Things you should know about buying a Mutual Fund. What is meant by Mutual Fund?
A mutual fund is basically a vehicle of investment which is composed of a funds’ pool; the funds are supposed to be collected from a number of investors for making investments in different securities like bonds, instruments for making money, stocks and other such type of assets. There are different managers of money who work for the operation of mutual funds; they invest the capital of funds and make attempt for producing the capital gains as well as the income for the investors of the funds.


Pros and cons of buying Mutual Funds in Philippines:
There can be a number of advantages of buying mutual funds in Philippines because of its current stock market position and other circumstances. Mutual funds are supposed to offer diversification, they are managed in a professional way, they have different varieties, and they offer reinvestment automatically as well as transparency. There can be a lot more of pros favoring the circumstances in Philippines. Some of the cons can be: they have some kind of hidden fees; they do not have guarantees, etc.

13 things that should be known about buying a Mutual Fund:

I. All of the mutual funds are supposed to have some of the expenses internally. These expenses are actually the fees that are associated with the funds that are running already. They are supposed to cover the expenses of accounting, trading and other such stuff. It is to be remembered that these fees come up from the return of the investors.

II. It is to be known that how the mutual funds are supposed to trade. Basically the mutual funds do not trade like a stock on the market. When an investor either buys or sells a fund, he can buy as well as sell this fund from the company of fund. Because of this methodology of trading, the actual time of buying and selling the fund becomes meaningless.

III. The mutual funds are not supposed to be taxed in the same way as the stocks. They are to be taxed on the basis of the way that the manager of trades funds all the securities inside the fund. If there is a manager of fund who sells a particular stock in the portfolio on the present day and gets a gain, then the tax that comes on the particular gain is to be passed to the shareholders.

IV. There must be some of the guidelines for investment that should be followed by the managers. By knowing that the manager of your fund is only able for investing in a specific stock type, it can be helpful for you to know about the thing in which you are supposed to be invested in; however, it can also be disadvantageous if that specific class of asset is in a trend that is going downwards.

V. The returns in mutual funding are such that they are fluctuating. In mutual funding, there is always such a possibility that the mutual fund’s value will be depreciated. While deciding about a specific fund to be bought, there is a need for researching the risks that are involved.

VI. There is very little control offered by the mutual funds. If somebody has chosen a mutual fund for investing in the money control, it is having a lot for coming to an end. Apart from the funds, while being unwilling for divulging all of the info, oftentimes they are not able for seeing since the trading on day to day basis is considered to be very vast.

VII. There is a lack of liquidity in mutual funds. Well, there are a number of mutual funds in variance in the world of investment; however, that does not always mean that they are considered to be liquid. With the mutual funds, the transactions are not supposed to be complete until a day of trading ends up.

VIII. No doubt that diversification is considered to be a key for making your investment successful; however, a number of investors of mutual funds can tend to something like over-diversification. The main idea of diversification is the reduction of the risks that are associated with single security.

IX. In the field of mutual funding, the advertisements of a number of funds that are considered to be misleading can give guidance to the investors to go on a wrong path.

X. There are such records of tracks that are audited with the mutual funds. There is a need by the company of mutual fund for maintaining the records of the tracks of performance.

XI. There are no guarantees in mutual funding and sometimes the investors have to face some panic in selling.

XII. There is offered transparency by the mutual funds. The holdings of mutual funds are supposed to be available publicly; it ensures that all of the investors are getting the output for what they pay.

XIII. There are fluctuations in the styles of investment in mutual funds.

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