Here’s the easy steps for a succesful BPI bank account statement application through online banking online. If you urgently need it for visa application, car-house loan, credit card, insurance, or as a requirement for going abroad. Banks like BPI, have made it easier for its regular customers to access their accounts through various online transactions and activities. Now, if you need a statement of account, all you have to do is process it online.

Understanding Statement of Account

A statement of account is a proof or document of transactions made over a period of time. Details may include the following;

  • Beginning total of unpaid invoices;
  • Invoice number, invoice date, and total amount of each invoice issued to the customer;
  • Credit number, credit date, and total amount of each miscellaneous credit issued to the customer;
  • Payment date and total amount of each payment received by the supplier; and
  • Net remaining balance of all transactions listed.

Easy Steps and Fastest Way to Get My BPI Bank Statement of Account

Through BPI Express online, you can now have a paperless method of monitoring your quarterly statements wherever and whenever you wish so. Also, you can now receive your statements online via email, which means you can just save these documents and have it printed any time it is needed.

Just take bear in mind that as of the moment, BPI is only providing online statement of accounts for these types of account, which means these are the ones who’ll be granted to receive and view their statement of account;

  • Savings Account
  • Credit Card Account
  • Investment Account

Now, all you need to do is visit BPI’s official website. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register through their site and you’ll receive an email to confirm your application for an online account. If you do have one, just log in your account and follow these steps;

If you have Savings Account;

1. Go to Other Services


a. Tick on the Services
b. Tick on the statement of Account

2. Now you are in the ATM Card Services – Statement of Account.

a. Choose the Saving Account Number.
b. Click: I prefer to view my deposit statements via BPI Express Online. By choosing this option, I understand that I will no longer receive my statements for this account via mail.
c. and Click Submit

3. Statement of Account Request Confirmation

a. Your request has just been transmitted and will be processed with seven (7) banking days.

If you have Credit Card Account;

  1. Go to Other Services
  2. Tick the Credit Card Services
  3. Then opt for Statement of Account.

And if you do have Investment of Account

  1. Go to Investments
  2. Choose Investment Account Services
  3. Then, Statement of Account and Transaction Advices.

No doubt, this innovative step of various banks will not only encourage its regular clients to invest and enjoy the perks of being a member of their bank, but it will also encourage others who doesn’t have an account yet to open one.
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carmelita roxas nicolas
carmelita roxas nicolas

Hi, I’m Carmelita Roxas Nicolas, may i request for a paper statement of account every month my account No. need every details of my transactions. Until now i haven’t received my copy of my SA.
Thank you.