, or Management. You also need to have skills in analyzing and advising since your job is to give advice to your company and help them to improve the business workflow.

How to Get It: First, seek available jobs online and check if you meet their requirements. If yes, submit the needed requirements and wait for them to approve your application.

Job Growth: The job growth for a consultant is currently strong.

12. Customer Service Representative (Home-based Csr)

What It Pays: The average salary of a home-based customer service representative is $20 per hour. This figure is not fixed and depends on the agreement between you and the client.

Qualification: Certificate IV in Customer Engagement. Customer service representatives are the people responsible for rendering services and assistance to customers. You also need to answer their question and address their concerns. Thus, you need to be knowledgeable about your work and patience is the key. You also need strong English communication skills. Meanwhile, other companies require their customer service representatives to have a certification in customer engagement.

How to Get It: You need first to develop your skills in customer service by undergoing programs or courses. After acquiring the appropriate skills, you can now apply for a home-based customer service representative. Present your certifications and once accepted, you can start working and earning.

Job Growth: The job growth for home-based customer service representatives is currently very strong.

13. Data Entry Specialist

data entry specialist best online jobs

What It Pays: The average salary of a data entry specialist is $21 per hour. Sometimes, it depends on the workload you can finish within an hour or relies on the agreement between you and the client. Therefore, the more you work, the more you gain.

Qualification: Preferably, Certificate III in Business Administration. The main task of a data entry specialist is to manually input data and information to a database or spreadsheet. Moreover, it involves maintaining records and assuring the accuracy of every data. That’s why some companies require their employees to acquire proper education by taking courses or programs related to this. Besides, you need intermediate internet skills and good English communication skills.

How to Get It: When you think you are qualified enough for this job, start finding opportunities online and choose the company you want to work with. Submit all the requirements including your certification and wait for their approval.

Job Growth: The job growth for a data entry specialist is currently strong.

14. Digital Marketing Manager/Analyst

digital marketing manager best online jobs

What It Pays: Nowadays, most services are sold digitally by using technology. To have greater sales, companies seek help from marketing managers and analysts. The average income of a digital marketing manager or analyst is $25 per hour. It may vary according to your agreement with your client or boss.

Qualification: Diploma in Digital Marketing. The main task of a digital marketing manager or analyst is to manage and analyze the marketing strategies of the company. It is your job to coordinate with other analysts of the company to establish a strong marketing technique. To qualify, you need to be a wise thinker. While some people can easily enter this job, some companies may require you to have appropriate certifications related to digital marketing.

How to Get It: Apply on legitimate websites and companies online. Present your certifications and be ready for interviews. Once you got hired, you need to think of strategies on promoting products or services online.

Job Growth: The job growth for digital marketing manager/analyst is currently very strong.

15. E-Commerce Specialist

e-commerce specialist best online jobs

What It Pays: The average salary for an e-commerce specialist is around $700 per month. It is one of the highest paying home-based jobs. It may also differ according to what you have agreed with the client.

Qualification: You need to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in either Information Technology, Business Administration, or relevant business course. Your main job is to monitor the performance of an e-commerce business, manage the regular uploading of products or services online, responsible for product listings, and arrange promotions. Therefore, you need skills related to your work.

How to Get It: You need to apply for available jobs online. Submit all the needed requirements and wait for approval.

Job Growth: The job growth for e-commerce specialists is currently strong.

16. Editing And Proofreading

editing and proofreading best online jobs

What It Pays: You’ll get paid by around $17.81 per hour and $46,065 annually if you decided to be an editor or proofreader.

Qualifications: Editors and proofreaders are tasks to correct errors on written documents and enhance it to become more appropriate and comprehensible.T o become an editor or a proofreader, you will need a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism. Aside from that, you must have the skills to be one. These skills included excellent oral and written communication skills, knowledge with PC-based word processing and spreadsheet software, Adobe Acrobat Professional, and Adobe InDesign.

How To Get It: If you think you are already qualified to be an editor or proofreader, start hunting for jobs online. Home-based jobs are often advertised through social media platforms so I’m pretty sure you’ll find one in just multiple clicks.

Job Growth: The job growth for editing and proofreading is currently very strong.

17. Engineer

engineer best online Jobs

What It Pays: Engineering is known as one of the best paying jobs. However, with a home-based job, the salary is somehow lower. Home-based engineers are estimated to have $90,000 annually.

Qualifications: If you want to be an engineer, you will need a bachelor’s degree related to the field that you want to pursue civil engineering, mechanical engineering, etc. Home-based engineers often do only plans and designs. You must familiar with the digital world because you’ll be making plans and designs digitally.

How To Get It: If you’re already an experienced engineer, you can try being a freelance engineer. However, if you are just about to start your career, you’ll need to apply to various companies. You can find fob vacancies online.

Job Growth: The job growth for engineering is currently strong.

18. Event Planner

event planner best online jobs

What It Pays: An event planner makes around $44,539 to $53,734 annually. However, it still depends on the projects that you or you’re company receives.

Qualifications: If you want to pursue this career, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, public relations, or in any related fields. Other than that, you should possess great skills in event planning so you could find a job easily.

How To Get It: It is advisable to have past experiences that are related to event planning like apprenticeships or internships. If you’re already geared up, try sending emails to your best choices of companies, give them a glimpse of your experience, and let them see that you’re suited for the job..

Job Growth: The job growth for event planning is currently stable.

19. Film And Post Instructional Videos

film and post instcutional_videos best online jobs

What It Pays: Posting instructional videos and making films can earn around $56,566 a year. It depends on the number of videos you make and the total audiences that you achieve. If you’re making a video for a client, then the income will depend on your negotiated cost.

Qualifications: You can be an instructional video producer without a bachelor’s degree as long as you know about it. You need to have the skills in video shooting and editing, as well as coming up with creative content If you’ll be doing it alone, you need to have the right types of equipment to produce a video. If you’re with a team, you’ll need to pay everyone as well.

How To Get It: Aside from making a video yourself, you can join a team that makes an instructional video. You can serve as staff or editing assistant.

Job Growth: The job growth for film and post instructional videos is currently strong.

20. Grant Writer

grant writer best online jobs

What It Pays: Grant writers usually work a typing part-time job on a contractual basis depending on the number of proposals that you’ll do or on until the proposal was granted. Grant writers receive an average amount of annual income of $48,894.

Qualifications: You need to have a bachelor’s degree related to English or journalism. Grant writers write research proposals that indicate a request for fundings from different agencies. They may work for universities and organizations. You’ll need to have good skills in writing research to achieve grant proposals.

How To Get It: Aside from finding jobs online, you can join some grant writers associations. They may help you enhance your skills and find a high paying grant writing job.

Job Growth: The job growth for grant writing is currently very strong.

21. Graphic Designer

graphic designer best online jobs

What It Pays: Graphic designer’s annual income ranges from $40346 to $51893.

Qualifications: Being a graphic designer requires a bachelor’s degree in graphic designs, arts, or any degree that is quite related to this field. Graphic designers design and develop print and electronic media like magazines and commercial graphics. You need to be artistic and creative. Aside from that, you should have the ability to work independently and you should be able to meet deadlines.

How To Get It: You can apply for a job in some advertising agencies, design companies, and other businesses that hires design professionals. As we engage in the digital world, graphic designers are getting on demand. You can find lots of job vacancies online.

Job Growth: The job growth for graphic designing is currently stable.

22. Insurance Agent

insurance agent best online jobs

What It Pays: Insurance agents locate the insurance that a client needs, they earn around $35,420 to $39,535.

Qualifications: To be a successful insurance agent, you must possess good analytical and communication skills. Analytical skills will help you analyze the perfect insurance that the client needs and communication skills can help you in relationship building with the client. You won’t need a bachelor’s degree to be an insurance agent, but earning a degree might help you earn a higher position in a company.

How To Get It: You can start working in an insurance company office first to learn the available premiums that you can offer. If you’re an experienced agent, you can be a self-employed insurance agent, they have flexible time than employed agents.

Job Growth: The job growth for insurance agents is currently stable.

23. Internet Security Specialist

internet security specialist best online jobs

What It Pays: Internet security specialists earn around $72156 yearly.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, management information systems, or in similar fields. Internet security specialist helps in managing the security of the information for businesses and individuals and you need to have a lot of knowledge about computers and information systems to be a good specialist.

How To Get It: Internet security specialist’s job vacancies are available on social media, you can send them your resume and wait for their response. If you want to be hired easily, you can try getting a voluntary security certification, lots of aspiring internet security specialists have them.

Job Growth: The job growth for internet security specialists is currently very strong.

24. Lead Generation Specialist

lead generation specialist best online jobs

What It Pays: Lead Generation Specialist has an average salary of $39,989 yearly. It can still vary depending on the company’s rate for you.

Qualifications: You need to have a bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or another relevant field. Lead generation specialists are responsible for making strategies and implementing techniques that will help in attracting sales leads. You’ll need analytical and good interpersonal skills because you’ll be communicating with lots of people.

How To Get It: Lots of companies need lead generation specialists for raising new businesses. If you’re fit for the job then you can start applying on companies who lack lead generation specialists.

Job Growth: The job growth for lead generation specialist is currently stable.

25. Marketing Specialist

marketing specialist best online jobs

What It Pays: Early career Marketing specialists earn an average salary of $57,748 while those who already have experience can earn around $66,888 annually.

Qualifications: Being a marketing specialist, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, communication, or any related course. Marketing specialists need to have efficient knowledge about marketing, you’ll need 2-5 years of experience or you can try earning a master’s degree in marketing or communication. A marketing specialist is responsible for a company’s marketing activities. They should be able to make the business lucrative and achieve effective competitive positioning in the market that will support the sales lead generation.

How To Get It: Most of the manufacturing companies and service businesses need to have marketing specialists, start finding job vacancies from them. Once you find a good company for you, apply and be an aspiring marketing specialist.

Job Growth: The job growth for a marketing specialist is currently very strong.

26. Online Juror

online juror best online jobs

What It Pays: Online jurors get an income from cases. A case will take about 30 minutes and they pay online jurors about $20-$60 for the time they spent in listening and being a mock juror.

Qualifications: Online mock jurors need to have experienced as a law enforcement officer like lawyers or retired judges. Mock jurors accept cases online to help lawyers prepare for the on-going cases on the court or assess the type of in-person jury they need to have a favorable result for their client. As an online juror, you have the freedom to turn down cases that don’t interest you.

How To Get It: There are online job sites that hire online mock jurors. You can visit them one by one and find the best website you can apply to.

Job Growth: The job growth for an online juror is currently stable.

27. Online Teacher

online teacher best online jobs

What It Pays: An online teacher gives discussion through the internet, you can an average salary of $41,860 annually if you become one.

Qualifications: You’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree in education or in any related field of the subject that you’re about to teach. Those who have experience in teaching are sometimes prioritized. As a teacher, you need to have interpersonal skills and you need efficient knowledge about the Internet to deliver the lectures properly.

How To Get It: Online teachers are getting in demand as we all embrace digital technology. Aside from teaching online courses, English teachers are getting in demand for foreign students who wants to learn the English language. There are online job sites made for online teachers, you’ll probably get a job there in an instant.

Job Growth: The job growth for online teaching is currently very strong.

28. Patent Or Intellectual Property Lawyer

patent best online jobs

What It Pays: Lawyers are known as high paid individuals, those who specialize in Intellectual Properties earns an estimated salary of $128,452 annually.

Qualifications: You need a bachelor’s degree in any pre-law courses, must be a law school graduate and a licensed lawyer. You should possess critical, analytical, and problem thinking skills. IP lawyers are responsible for protecting the client’s ideas or products from being used by other people.

How To Get It: Aside from going from one company to another, you can try sending a resume to a company’s website showing your interest to apply in their company. They will send a response right away if they see that you’re qualified for a job.

Job Growth: The job growth for intellectual property lawyer is currently stable.

29. Peer-to-peer Lender

per to per lender best online jobs

What It Pays: Peer to peer lenders earns an average salary of $81,252 every year. Lenders earn from the interest in borrowing charges for late payment.

Qualifications: In peer to peer lending, all you need is a sum amount of money that you’re willing to lend and peers who need the money that can also pay in time.

How To Get It: If you have the money, start offering it to some of your relatives and friends. Other than that, you can use your social media accounts to find potential borrowers. Check their history so you’ll know if they are capable to pay. You can also join the lending partners group to have more potential clients.

Job Growth: The job growth for peer to peer lending is currently stable.

30. Philanthropy And Nonprofits

philanthropy best online jobs

What It Pays: Philanthropists can earn an average salary of $86,050 yearly.

Qualifications: You should have a bachelor’s degree in social science or from any related subject. Interpersonal skills are also needed because you’ll be dealing with other people. Philanthropists are known for donating their time or money to charitable causes.

How To Get It: You can start by some nonprofit experience or volunteering experiences first before you enter the philanthropy industry.

Job Growth: The job growth for philanthropist is currently stable.

31. Photographer/Videographer

photographer videographer best online jobs

What it Pays: This is one of the current trends wherein you will be paid for the photos or videos you took and edited. You need not worry about the equipment you will use since the quality of today’s phone cameras is astonishingly great. According to PayScale, a photographer can charge $25 per hour, while other online job sites and companies offer $419.08 to $733.39 per month. However, your skills are also a factor in pricing your finished product. Many would not like to purchase one if the price is higher than average yet the quality isn’t that good.

Qualification: You do not need to attain a specific level of education for this job. You just need to provide a sample of your portfolio, which can serve as proof for the client to trust your service. You also need to be creative and proficient in using editing software such as Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

How to Get It: You can sell the images or videos you shoot to online job sites like Foap.

Job Growth: The job growth for Photographers and Videographers is currently stable, and it is predicted that within the next 10 years, this will be included in the list of fast-paced professions.

32. PPC Specialist

ppc specialist best online jobs

What it Pays: A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Specialist is someone who is in charge of organizing and creating ads on social media apps and sites. They pay you for your skills in assessing, designing, strategizing, and advertising. The average pay for a PPC specialist is $25 per hour, according to PayScale. Meanwhile, some companies offer $648.17 per month ($7,778.01 per year), but of course, that depends on your skills.

Qualification: To qualify for this job, you need to have outstanding communication, assessment, and advertisement skills. You also need to have a substantial background in managing Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns to have a profound knowledge of making sales funnels.

How to Get It: If you are a newbie and want to learn more about being a PPC specialist, you can sign up on Seth Hyme’s free course on his online job site. There, you will learn the fundamentals and essentials which can help you to start working right away, even with a bounded experience.

Job Growth: The job growth for a PPC Specialist is currently constant.

33. Product Reviewer

product reviewer best online jobs

What it Pays: A product reviewer is someone who tries a new product, which isn’t yet released to the public by a marketing company or corporation. Some of the firms pay you with the product itself, but some other compensate you with money. Other product reviewers who gave feedback to the products they daily use reportedly earn between $20,000 and $95,000 per month.

Qualification: The best qualification requirement is experience and communication skills. You need to be an expert in giving your feedback, honest feedback to be exact and in a good manner for the companies and the consumers to be satisfied with you.

How to Get It: There are online job sites like Amazon Customer Reviews, Choice, Trustpilot, and TestFreaks, which accept product reviewer applications.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Product Reviewer is currently steady.

34. Project Manager

project manager best online jobs

What it Pays: A project manager is someone who oversees a project from start to its end, including the process details in it. He is the one who supervises and makes sure that the project will be finished in time and within the budget’s scope. His salary is ranging from $523.85 to $1676.31 per month and has a yearly income of almost $14,667.74.

Qualification: No specific level of education is required as long as you have an Engineering or Business degree, and is good with interacting people, particularly the contractors and sellers. You also need to have a good eye to the details.

How to Get It: You first need to have a project management certification and to get a hold of that, you need to undergo certain courses. Some of the best online management courses are Alison, Brain Sensei, Coursera, Master of Project Academy, and PMI. After acquiring a certificate, you can now create your resume and start applying.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Project Manager is currently strong.

35. Quality Analyst

quality analyst best online jobs

What it Pays: A quality analyst is someone who ensures that the product’s condition meets the standards of the company and would suffice the needs of the consumers. He is in charge of the processes in guaranteeing the good’s state, and his monthly salary is about $545.62 ($6,547.39 per year).

Qualification: No specific level of education is required, as long as you have a technical or business degree, well-versed on software QA methodologies, great at researching, and has good analytical skill.

How to Get It: Having a certification isn’t required but that is what some companies prefer. If you ever want to obtain one, you can apply for The American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Job Growth: The job growth for a Quality Analyst is currently persistent.

36. Realtor

realtor best online jobs

What it Pays: A realtor is someone who sells a home as long as he has his state’s real estate license, and is a member of the National Association of Real Estate Boards. He showcases the offered home to his potential buyers, either with or without his presence, by the use of technology. According to PayScale, the average income of a realtor is $54,332.

Qualification: You need to be 18 years of age and above, have a high-school diploma, have a certificate from online courses, and also a passer of the licensure examination to be a realtor.

How to Get It: Complete your certifications first from various online courses, so that you can have at least a brief overview of other essential things you need to know. Then, you can find a local real estate association near you to start building your career.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Realtor is currently unfluctuating.

37. Revit Modeler

revit modeler best online jobs

What it Pays: A Revit modeler is someone who creates the final sketches for construction and engineering purposes. He also acts as the coordinator of every project and has advanced knowledge in using Autodesk Revit. The majority of Revit Drafters have a monthly income ranging from $41,000 to $54,000.

Qualification: You need to have at least an Associate’s Degree in Computer Drafting and Design or Drafting Technology, has good communication skills in writing and verbally, and has a knowledge I demonstrating Revit, Navisworks, and AutoCAD.

How to Get It: Complete your certifications first from various online classes, so that you can have at least a brief overview of other essential things you need to know. Then, you can start applying on online job sites such as Indeed, which offers Revit Drafter jobs.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Revit Drafter is currently steadfast.

38. SEO Specialist

seo_specialist best online jobs

What it Pays: An SEO specialist is someone who analyzes and manages websites to improve or boost its ranking in overall results and be optimized. He has an average income of $533.23 per month and an approximate income of $6398.81 per year.

Qualification: He should be an expert in using web-based tools such as Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and more. He should also understand how Web optimization and search engine work to do his job more effectively, and also has experience in CSS, HTML, or WordPress.

How to Get It: Some companies require a degree in communications or marketing, while other companies only require you to prove your capabilities and show it to them. SEO specialists are currently in-demand to smaller companies who want to be at the top of the search engine to further boost their product’s performance and popularity.

Job Growth: The job growth for an SEO Specialist is currently stabilized.

39. Search Engine Evaluator

search engine evaluator best online jobs

What it Pays: If the SEO specialist’s job is to analyze what are the certain spices needed for a website to improve its overall ranking, a Search Engine Evaluator is the one who ranks different websites. He will be given a short term, then he will decide whether a certain website has appropriate content for that keyword, then ranking it on the position it deserves to provide a much convenient experience for the researchers. The average salary of a Search Engine Evaluator is $53,251 per year.

Qualification: You first need to have a college degree, expertise in the English language, awareness of the current trends, and is willing to work for about 10 hours per week.

How to Get It: After getting a hold of a college degree, you should pass the interview or test provided by online job sites like Lionbridge, iSoftStone, RaterLabs, Leapforce, and Appen.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Search Engine Evaluator is currently well-balanced.

40. Social Media Manager

social media manager best online jobs

What it Pays: A social media marketing specialist is someone who makes quality content as a strategy to appeal to various customers since social media now can reach thousands to millions of people. His average monthly salary is $314.37 to $796.40 per month, and an estimate of more than $4,610.76 per year.

Qualification: You first need to have at least one year of experience in marketing through social media, a Bachelor’s degree in, advertising, marketing, journalism, public relations, communications, or any related field.

How to Get It: After completing the requirements, you can now search for job openings on online job sites like HootSuite, CareerBuilder, and Indeed.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Social Media Manager is currently constant.

41. Software Engineer

software engineer best online jobs

What it Pays: A software engineer is some who creates software and applies the standards of development, maintenance, design, evaluation, and testing in it. He determines the information systems, operational feasibility, and software solutions of the products they make. The average salary of a software engineer is $109,858 per year.

Qualification: To qualify for this job, you only need to have a 2-year degree or certification in some cases. However, most of the companies and their employers prefer having a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, mathematics, computer science, or computer information systems.

How to Get It: After completing the qualification requirements, you can now apply and find job openings on online job sites that offer software engineering such as Indeed.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Software Engineer is currently stable.

42. Survey Taker

survey takers best online jobs

What it Pays: Survey takers are the people who take online surveys and answers honestly. The companies then pay them depending on the length of their answer and its impact or importance to other audiences. Their average income is $8 per hour.

Qualification: There is not much of a requirement to be a survey taker since anyone can do it, even teens. The one thing you need to have is any gadgets, either a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, as long as you can use it to answer the surveys.

How to Get It: If you are interested in this job, you can apply for online job sites such as Toluna, Pinecone Research, Survey Savvy, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Opinion Outpost, Mindspay, Global Test Market, and Inbox Dollars.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Survey Taker is currently steadfast.

43. Tax Preparer

tax preparer best online jobs

What it Pays: A tax preparer is someone who reviews income tax return forms for businesses or individuals, then asks the client for further information to complete his/her data requirements. He also computes the amount of taxes owed by the customer then adds fee depending on how complicated it is to prepare the form. His average salary is $43,225 per year.

Qualification: You can be a tax preparer despite having no experience and only has a high-school diploma. You do not need to worry anymore about acquiring higher degrees, however, you need to have some basic skills such as computation to pull off this job.

How to Get It: If you are interested in being a tax preparer, you can search for a job opening in online job sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder, and GlassDoor.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Tax Preparer is currently unfluctuating.

44. Technical Support Representative

technical support representative best online jobs

What it Pays: Technical Support Representatives work at a call center or their company’s department of information technology. They deal with problems and queries from the customers regarding the product they use. The average income of a technical support representative ranges from $38,275 to $54,103.

Qualification: You need to have a high-school diploma to be approved by some companies while the other companies prefer if their employee has an Associate’s degree in telecommunications, networking, or any other related field. Having skills in customer service, problem-solving, and communication can also be a factor.

How to Get It: After completing the requirements, you can search for a job opening on the net or apply in online job sites such as Indeed and CareerBuilder.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Technical Support Representative is currently consistent.

45. Telemarketer

telemarketer best online Jobs

What it Pays: A telemarketer is someone who communicates with the different customers through the phone to convince them to try a certain product. They are in charge of elaborating on the product’s details, including its price and likes. Moreover, they are also the one who processes the customer’s order and updates the customer’s database. Their average salary is $23,839 per year.

Qualification: No specific education attainment is required and you can be one even if you only have a high-school diploma and has no experience. However, the companies and employers want their employees to have grace under pressure, proper etiquette, patience, teamwork, and excellent communication skills to satisfy the customers.

How to Get It: After completing the requirements, you can be a telemarketer by applying to online job sites such as Indeed, Grabajob, CareerBuilder, and Discover Overpass.

Job Growth: The job growth for a Telemarketer is currently constant.

46. Telephone Nurse (Home-Based CSR)

telephone nurse best online jobs

What is Pays: It usually comes up to an average of $70,302 for the year according to the 2017 data of RegisteredNurse.org.

Qualification: It requires a nursing degree.

How to Get it: Check out the available jobs position related to this job that is suited for you in the medical firms like Medzilla.com, Judge.com, and MedicalJobsOnline.com

Job Growth: The job growth for home-based CSR telephone nurse is currently stable.

47. Transcriber/Transcriptionist

transcriber transcriptionis best online jobs

What is Pay: The average salary of a transcriptionist in around 27$ per hour and reaches for about the average of $53,243 on a year based on the ZipRecruiter report.

Qualification: It fits for people looking for a flexible job that requires none or little experience of working.

How to Get it: It usually works around on listening on audio and types what you hear which is kind of easy thing to do right? Some companies hire newbies and let you transcribe a college lecture to a doctor’s medical dictation. Expect that some companies allow you to hold your schedule

Job Growth: The job growth for transcriber or transcriptionist is currently stable.

48. Translators

translator best online jobs

What is Pays: Translators usually received an average salary of $29 per hour.

Qualification: The fluency to speak in English and native language if necessary. The ability to speak different languages s a big thing too.

How to Get it: You can find translator jobs in these following websites; JobsMarket.io, Gengo.com, OneHourTranslation.com, and Smartling.com.

Job Growth: The job growth for the translator is currently stable.

49. Video Producer/Editor

video producer editor best online jobs

What it Pays: According to ZipRecruiter, a video producer or editor usually gains 27$ per hour and it ranges to $45,000 to $50,000 for the annual salary.

Qualification: An extensive knowledge about cinematography, film production, photography and videography that has passion completing the whole project or job.

How to Get it: Most of the video editing and production job lurks in the site like Behance, LinkedIn, Simply Hired, and Mandy. Don’t never to provide your portfolio!

Job Growth: The job growth for video producers or editors is currently stable.

50. Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant best online jobs

What it Pays: According to the Payscale, the virtual assistant has an average salary of around $15 to 27$ per hour.

Qualification: It is the perfect job for people who are organized and can do multitasking.

How to Get it: Try to find freelance websites like Upwork.com, PeolplePerHour.com, and Flexjob.com to find some freelance jobs related to virtual assisting.

Job Growth: Job growth for a virtual assistant is currently stable.

51. Virtual Public Relations Representative

virtual public relations_representative best online jobs

What is Pays: Based on GlassDoor, a virtual public relations representative has an average salary of $44,836.

Qualification: Creativity is a must especially when it comes to the field of speaking, writing, IT, and kind of organized and innovative.

How to Get it: Look for public relations representative jobs that suit your skills on forms like the targetjobs.com, ziprcruiter.com, mymajors.com, and truity.com.

Job Growth: The job growth for virtual public relations representative is currently stable.

52. Virtual Recruiter

virtual recruiter best online jobs

What is Pays: Virtual recruiters usually earn $84,836 in a year based on ZipRecruiter.

Qualification: If you want to inquire about this project, having a previous recruitment experience is required. Having a degree in HR or communications would be advantageous. The ability to use MS office and proficiency in Google and Hangouts. And don’t forget that n virtual recruiting, professional appearance and being organized and able to do multitasking is very important.

How to Get it: You can get a virtual recruiter job on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and Betterteam.

Job Growth: The job growth for a virtual recruiter is currently stable.

53. Virtual Tutor

virtual tutor best online jobs

What is Pays: The GlassDoor states that the average salary of the virtual tutor is $14 to $25.

Qualification: This is the perfect job option for people who have pocket time for works and the most important is possessing extensive knowledge for a certain subject and fluency in speaking a foreign language.

How to Get it: Look for Tutor.com, Tutorzilla.com, and Tutorinng.SylvanLearning.com for good job offer related to online tutoring. Since you’ll face students or children, expect a background check before you’re hired.

Job Growth: The job growth for the virtual tutor is currently strong.

54. Voice Actor

voice actor best online jobs

What is Pays: Based on the ziprecruiter.com, voice actors usually earn $76,297 per year. However, it may still vary based on what you and your client’s agreement when it comes to payment.

Qualification: There’s no formal education required when you’re entering the voice acting field but the flexibility of your voice to change is a must. Nevertheless having a bachelor’s degree in acting is a big asset in entering the world of voice acting.

How to Get it: Voices.com is the best firm to look for job opportunities for voice acting. Try to look for jobs that would fit your voice skills and act.

Job Growth: The job growth for a voice actor is currently stable.

55. Web Content Manager/Editor

web content manager best online jobs

What it Pays: According to Payscale, the average salary of a web content manager or editor s around $55,000 to $60,000.

Qualification: A person must have a piece of great extensive knowledge and skills when it came to web designing, marketing skills, and innovation.

How to Get it: Try to look at firms like glassdoor.com and indeed.com.

Job Growth: The job growth for web content managers or editors is currently stable.

56. Website Developer

website developer best online jobs

What is Pays: Web developers usually gain $72,742 in a year according to thankful.com with the $36 to $60 income per hour.

Qualification: A person must have a piece of extensive knowledge and skills in website design.

How to Get it: You can dig some web developing jobs in simplyhired.com. But take note that you must provide your portfolio and code on GitHub.

Job Growth: The job growth for a website developer is currently stable.

57. Web Search Evaluator

web search evaluator best online jobs

What is Pays: Based on GlassDoor, Web search or Search Engine Evaluators received an average salary of 13$ per hour.

Qualification: It fits for the people that have good English speakers who are up to music and movies as well as the other culture.

How to Get it: The majority of the companies hire web search testers from Leapforce at Home and Appen Butler Hill. You’ll lose nothing if you give a try to inquire though.

Job Growth: The job growth for web search evaluator is currently stable.

58. Website Tester

technical support representative best online jobs

What it Pays: According to the UserTesting.com, it starts up with $10 per website test.

Qualification: It is a kind of perfect job for people who are detail-oriented and such a web-surfer.

How to Get it: Look for websites like Userlytics.com, UserTesting.com, and YouEye.com. Try to register to several companies that offer opportunities to test websites and once you’re in, they notified you when they need a tester for a certain website. Expect the test duration will last for 15 to 20 minutes and provide a microphone or webcam, which is typically built into laptops.

Job Growth: The job growth for website tester is currently stable.

59. Writing Gigs

writing gigs best online jobs

What is Pays: The standard or average salary within writing gigs is 24$ per hour. (Payscale) However, this average salary is not kept in line as it could change based on the client’s rate and the pay scale for the word count, interviewing an expert, research, and more. Being a freelance or online writer can be long term or short term depending on your schedule.

Qualification: An online writer requires the skills of creative writing or any journalistic skills with passion finishing content.

How to Get it: Try to look in the freelance writing market jobs offered on various websites like Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, and MediaBistro.com, etc. You can also ask your former colleagues if they know any freelance writing gig opportunities that fit you.

Job Growth: The job growth for writing gigs is currently stable.

60. Data Scientist

data scientist best online jobs

What it Pays: According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a data scientist is around $113,436 with an average of $57 per hour income.

Qualification: If you want to be hired in this job, you have to master all the skills required in able to be an expert in data science.

How to Get it: Go to LinkedIn to send a connection or GlassDoor to apply for data scientist positions. Beside, build a skill that you think is your core; you can build a small tutorial or demo and add it to your profile especially in LinkedIn and a link to your project section.

Job Growth: The job growth for a data scientist is currently very strong.

Freelancing Vs. Telecommuting Vs. Work from Home

Home-based jobs in the United Kingdom are classified into three types: Freelancing, Telecommuting, and Working from Home. These three are often mistaken as one another but they have specific differences. I will identify these differences for you so take note of these and start thinking about which job suits you.


Freelancing involves only a short-term contract with a client. It is a project-based job that can be done in a short period ranging from weeks to half a year.

This job suits those who want to have a flexible time. You can do the work anytime you want as long as you finish it on time. Freelancing can be done as an extra job despite having office works or while managing a business.


Telecommuting can also be known as teleworking. It involved working from a distance far from the central workplace, prohibiting the employee to commute and go to the office. Every employee still does work like how they do it in the workplace. The only difference is they don’t need a physical presence in the office.

It is suitable for employees who want to work from home with a long term contract and benefits. If Work-from-home bill will be approved to become a law, telecommuters will still receive rest periods during regular holidays and special non-working days, overtimes will also be acknowledge

Working from Home

Working from home involves a part-time or full-time contract to an employer. Like freelancing, you have a flexible time to do another work without worrying too much of your work-from-home job.

Working-from-home employees earn a regular income, unlike freelancers who earn from projects. This is probably much beneficial because you have a stable source of income.

Freelancing, Telecommuting, and Working from home differ from the range of periods that the contract provides. They also differ in the benefits that you can get. One thing is for sure if you want a home-based job or a suitable job for extra income, you need to settle from these three.

25 Top Website offers a legit way to work from home

While we’re stepping forward to adultery, many of us have concluded that being an adult is much like a midlife crisis as they see how other people make deal with adultery; lack of sleep, fast or no breakfast, jam with the traffic, work like a dog, skip breaks if the boss tells you to do this or that even it’s not your thing and wait for another day to come with the same routine.

Maybe it’s kind of related but if you will look in reality, this perspective has been shattered. Nowadays, there are lots of virtual job opportunities like freelancing grants you to an income to support yourself and earn extra cash even if you’re a student or no experience that can aid your needs in your study without leaving in your place.

best websites to find online jobs

Some wise, finding the best online jobs might be tough as there are a bunch of websites to offer the related jobs you like to inquire about. But don’t worry! We got you covered. We provided 25 best websites wherein you can surf for jobs that fit for you and saves your time digging up lots of sites just to find that job.

So, here you go, the 25 best sites to look for online jobs divided into specific categories;

Specific Remote Jobs

1. FlexJobs

This site has a wide variety of job categories that is compost of 50 ranging from freelance jobs to full-time jobs, even the entry-level to executives. The best thing that makes FlexJobs on top of the list is because they filter the jobs before they post it, which is a kind of relief for you that you don’t have to step on shady jobs being offered aren’t you? Today, the site holds 20,000 job listings consist of freelance, part-time and full-time opportunities!

2. Skip the Drive

Proving its eponymous mission with no layoffs, Skip the Drive provides great resources of authors to follow sites to help you check the best remote jobs for you that let you skip the shady morning of job commuting.

3. We Work Remotely

With the subtag with “Office not required,” and sponsored by Remote, a book made by 737Signals collaboration of founders, this is the site that sure to host the remote opportunities at the some of the hottest tech companies ranging from customer services to software engineering.

4. Working Nomads

Formerly known as goRemotely, it delivers a list of remote jobs in your inbox wherein you can choose daily or weekly emails to make your remote job search come to you!

5. Staff.com

Staff.com primarily focuses on contract jobs which are usually long-term telecommunicating jobs ranging from industries’ customer service to programming. The good thing here is you can choose to work 80 hours a month (part-time) or full-time with a duration of 160 hours a month.

6. Remotive

This site comes in the weekly newsletter for the remote workers as well as the job board that features job positions like Marketing, Engineering, Product, Sales, Support, and even Human Resources. They are growing fast as they recently polished their blog page and plans for an interactive remote community. Check it out!

7. Virtual Vocations

This site only features telecommunicating jobs from technical writers from paralegals on its job board. Besides, they also feature tips like how to take on a remote gig for the holiday season. It’s quite interesting that this site has started back when a mother was very frustrated finding a legitimate remote job, today the company is still under by a remote team.


8. PowerToFly

Even this site is new; it proves that it can give an efficient and fast service. It focused on giving women jobs in tech with the work-from-anywhere policy.

9. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is meant for web professionals. Click the “wireless logo” and filter the remote jobs depending on your taste. This is surprisingly so easy to use and expect decent jobs for developers and creators!

10. Dribble

This is the best site for graphic designers looking for another gig. Just click “remote/anywhere” and you’re on run to find your next opportunity!

11. AngelList

Are you looking for start-up jobs but you can’t find any good website to look for? Well, you have AngelList! It focuses on providing the best startup job that has a variety of categories to use that gives you a good time to pick what’s your today’s new job!

12. Stack Overflow

It has more than 2,000 tech jobs you can choose especially if you’re such a web developer.

13. Simplyhired

This is the website that is dedicated to Ruby developers. If you have watched Adda’s videos and you graduated from the Web Developer Blueprint, then it’s time to visit this website for your job opportunities!

Freelance and Contract

14. Freelancer

Freelancer is “The World’s Largest Outsourcing Marketplace.” It contains a chock of remote freelancing gigs for content writers, web designers and PHP developers in over 13 million users!

15. PeoplePerHour

UK-base company focuses on job offers from the top-tier former consultants with the short-term engagements for the high impact corporations.

16. Fiverr

With the jobs that start with $5 in pop, Fiverr is one of the most amazing places to search for your first gigs and you can build up your portfolio fast. It focuses on “micro-jobs” or “gigs” like article writing, SEO rank article titles, designing a Facebook ad, Photoshop editing, etc.

17. Guru

With this, Guru allows the freelancers to build their profiles together with their portfolios or works. Guru usually offers jobs in a wide range of roles from the WordPress.com to logo designers on its homepage.

18. Upwork

Upwork Inc. usually offers jobs that are related to virtual assistance to mobile app development.

19. Freelancermap

Consisting of thousand IT projects or jobs and always in contract, it is one of the best firms you can visit if you’re looking for contractual jobs online.

20. Toptal

Toptal is the site where Microsoft, Cisco, and Mozilla hire contract workers like programmers and designers. Today, there are 200K designers and 300K programmers that use Elance to get gigs or projects. Be one of them and grab the opportunity!


21. Indeed

This is one of the robust sites you can find on the internet, it pulls every data around the world and put them together for job searching. Most of the jobs provided came from the gamut.

22. The Muse

The Muse is one of the sites that offer a lot to you. Aside from its pretty interface, it has a flexible category to look for. Besides it also offers tips for your job searching which can help you a lot

23. Career Builder

This is the largest online employment website in the United States! In typing “telecommute” or “remote,” you can find more than 9,000 part-time and full-time contacts from the firm brands; Forever 21 Inc., Xerox, and Univision.

24. Idealist

If you’re looking for opportunities to work with your local like in public health or the economic development but you don’t want to uproot your peers or family, this is the best website for you.

25. Monster

From its name, Monster provides a plethora of remote jobs in its board wherein from customer service to remote sales representatives. We’re telling you to visit this site right now to know what it has that can surprise you.

That’s all folks! You’ve got the 25 sites to relieve your frustrations about finding a legitimate firm for legit jobs. So grab your today’s new project, work, and enjoy!

6 Essential Tools for Working from Home

Home-based jobs are more likely engaged in technology and as the world develops, our lives are slowly depending on it. When the pandemic came, work from the home setup is being suggested for telecommuting companies. It is much cheaper and somehow stress-free because you won’t have to deal with traffic and transportation expenses.
It may take you some time to adjust to this setup if you have no experience. There are lots of tools available online, but only a few of them work satisfactorily. Here are some of the best tools for you:

1. Slack

Slack is an online platform that allows individuals and teams to talk to each other online. It is a popular communication tool because aside from allowing the users to chat with each other, video calls and file sharing are also available which makes it very befitting for home-based workers who need effective communication with each other.

slack interface look

With a remote work-from-home setup, it’ll be quite hard for every employee to talk to each other or ask questions. This is why you need communication tools that will support your conversations with your workmates. Although you can use email, it has its limitations. Talking to a lot of people at the same time is quite hard to keep up with emails. Slack is one of the apps that break through these limitations. If you don’t find Slack cool, you can try using Google Hangouts Chat or Microsoft Teams. Both of them are also useful when it comes to communicating with others.

2. Zoom

Slack is a good communication tool, but what if you need to present in a virtual meeting? When it comes to meetings and presentations, zoom is the best online tool to use. It is very suitable for video conferences as it allows video recording, screen sharing, real-time chat, virtual background, and other touch-ups. It’s one of the best offers that you can get from an online tool and each of the offers is very useful for virtual meetings and presentations.

If conferences are important in your job, you should use a reliable face-time tool to achieve greater performance and Zoom is probably the best tool that will help you achieve this. Aside from Zoom, Skype is also a reliable online tool to use in virtual presentations, you can try this one if think Zoom is not cool enough.

3 Google Calendar

Time Management is another battle that you need to face when working from home. You can’t lose track of the deadlines and meetings, you can’t ever forget the events like work anniversaries and birthdays.

google calendar desktop interface

Google Calendar is a time management tool that is very suitable for these instances. It is a great calendar tool because you have the chance to coordinate with the schedule of your workmates. You can have shared calendars for meetings, events, and celebrations so no one will miss any dates.

4. GitHub

GitHub is needed as a work from home tool because it makes designs and developments for webs. This development tool keeps an eye on the changes that you make in your work or your teammate’s work. All of the activities made within the website or application is recorded. Other than that, it is also used for version controls and sometimes project management.

github desktop screenshot windows

Every company probably has a website or application that keeps track of everyone’s files and events. GitHub helps in keeping them updated and outdated files that you and your workmate’s do together. Chrome Dev Tools and Adobe Creative Cloud is another option for designs and development.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great editing and writing tool that you can depend on. It checks the spelling and grammar of your document and makes sure that every word is on point. Other than that, it modifies the tone and clarity of your work to make it more presentable.

grammarly screenshot desktop

Most of the home-based works require writing and editing skills. Remote works may involve editing blog posts and writing marketing messages. With Grammarly, your work will be surely made 100% accurate and presentable.

6. Google Drive

Working from home means you’ll need to save and share every document through media platforms, you can’t just print or save the document in a flash drive and pass it on the next table just like when you were in the office. Google Drive is the best tool that can help you in this matter.

google drive screenshot desktop

Google Drive allows a user to store up files and share it with another user. You can access files offline or even in a mobile device. It also allows you to secure the documents by setting different sharing permissions. Aside from googling drive, dropbox is also cool when it comes to securing files.

Using the right and best remote tools, you can achieve a stable and better visual performance.

4 Major Types of Scam Jobs and Job Scams Online

In this time people are getting desperate just to earn money. They can manage to scam people for their desires. Since work from home jobs are rampant nowadays, scammers also entered the digital world. To get rid of them and avoid being scammed, consider the following things:

  1. Look for contact details and information. Legitimate websites or companies have their contact details indicated on their “About” page. Commonly, it includes the company or CEO, phone number, address, and email. To ensure legitimacy, try contacting them and ask for details about their company or website.
  2. Don’t get attracted easily by those websites offering thousands of dollars for just a day or week while staying at home. There is no such word as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Verify this kind of website and conduct some background checking to assure legitimacy.
  3. Conduct a background check. Go to your internet browser and try searching the website’s name plus “scam”. If there are some reviews about this and tagging them as scammer, don’t hesitate to refuse their offer.
  4. Refrain from applying on websites with a registration fee. To avoid being scammed, don’t apply on websites requiring you to pay for the registration fee. Most trusted websites don’t have this. Meanwhile, most legitimate websites and platforms have merchant fees once you already earned income.

8 Best Ways to Protect Your Privacy While Job Hunting

These days, it’s quite different now how people search for available jobs. Works nowadays come in a manner of being done home-based which cleans the hassle of commuting around the town just to hunt a job that suits you.

8 Best Ways To Protect Your Privacy While Job Hunting

Yet, looking for available jobs online is like putting yourself on the edge once the precautionary measures aren’t considered. There are malicious or scams jobs or job sites around the internet that hooks your private information which might steal or sell your identity and worst, hacking or blackmailing is possible.
In able to avoid it, there are 8 effective tips on how you can save your privacy during job hunting;

1. Know the limits in giving your personal information

If a job site or a client wants to know your private data via digital forms or an email that you usually don’t share with others, something is wrong. Once this scenario happened, don’t give this information and get out of this site or client.

2. Beware of scams

In able to get rid of job scams, educate yourself about job scams. If you think that a job is legitimate, look for the employer or client’s social accounts being provided is genuine or run some background research about the client or recruiter before you click that job. Another clue whether it’s legit or scam is the offer if the client offers a job that requires easy efforts with a big deal is a scam, usually, they offer jobs with large deals like stuffing envelopes, craft assembly, data entry, money movement or wire transfers, shipping management, and home-based work gigs.

Emails are big clues too, scam emails aren’t well constructed as you’ll spot grammatical errors or any structure errors, delete this email. Also, never download any attachment given by this kind of email.

3. HTTP”s”

This is an effective way to know if the job site is a scam or not by a glance, by looking at the web address bar the link must have “s” at the end of the HTTP at the beginning of the web address. Bogus job sites or the jobs usually provide a web address with a shortened URL of bi.ly or ow.ly that leads you anywhere so the scammers can extract your information.

4. Keep your log

If you already found a job or position, it’s much better to delete the resume that you’ve posted on sites or job boards for information security. You should assure that there’s no data left for your privacy information fraud.

5. Secure your resume

Submitting your resume to several job offers is quite good like its more chances of winning a job. However, you should remember to ensure your privacy during the job hunt. To ensure this, be selective on where to post your resume is a safe characteristic, besides look for legitimate and reputable sites that have a private policy offer, read this carefully and look for “TRUSTe” or “BBBonline” seals.

6. Limit contact information

Every person tries to make better contact for the employer or client that they provide a lot of contact information that is highly dangerous for your privacy. Limit your contact information like having an email for job purposes is a good choice.

7. Limit your personal information on public social media

Exposing your private information is a big fish for identity thefts around that they could misuse it with bad intentions. One of the most important is never to post your true birthday on the job board or even in social media unless you’re completing a form from a government website. It doesn’t mean that they want your birthday, you’ll easily give it. If you don’t believe it, just wait for your time when identity fraud happens.

8. NEVER give provide your bank account, Social Security Number even the maiden name of your mother just to inquire about a “potential job”

If the theft has already got this following, he or she could already steal your identity easily by providing them the requirements they needed.

Maybe you’re asking why your mother’s maiden name is very important to keep, the majority of the accounts or even the credit cards use to ask your mother’s maiden name to confirm your identity. Once this was gained by these people, the game is over for you.

Finding a job online is hard, but dealing with scammers and identity thefts is devastating while you’re looking for your employment. But if you follow these eight tips, you’ll surely enjoy relief as you search jobs more secure and efficient.

Work From Home Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of job can I do from home?

There are lots of choices when it comes to home-based jobs. Examples are freelancing, blogging, drop shipping, digital marketing, online courses, coaching, and consulting, video and audio editing, coding, writing, home-based medical jobs, and other online jobs. You can refer to the abovementioned top and legitimate work from home jobs.

Do online jobs pay?

Definitely yes! You can easily get extra cash from these online job sites. The salary you can get varies depending on the job you have chosen. Most probably, if you choose some low-end jobs like virtual assisting, the average salary would be $17 per hour. Meanwhile, if you choose to work on high-end jobs like blogging, the average salary would be $40,000 per month

What companies hire work from home?

If you are still doubtful about work from home jobs, you can consider the following companies as they are the best among the rest in this industry.

Aetna VMWare
Cisco Wells Fargo
Dell Williams-Sonoma
Hilton Freelancer.com
JPMorgan Chase Upwork
Phillips Fiverr
Stryker Yonipp

What is the easiest online job?

I know you want a hassle-free job. Most people want to work in their comfort. If you think you are one of these types of people, here are the suggested easiest online job for you.

Freelance Writer Graphic Designer
Product Testers Website Builder
Data Entry Specialist eBook Publisher
Bookkeeper Online Tutor
Virtual Assistant Home-based Customer Service Representative
Blogger Survey Take

How companies benefit when employees work remotely?

Since many companies are promoting remote working because of the pandemic, work from home is a trend nowadays. But aside from the safety of both the employers and employees, there are also other benefits the company can get by letting their employees work remotely. It was found in a study that it can boost productivity, decrease turnovers, and lessen organizational expenses.

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Best Online Jobs From Home To Make Money


  • There are lots of opportunities or jobs offered online wherein you can earn money even you have no experience.
  • There are legitimate sites you can visit for job hunting.
  • Be aware of scammers online.
  • Check the legitimacy of the company before applying.
  • Work from home jobs is getting rampant nowadays.
  • Legit online jobs pay.
  • Work from home can boost the employer and employees.
  • Work from home can benefit companies.



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