According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), CENOMAR, or better known as Certificate of No Marriage or No Record of Marriage or Certificate of Singleness, is a non-marriage certification that certifies that a person has not contracted in any marriage.

Why should I get a CENOMAR?

If you’re planning to work abroad and the job position requires applicants with single marital status, then you would need to apply for this certificate in order to signify that you are constricted to any marriage and have never been married. Also, if you’re planning to get married and you need to prove that you haven’t been in any marriage before, then you’ll need to get a CENOMAR.

What’s the fastest way to get a Copy of PSA CENOMAR?

Now, all of you must be wondering how to get CENOMAR fast? There’s no need for to wait in a long line for hours just to get this certification. Fortunately, the advancement of technology brought different branches of government to do online transactions for different certifications. Thus, online application of CENOMAR for Filipino Overseas or here in the country is the fastest way that you can do to apply for this certificate. You can apply through e-Census or through PSA Helpline.

How to Request PSA CENOMAR Online, Marriage Certificate

What are the requirements needed to get a CENOMAR?

First thing to do is Visit
1. Fill out the Application Form and provide information for the following and choose the ‘Click Here to Request Now’ button:

  • Number of copies requesting
    Name (maiden name if married female)
  • Sex
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Father’s name
  • Purpose of your request

2. After your application, you will be given a Batch Request Number and a Request Reference Number. A CENOMAR price costs around ₱415.00 per copy and it includes the processing, delivery and government taxes. All NSO CENOMAR online payments can be done through BDO Unibank and UnionBank.
3. Delivery of the document will be around 3-9 working days depending on the location.

Through PSA Helpline

Go to PSA Helpline website and click Order Now at then choose CENOMAR. After that you will need to provide as to where you’re going to use the CENOMAR certificate and provide the following information;

  • Name on Birth Certificate
  • Birth Details
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name

Do they accept walk in applicants?

Yes, PSA office accept walk in applicants. All you have to do is to provide the following;
1. Fill up the NSO CENOMAR form to avoid hassle and bring it straight to the counter that processes CENOMAR certificates.
2. To make sure about the CENOMAR price of the certification, bring at least ₱500.00 to ₱100.00.
3. If you’re going to fill out the application form in the PSA office, make sure to provide the necessary information as follows;

Complete name of the person

  • Complete name of the father
  • Complete maiden name of the mother
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Complete name and address of the requesting party
  • Number of copies needed
  • Purpose of the certification

Note that you’ll not get the CENOMAR certificate on the same day. Applicants need to wait for at least 4 days before they can get the certification.

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Hello, if you are a walk in applicant, does it mean after 4 days I need to get back at the PSA office to pick up my certificate or there is a delivery service courier offering there? 🙂


I am 23 years old. Will I need the notarized parent’s advice to obtain a CENOMAR here in Ho Chi Minh City?


I have claimed my Cenomar i think 3-4 weeks ago already but i lost it… Do i need to go through the same process upon requesting it again or theirs available copy of my Cenomar?

Stephen David Fox
Stephen David Fox

Hi, I am a UK and Australian Citizen that permanently lives in Papua New Guinea wishes to marry a Cebu / Philippine female citizen.

I was married to a PNG citizen woman but am now divorced 2 years after 4 years separated and have copy of divorced approved by the National Court of PNG.

Can you please advise the process I need to comply to allow marrying my fiance in Cebu.


Sherwin Espejo
Sherwin Espejo

Good day. I’m working in Singapore.
I applied cenomar on-line and asked a relative to pay in the Philippines. To retrieve it, do i have to personally get it or I can ask someone on my behalf?


can my parents process my cenomar? im in dubai and for some reason ecensus is not answering me

Lee colis
Lee colis

Hi, im working in saudi, can my friend process my cenomar in phils?


Im in Dubai now and my Boyfriend and I are planning to get married on our vacation next year. Possible po ba na makaorder ng CENOMAR and NSO thru psa helponline while we are in Dubai. Para pagkauwi namin, ready na ung mga requirements and konting preparasyon na lang ang gagawin The thing is, I would only get a 30 day vacation and we want our civil marriage be done quickly kase we’re planning to travel for our honeymoon..thank you in advance!


Hello! Can my fiancé claim my CENOMAR?

rosell melad
rosell melad

hi, im here in hongkong now and i need cenomar can you help me how to get cenomar from Philippines as soon as possible