BDO Unibank is one of the leading, trusted universal banks nationwide. Offering a wide range of corporate, commercial, and retail banking services, they have been continuously innovating to provide you efficient and reliable services for your banking needs.

From cash management, credit card services, insurance, leasing and finance, loan and deposit products, remittance, retail banking, private banking, and trust banking – BDO Unibank has earned a reputable reputation as a full service universal bank.

All the more, BDO has emerged to be one of the banks with the largest distribution networks. It now has opening branches and 2,542 ATMs making it easily accessible. It even has a branch in Hongkong and 29 overseas remittance and representative offices across Asia, Europe, Middle East, and North America.

Withdrawal limit at ATM machines per day

Bank Transaction Limit
BDO ATM Withdrawal Max. amount per day: ₱50,000.00
Max. amount per single transaction: ₱10,000.00
Min. amount per single transaction: ₱200.00
BDO Point of Sale (POS) PIN-based transaction per day: ₱100,000.00
All BPI Debit card variants Max. amount per day: ₱20,000.00
Gold BPI Debit cards Max. amount per day: ₱50,000.00
Landbank Withdrawal (Aggregate ATM or POS cash out) ATM cash withdrawals here & overseas ₱30,000.00
Landbank Fund Transfer Fund transfer via ATM  ₱50,000.00
PNB Debit MasterCard Max. amount per day: ₱50,000.00
Min. amount per single transaction: ₱10,000.00
Unionbank EON and e-Wallet / VISA POS Withdrawal limit: ₱20,000.00
To request for an increase, you may visit your maintaining branch.
EastWest Bank Max. amount per day: ₱50,000.00
Max. amount per single transaction: ₱10,000.00
POS Purchase limit per day: ₱50,000.00
Metrobank Max. amount per single transaction: ₱30,000.00
Min. amount per single transaction: ₱10,000.00
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Max. amount per single transaction: ₱50,000.00
Single withrawal limit per transaction: ₱20,000.00
Maybank Max. amount per single transaction: ₱20,000.00
ChinaBank Max. amount per single transaction: ₱30,000.00
Citibank Max. amount per single transaction: ₱40,000.00
You may still withdraw up to : USD3,000
HSBC Premier Cash Withdrawal Limit, POS / Online Limit: ₱200,000.00
Transfer Limit Within Card,  accounts & Utility Bill: ₱120,000.00
HSBC Advance Cash Withdrawal Limit, POS / Online Limit: ₱100,000.00
Transfer Limit Within Card,  accounts & Utility Bill: ₱70,000.00
HSBC Classic Cash Withdrawal Limit, POS / Online Limit: ₱50,000.00
Transfer Limit Within Card,  accounts & Utility Bill: ₱25,000.00

That is why, without a doubt, when you think of a bank which you know can secure your hard-earned money and is accessible almost anywhere you go, BDO is one of the top choices.


Now, if you are considering to apply for a BDO account, this article is for you. Here, we provide every essential information you need to know about BDO including the initial deposit amount needed to open an account, daily maximum and minimum withdrawal limit for a peso savings account and also savings account in international currencies.

These include Dollar, Euro, Yuan, Yen, and a lot more. We also provide here the deposit and withdrawal limit for cash cards, as well as ATM charges. So, as a reference, we have made this table for you. We hope this would help.

Type of Account Minimum Initial Deposit Minimum

Withdrawal Limit

Maximum Withdrawal Limit
Peso Savings (Debit Card)
a. Passbook Savings
b. ATM savings
c. Junior Savers
d. Prime Savers
e. Optimum Savings
5,000.00 php
2,000.00 php
100.00 php
2,000.00 php
30,000.00 php
200.00 php per single transaction
(you are allowed to transact and withdraw up to 5 times per day)
50,000.00 php per day,
10,000.00 php per single transaction
International Savings
a. Australian Dollar Savings
b. Canadian Dollar Savings
c. Chinese Yuan Savings
d. Euro Savings
e. GBP Savings
f.  Hongkong Dollar
g. Singapore Savings
h. US Dollar Savings
i. Yen Savings
AUD 200.00
CAD 1,000.00
CNY 2,500.00
EUR 500.00
GBP 200.00
HKD 500.00
SGD 200.00
US 200.00
JPY 50,000.00
na na
Cash Card na 200.00 php 50,000.00 php per day,
25,000.00 php per transaction

So, based on this table, for a Peso savings account, the minimum initial deposit is different for each type. But with regard to the minimum withdrawal limit per day, each type of savings account has one and the same amount.  You can withdraw a minimum of 200 pesos on your BDO ATM. This is the same for cash cards.

On the other hand, the maximum withdrawal limit per day is also the same for each type of Peso savings account. You can withdraw a maximum of 50,000.00 php per day. And for every single withdrawal transaction, you are allowed to withdraw a maximum of 10,000 php. So, if you want to withdraw 50,000php in a single day, you would have to make 5 different transactions.  The same is true for cash cards. However, less is known about the limit for International atm. Now if you ever wish to know, it is advisable that you inquire on the customer service of BDO, either via e-mail or on any other branches near you. Rest assured that you’ll be given prompt assistance.

And lastly, if you are wondering about the ATM charge, here’s the data:

Transaction Fees
BDO ATM Inquiry and Withdrawal Free
Withdrawal Transaction at BancNet ATMs 11 php
Balance Inquiry at BancNet ATMs 2 php
Withdrawal at MasterCard, Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs US$ 3.50

By the way, opening a BDO account would cost you no other charges. You just have to deposit the initial deposit amount needed for you to be able to open one. Now, if you opt to withdraw and inquire at a BDO ATM, it is for free.

But if the withdrawal transaction is done at BancNet ATMs, the charge is 11 php, while the balance inquiry is worth 2php. However, if you withdraw at MasterCard, Cirrus and Visa Plus ATMs it would cost you US$ 3.50.

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Erwin Pangan
Erwin Pangan

If you have a $ Dollar Account in BDO, can you withdraw over the counter in $ also. For example, as an OFW, you have a $ 30,000 – can you withdraw it one time or is there a limit.

Chris Uy
Chris Uy

Is there a fee for over-the-counter withdrawal of Php 40,000 for a peso ATM savings account?

Antonio Abuy
Antonio Abuy

I open a US dollar account so I can put all my retirement and SSS benefit pay in my account that I recently open , but when ever I try to put the routing number to direct deposit, it does not recognize the routing number of your bank is there another number for direct deposit from my institution.