If you are on a very busy schedule with regards on your appointments in a nine-to-five job, there is a potential possibility that you will forget or lose your Tax Identification Number.

Through countless moments of people forgetting their TINs, there are provided extensive services on what to do, information for replacement for lost.
TIN is used for tax purposes. This is one of the major requirements of financial institutions for certain purposes. For government institutions like the Land Transportation Office, they require it especially for applying for Professional Driver’s License.

In terms of stock market investing, this is also a requirement for stock brokers in order to invest in a stock. Also especially when you establish a business with proper permit, Tax Identification Number is required.

The BIR uses your TIN to document and file every tax you pay. Please take note that a person can only have one TIN.

The BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) in the Philippines strictly forbids having more than one TIN by taxpayers. So if ever you forgot or lost your tax ID number, you must not issue for a new one to avoid any discrepancies and conflicts in tax returns. Instead, you must recover and verify your TIN from the BIR in any offices around the country.

There are three methods to recover or get tax ID number/TIN number. These are as follows:

  1. Using your phone, you can call BIR Contact Center www.bir.gov.ph/index.php/contact-us/bir-trunkline.html or email them at contact_us@cctr.bir.gov.ph. A BIR representative will answer your call. Get ready to answer some few questions for identity verification. Please be polite upon talking to the BIR representative. BIR has strict rules on taxpayer confidentiality.
  2. Go to a nearest BIR Revenue District Office (RDO) where your TIN is currently registered and then file or submit your BIR Form 1905, together with the required documents to be attached (affidavit of loss for lost TIN Card and original TIN card for damaged card).
    • If you do not know where your BIR office is, ask your neighbors or friends. They would be glad of any assistance like”Where’s the BIR office? What is the location?”.
    • Remember to bring a valid ID (Government-issued ID’s or company ID/secondary ID).
    • And also bring any of your supplementary ID’s (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.) just for sure.
    • BIR may need these documents for identity verification. Remember, BIR has strict rules on their processes and to avoid identity theft.
  3. By verifying your TIN online, you can be able to find, verify and identify TIN number status. The BIR have a link for Online TIN Verification but it is not active at certain points. It may be active anytime so here’s the link of BIR so you can check it out.

Wrapping up

As of this date, BIR has no online retrieval or online recovery of TIN but there are existing online verifications for the TIN. Online recovery and lookup of TIN will truly speed-up the transactions, processing with regards to the blocking and recovering TIN can save a lot of manpower and money. Certain developments are not of the impossibility. We can give suggestions and support through BIR sites in relation to lost TIN recovery and verification.

To check the address and contact numbers of BIR different divisions, Regional offices, and Revenue District Offices, you may visit BIR directory at their website.

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Hi, is it possible for me to recover TIN Number of my sister? She forget her TIN Number and she needed it, unfortunately she’s in Canada.


So, there is no way we can retrieve our TIN ID through internet or Any online?


Hi! Can i/is it possible to change my signature in my tin id? Because i’m planning to change my signature. Or how do i change it? If possible. Thanks in advance!

Maylinda Catalan

Hi I was registered in Cebu but I lost my tin id here in Manila…Can I get a new one here?….Thank you…

May I ask if how can I get to know my TIN? I was employed before in a BPO company in Ilocos Norte. Now I got a new job here in Alabang, Muntinlupa City and they are asking my TIN for my pre employment requirements. Thank you for your responce.


Hi, how can I recover my tin number? I forgot and i needed it badly. I’m here in hongkong. What should i do? Should i go home (Philippines) and ask it directly from the bir office or is it possible that my mother or sister can get it for me. Pls Help. Thank you so much in advance

JC Fern

I do have an existing TIN ID but when I applied for my lost ID I was given a new ID


Hi, can i retrieve or verify my TIN online?

Gayzel Grace

Mai i ask ,
Can i recover my tin number in any branch of BIR,i regestired my tin in paranaque,now i’m here in olongapo.


pano ko po malalaman yung tin no? ko nakalimutan ko po kasi eh sa baguio ko po siya nakuwa nung 2011 papo.

Ellen Mendoza

Hello May I ask if its possible for me to get someone a TIN no. In absence of someone who is already in the US? Thank you.

kent Gabales

Hi there. I just wanna know on how to verify my own TIN number except for going to BIR office.? Thanks

Ma. Lalaine A. Madronio

Hi ask k lng if theres any ways para malaman ko yun tin nos. ko or any celphone number pra maverify k lng thanks

Jennifer Bero Aguilar

Good Day!
I am Jennifer Bero Aguilar I am longer unemployed..just want to know my TIN number.
Thank you..


Hi Geline, you can visit any BIR branch near you to verify your TIN, or you can check to your employer if your employed.