How to Find Updated America First Routing Number

America First Credit Union is the sole user of the America First Routing Number. The federal government forbids America First Credit Union, or AFCU, from collecting hefty service fees to its members. The federal government governs the credit union rather by the state in which it is located.

America First Credit Union uses a nine-digit account number, three digits, and a twenty-digit alpha-numeric combination. America First Credit Union and American First Credit Union are two different entities. The routing number for American First Credit Union is different.

What Are America First Routing Numbers Used For?

The routing number, or ABA, for America First Credit Union is 324377516.

All of your financial transactions are completed using the America First routing number. This means you’ll have to supply your routing number every time you handle money from your bank account. This is also true for credit unions like AFCU.

Many financial organizations and banks in the United States use a routing number to identify themselves. A routing number is a 9-digit number that is also known as a routing transit number. For ACH payments and wire transfers, the Routing Number is useful. A routing number can also be used to identify a financial institution. This will include the location, the name of the bank, and your account information.

When it comes to financial transactions like Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, tax filing, and utility payments, you’ll need a routing number. With those points in mind, you should see why knowing your routing number is so important.

america first credit union routing number and account number location in check

It can also be used for international money transfers, local wire transfers, electronic funds transfers, and ACH payment transactions, among other things. As a result, you must keep track of the America First routing numbers.

Finding Your America First Routing Number on A Check

It’s simple to find your America First routing number if you have a check available.

  1. Cheque the numbers for your America First account at the bottom of your check.
  2. At the bottom of the check, there will be three sets of digits.
  3. The first nine digits are the ACH routing number.
  4. The next set of digits is the bank account number, followed by the check number.

There are additional ways to find your America First routing number if you don’t have a check handy. There is only one routing number used by the credit union, which we have given on this page. One must not, however, take our word for it.

Your America First routing number can be found simply by scrolling down the credit union’s main page. You won’t need to log in to online banking like you would with other banks. You should double-check any routing number you see on any site for security reasons, which you can do if you go to the bank’s online banking site.

How to Find Your America First Routing Number Online?

The easiest way to find your routing number online is to go to the credit union’s online banking site. By scrolling down the bottom of the website, you will find the only America First routing number.

It’s critical to have the correct routing number whenever you wish to receive money or funds in your own bank account. You’ll need the correct routing number for wire transfers, ACH transfers, payments, and any other type of transaction.

If you enter this number incorrectly, the funds or transfers will not reach your account, and your payment will be rejected.


How Many Numbers Is an America First Account Number?

Most accounts contain eight to twelve digits. The number of digits in America First’s account numbers are not yet disclosed. Every routing number, on the other hand, has nine digits.

How Can I Find My Bank Account Number Online?

To view your accounts on your bank’s website, you’ll need a login. If you’re not sure where to go when you log in, you can download your bank statement, which should have it displayed.



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