RockAuto Business Model – How Does RockAuto Make Money?

Executive Summary is a trusted online resource for car parts and DIY repairs. This company is a family-owned and operated business and has been in the car parts business since 1999. is the go-to source for parts for do-it-yourselfers and professional mechanics alike. They are committed to providing you with the best prices, customer service, and product selection possible.

Rockauto has a catalog of more than 1.5 million parts and accessories from more than 300 manufacturers. This company sells its products to both consumers like you and also businesses and has a network of more than 130,000 auto technicians who use Rockauto parts to service vehicles.

What is

RockAuto is a US-based company that operates the website, which offers a wide range of vehicle parts and accessories for sale.

In 1999, the Taylor brothers (Jim and Tom) established the company. If you are living in the United Kingdom, Canada, the US, and other parts of the world, you can order car parts to be sent from RockAuto.

RockAuto’s catalog of the automobile, truck, motorcycle, and all-terrain vehicle components includes parts from over 200 different manufacturers. Every item sold by the company comes with a money-back guarantee good for 30 days.

In addition, you can get assistance with your purchases using the live chat tool that is available on RockAuto’s website.

RockAuto is a company that sells car parts, but it also provides you with other services, such as a database of repair manuals and a forum where you can interact with other users and exchange knowledge and queries. There have been so many magazines written about the company.

This company has two primary goals:

  1. Reveal the facts that have been kept concealed behind the wall at the car parts business.
  2. Make car parts cheaper (since they are an online-only business, they don’t have any retail locations, and most importantly, they don’t employ any salespeople).

They pass on the savings to our customers in the form of cheaper pricing, making it possible for vehicles of varying ages to remain dependable and enjoyable to drive.

RockAuto’s expansive product lineup includes everything from air filters and sparks plug to brake pads and timing belts and even all the spare parts your car needs.

For over 20 years, RockAuto’s business model has been providing customers with the best possible customer service. The company’s experienced technicians are available 24/7 to answer any questions and help resolve any problems. In addition, all RockAuto goods and services are backed up to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A Short History Of

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Tom and Jim Taylor, who are brothers, founded RockAuto in 1999. These brothers were very frustrated with the majority of auto parts businesses after having spent their early lives in Detroit and working in factories owned by both Chrysler and GM.

During the 1980s, a number of auto companies were shutting their doors, and many auto parts businesses were having trouble staying in business. After relocating to Wisconsin, Tom and Jim made the decision to start their first online auto parts company after failing to find satisfaction in their previous employment opportunities.

Tom and Jim had a strong interest in cars and saw a need in the market for an affordable online company that specialized in high-quality automobile parts.

Their passion for providing excellent customer service and their determination to provide a comprehensive inventory of parts at affordable rates led to the quick rise of RockAuto to the position of the leading retailer of automobile components and accessories.

RockAuto is one of the leading online sellers of car parts and accessories today, and the company serves millions of clients in the United States as well as other countries all over the globe. The Taylor family is still very much engaged in the day-to-day operations of the firm, which means that it will always be run by members of the family.

The tale of RockAuto’s past is one of hard labor and invention, with a strong emphasis on the company’s dedication to giving its clients the very best experience they can have.

RockAuto has established itself as a reliable supplier for automotive parts and accessories and has emerged as a market leader as a direct result of the vision and hard work of the Taylor family.

RockAuto makes the claim that it has over one million components in stock, but in reality, the firm relies on huge suppliers to actually keep products in a warehouse for it. RockAuto will track down the car parts you need and then arrange with the supplier to deliver those parts directly to you.

Today, rockauto is a multi-million dollar company and one of the leading online retailers of auto parts and accessories. This company has a team of over 300 employees and ships to customers in over 30 countries.

How Does make money? is an online store that sells solely online and specializes in vehicle parts and accessories. They have a full selection of parts available for cars of all types and makers.

Rockauto has created agreements with a huge number of different warehouse distributors and manufacturers in order to offer a varied selection of parts at low costs, despite the fact that they do not produce any of the parts themselves.

The selling of car parts contributes far more to their overall income than any other single source. They are entitled to a commission on each and every sale that they generate. In addition to this, a significant portion of their income comes from advertising. They provide space for advertising on their website as well as in their email newsletters for purchase.

The company sells parts and accessories for a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and ATVs.

Rockauto is an exceptionally profitable business. They have been in the car part selling business for more than two decades and have only reputable and reliable sources for automobile parts and accessories. Their inventory includes a wide range of parts and accessories. They are a publicly listed firm that enjoys significant financial success.

Rockauto is an excellent choice for you to consider if you are interested in purchasing automobile components or accessories. They provide a varied assortment of components for sale at reasonable rates. Funding, Revenue & Valuation

Rockauto is a company that allows you to order auto parts and accessories online.

Tom and Jim Taylor established the company in 1999, and it now has its headquarters in Madison, United States, which is located in the state of Wisconsin. Several investors, notably Kleiner Perkins and GV, have provided regular funding to Rockauto. The selling of automobile components and accessories is the primary source of income for Rockauto

In addition, the company offers a subscription service that allows customers to sign up to access special offers and discounts. The company’s website receives over 1.6 million unique visitors each month.

Who Owns

The founders of are Jim and Tom. These two brothers are together considered to be among the most successful businessmen in the whole globe. They have been in this car part selling business for more than 20 years and have acquired a significant amount of money.

Tom and Jim are two of the most humble and approachable individuals you will ever have the opportunity to meet. They have never refused service to a paying customer in my presence. They are willing to provide help whenever you need it.

If your car becomes faulty, you can rely on Tom and Jim to provide the necessary auto parts and get your car back on the road.


Where is Main RockAuto headquarters? based?

RockAuto Company, which is one of the most popular online companies that sell car parts, is located in Madison, Wisconsin, the United States.

Does RockAuto have a storefront?

In its most regular form, RockAuto is an online store. They do not own any warehouses or storefronts. Their business is mainly online, and they also use the same wholesale warehouse vendors as are utilized by Advances, O’Reilly’s, and Autozone. Since they do not have storefronts or salespeople, this excludes Rockauto from making payments, such as rental fees, salesperson’s monthly salary, and some other payments made by regular stores.

How can a company like sell parts for so much cheaper than other auto parts stores?

RockAuto is a comparatively small online business. They do not have any inventory, and there is no retail parts counter or warehouse either.

They only have an online shop that is of the highest caliber and is among the very best in the industry.

So, where do their car parts come from, and how do they manage to sell them at cheaper rates?

Their car parts come from reputable warehouse suppliers located all around the United States as well as in other nations.

Before RockAuto came along, these suppliers were successful in serving both independent retail and wholesale businesses, and they continued to do so even after the company was founded.

Rockauto is always able to sell car parts at cheaper rates by facilitating pricing competition among their warehouse distributors via maintaining a large inventory of Warehouse Distributors to fulfill their customers’ requests.

Getting a car part from a different warehouse distributor might be too complicated for you; therefore, the system that RockAuto uses takes care of everything automatically for you.

Because this is a consistent approach across all product lines, it results in highly favorable pricing for the end-user.

In addition, every Warehouse Distributor has car parts that have ceased to function and are no longer operating properly.

They are able to get rid of their dead car parts considerably more quickly and at a lower cost if they sell such items at significant discounts via RockAuto.

These discarded components are often sold at prices that are lower than the cost of wholesale purchase, making them an excellent value if you need them or anticipate using them in the near future.

RockAuto makes everything uncomplicated for the Ware Distributors. They provide items such as boxes, packaging filler, label printer, and a Computer for processing incoming orders, among other things. This computer is linked to both the Warehouse Distributor inventory system and the RockAuto system, which allows it to operate on its own. All that is required of the Warehouse Distributor is the provision of a select few people to pick up and pack the orders in preparation for collection.

RockAuto takes care of shipping arrangements, which includes providing a separate pallet for UPS. In exchange, the Warehouse Distributor receives a SIGNIFICANT increase in sales, which not only helps them purchase better but also helps them financially.

At the end of this chain, Rockauto ends up selling car parts cheaper than other auto parts sellers.

What Are the Benefits of Rockauto?

Rockauto is an online car parts retailer that offers replacement parts for cars and light trucks.

The company has a massive catalog of parts that are available for purchase with just a few clicks. In addition, Rockauto offers free shipping on all orders over $50 and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products.

They also have professionals who are available to help customers find the right parts for their vehicles. Additionally, Rockauto has a blog that provides helpful tips and advice for car owners.

Rockauto is a great resource for anyone who needs replacement car parts. The company’s massive inventory, free shipping, and satisfaction guarantee make it a great choice for anyone who needs car parts.

Is Rockauto a Good Company?

Rockauto is a good company because it offers a wide variety of car parts at great prices. It also has a good return policy and excellent customer service.

However, there are a few downsides. The website can be difficult to navigate, and the shipping times can be a bit slow. Overall, though, Rockauto is a great company that we highly recommend.



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