How to Find Updated Navy Federal Routing Number

The Navy Federal routing number is used by Navy Federal Credit Union account members. Navy Federal Credit is a special credit union in the United States for all Department of Defense workers. Navy Federal Routing Number is a nine-digit code that indicates the bank or financial institution’s physical location.

You need a routing number to make operations like direct deposits and payments go more smoothly. The routing number is in the account section or at the bottom of a paper check.

How to Find Navy Federal Routing Number

Did you know that your Navy Federal routing number can be found by looking at your checking account? Your routing number is printed on all of your checks, to be precise.

So, if you have your checkbook with you right now, all you have to do is look at the check’s bottom left corner. The first nine-digit is your Navy Federal routing number. It’s also known as the Transit routing number or the ABA routing number. It’s right beside your account number. That is all there is to it. Get your checkbook the next time you need your routing number and are offline, and you’ll find it there.

You can locate your Navy Federal routing number on the company’s website as well as on the Navy Federal Credit Union app.

Navy Federal Credit Union by State

navy federal credit union routing number complete list

Navy Federal Credit Union Routing Number
State Routing Number
Alabama 256074974
Alaska 256074974
Arizona 256074974
Arkansas 256074974
California 256074974
Colorado 256074974
Connecticut 256074974
Delaware 256074974
District of Columbia 256074974
Florida 256074974
Georgia 256074974
Hawaii 256074974
Idaho 256074974
Illinois 256074974
Indiana 256074974
Iowa 256074974
Kansas 256074974
Kentucky 256074974
Louisiana 256074974
Maine 256074974
Maryland 256074974
Massachusetts 256074974
Michigan 256074974
Minnesota 256074974
Mississippi 256074974
Missouri 256074974
Montana 256074974
Nebraska 256074974
Nevada 256074974
New Hampshire 256074974
New Jersey 256074974
New Mexico 256074974
New York 256074974
North Carolina 256074974
North Dakota 256074974
Ohio 256074974
Oklahoma 256074974
Oregon 256074974
Pennsylvania 256074974
Rhode Island 256074974
South Carolina 256074974
South Dakota 256074974
Tennessee 256074974
Texas 256074974
Utah 256074974
Vermont 256074974
Virginia 256074974
Washington 256074974
West Virginia 256074974

Navy Federal App

Navy Federal has an app that allows you to access accounts, make payments, and more, straight from your phone. Best of all, it’s completely free!

The Navy Federal mobile app is easily accessible on Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. The credit union has redesigned its mobile app, which now includes shareable news, the opportunity to sign up for new products directly from the app, personal financial management tools, and a financial calendar that displays impending bills, payments, and transfers.

Javelin Strategy & Research presented Navy Federal Credit Union with a Javelin Mobile Banking Leader Award in the “App Ratings” category in 2016. Financial institutions with the highest aggregate ratings for their smartphone banking apps on both Google Play and the Apple App Store are classified in this way.

In online app stores, the credit union received an average of four out of five possible points, placing it among the top five of 30 U.S. retail financial institutions considered for the award based on deposit size.

Wire Transfers

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU), a prominent credit union in the United States with over 11 million members, also provides wire transfer services to its members. When using the Navy Federal Credit Union to make a wire transfer, there are some costs to consider.

Customers must pay a $25 fee for an international wire transfer, and the funds will arrive in 5 to 7 business days. For domestic transfers, customers must pay a $15 fee, and the funds will arrive in 1 to 2 days.

Required Information for International Transfers 

To ensure you have all the information you need, Navy Federal offers an international wire transfer checklist, which includes:

  • Your Name, account number, and mailing address
  • Name, address, account number and account type of the recipient
  • Name and SWIFT/BIC code of the recipient bank
  • The amount of the transfer and the reason for it
  • You may also wish to agree on who will pay the fees, particularly for fees charged by intermediate banks.

Required Information for Domestic Transfers 

Information required for domestic transfers include:

  • Your name, mailing address, and account number
  • Recipient’s name, mailing address, account number, and account type
  • Recipient’s financial institution’s name, mailing address, and routing number


How do you find your user ID for the Navy Federal Credit Union?

Your user ID is a seven-digit number that was assigned to you when you first created an account. You can find it at the top left corner of every statement (Savings, Checking, Credit Card, etc.).

What is a bank identification code Navy Federal?

A bank identification code identifies banks and financial institutions when performing international money transfers. This code will provide information such as the recipient’s account’s country, bank, and branch. The bank identification code for Navy Federal is NFCUUS33.

How many digits is a Navy Federal account number?

A Navy Federal account number is 10 digits long.

Are all Navy Federal routing numbers the same?

Navy Federal Credit Union uses a single Navy Federal routing number for all transactions. Other financial institutions with several branches in different states frequently use multiple routing numbers to identify the bank and its specific branch.

Executive Summary

The Navy Federal Financial Group is a financial service cooperative with over 7 million members. It ranks at number #1 on Forbes Magazine’s list of Best Banks. It offers both savings and checking accounts (some of which come with interest), as well as mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and other services. The company also has its own credit union, Navy Federal Credit Union. A Navy Federal routing number is an important part of your account information, and if you don’t have one yet, you can easily get one online or by calling 800-842-6328.

The Navy Federal routing number is 256074974. You can find the routing number for many financial institutions, including both national and regional banks in phone books or with your bank directly. Other times, there is a direct link to find these numbers on an institution’s website. If you are unable to locate it online, call customer service and ask them what their routing number is.

This information will help you when making deposits at other branches of Navy Federal as well as at other financial institutions. It may also come in handy if you want to set up automatic bill pay through Navy Federal but do not have its routing number available. If you need help finding out what your own personal account’s routing number is, contact Navy Federal by phone or visit one of its branches near you.



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