Senior Citizen ID Philippines: Discount & Benefits

According to Republic Act 9994, better known as the Expanded Senior Citizen Act of 2010, every senior citizen is entitled to a 20% discount.

Let’s say you decided to eat in a restaurant, how will you determine the exact amount of money that you should pay as a legitimate holder of a senior citizen card?

What is Senior Citizen ID in the Philippines?

The Senior citizen ID is an identity card that gives more freedom and ease to the elderly. They get added privileges such as discounts, tax exemptions, medical assistance, and financial aid. These are all to help them live well in society. Filipino citizens aged 60 and above can claim one from the OSCA or Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs.

What is an OSCA ID?

The only recognized Senior citizen ID card is the OSCA ID card. Some may think that any form of identification card that shows a person is elderly is enough.

Such is the case for senior citizen associations that issue cards for their peer groups.

But, the Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs is a government institution. As such it is the only legitimate body that can issue a card or document that proves a senior citizen’s

What is RA 9994?

Philippine laws have had different names throughout history. Laws were once called “Batas Pambansa”, “Presidential Decree” or simply “Act.” Today, we call Philippine Law a “Republic Act.” Republic Acts are laws and policies that carry out the implementing rules of the Constitution. As such, there are many Republic Acts relating to every aspect of civil society.

The Republic Act 9994, or RA 9994, is a law that provides added benefits and privileges to senior citizens. In other words, it is a senior citizen act implementing rules for the benefit of the elderly. The government aims to promote the welfare of every citizen of the country, even those of age. That said, RA 9994 is the law that created and legalized the implementation of the senior citizen card.

What age is a senior citizen in the Philippines?

According to RA 9994, “any resident citizen of the Philippines at least sixty (60) years old” is a senior citizen.

Ultimate Guide to get senior citizen ID in the Philippines

Before applying for a senior citizen ID, make sure that you meet these qualifications:

  1. You must be at least 60 years old.
  2. You must be a Filipino citizen.
  3. You must be a resident of your city for at least 6 months.

Once done checking your eligibility, here is a simple step by step guide to getting a senior citizen ID:

  1. Go to your local OSCA (Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs) and apply for a senior citizen ID.
    Note: It is advisable that you bring a companion to assist you with applying for a senior citizen ID.
  2. Fill out the application form and submit the requirements. These are according to the OSCA’s official website:
    1. Birth certificate;
    2. 4 pieces of 1″ x 1″ ID photograph and;
    3. A photocopy of any of the following documents:
    4. Voter’s ID (Comelec)
    5. Driver’s License
    6. NBI Clearance
    7. Police Clearance
    8. Old Residence Certificate
    9. Postal ID
  1. Any combination of identification documents confirming the applicant’s name, date of birth, and present address.
  2. The OSCA will process your application and will grant you your senior citizen ID. Processing time takes around 10-15 minutes.

Guide to Foreigner to get a Senior Citizen Card in the Philippines

Can Foreigner get a Senior Citizen Card in the Philippines, Yes! As of 2018, foreign senior citizens can enjoy the same perks and privileges as that Filipino senior citizens.

Lawmakers in the country saw their contribution to nation-building. Hence, they gave them their deserved attention. “They bring in considerable investments. They patronize local businesses. They contribute to the local economy, and in some cases take a role in nation-building,” they said.
As a result, lawmakers have passed the bill that would help foreign senior citizens enjoy the same senior citizen benefits as Filipinos. All the requirements that they need to submit are as follows:

  1. ID card issued by the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs in the place where they reside
  2. A Philippine Retirement Authority identification card;
  3. An Alien Certificate of Registration I-Card;
  4. And other documents establish that the resident alien is at least 60 years old and a Philippine resident.

How much is a senior citizen ID card?

You can get a senior citizen card in the Philippines for free. As explained, there is no fee to pay for applying for a senior citizen I.D. card.

What is the senior citizen monthly allowance?

There is a ₱500.00 per month, monthly allowance for indigent senior citizens. Indigent refers to a senior citizen with no reliable source of income. They have neither job nor a family to support them. Thus, they can receive a monthly allowance from the government.

What is the Senior Citizen’s Discount in Restaurants in the Philippines?

When dining out with your beloved lola or lolo, one may ask how the senior discount computation applies. For example, you are eating at a restaurant where it is not possible to order a separate set meal for them. These are restaurants that are usually not fast food where you order a bowl of rice and ulam for sharing.

For this scenario, this is the formula that you need to apply:
(Total Billing amount exclusive of VAT/ No. of customers) * 20% = Senior Citizen Discount.

Step 1: You divide the total billing amount exclusive of VAT by the number of customers. This includes both senior and non-senior citizens.
For example, you order ulam and rice all amounting to only ₱500.00 (VAT exclusive). This includes 4 people, 3 of which are non-senior citizens. Let us say this includes you, your mom, dad, and finally your lolo. ₱500.00 divided by 4 is 125. 125 pesos is the dis-countable price eligible for the 20% senior citizen discount.
Step 2: You multiply the amount you came up with by 20%
Multiply 125 by 0.20, which is 20% in decimal form, and you get ₱100.00. ₱100.00 is the amount your lolo has to pay for his share. This is his Senior Citizen Discount. But, after all, you wouldn’t want to do that right? You want to show your love and appreciation for him.

So you and your family would rather foot the bill than let your lolo pay for his own.

Hence, your total bill would be ₱100.00 less the Gross Billing Amount inclusive of VAT.

How to Compute for Senior Citizen Discount in the Philippines?

The formula would look like this:

Gross Bill Amount (VAT inclusive) – Senior Citizen Discount = Amount to be paid (Total Bill)

Again, going back to the above example, we have ₱100.00 for your lolo’s Senior Citizen Discount and ₱500.00 for total billing amount exclusive of VAT. To compute the ₱500.00 which is inclusive of VAT, simply multiply the net amount by 1.12 (because VAT is 12% added tax).

500 x 1.12 = 560

Now you have the gross bill amount VAT inclusive. Then, simply follow the formula to compute the total amount you need to pay.

560 – 100 = 460

₱460.00 is the total bill that you need to pay as a group. This includes the regular price a regular citizen has to pay. As well as the senior citizen discount that is added unto it.

Again, such is the case if it is not possible to order separate set meals and drinks for your lolo or lola. In which case, they process a separate bill only for them.

In case you don’t know how to compute the net amount that is exclusive of VAT, here is how you do it:

Step 1: Take the gross amount and divide it by 1.12.

Let’s say that the gross amount is 112. Again, take note that the Gross amount is the amount inclusive of VAT. The net amount is the amount exclusive of VAT.

Divide 112 by 1.12 and you will get 100.

Step 2: Subtract the gross amount inclusive of VAT to the net amount to get the value-added tax amount.

112 – 100 = 12

12 is 20% of 112 and is the VAT amount added to the net amount.

Make sure that the ‘total billing amount’ when using the formula above is already net of VAT. Otherwise, you will pay more and not take full advantage of the senior citizen privilege.

This is one of the main points of confusion for senior citizen discounts. It is because it accounts also non-senior paying citizens.

Keep in mind the formula given above for computing the discount in such scenarios.

To recap, to compute for the senior citizen discount, here are the steps:

Step 1: Compute for the net total billing amount exclusive of VAT.
The formula for computing the net amount exclusive of VAT is this. First, take the gross total billing amount and multiply it by 1.12. The formula would like this:
Gross billing amount x 1.12

For example, if the gross amount is 112, multiply 112 by 1.12

112 x 1.12 = 100

Net billing amount = 100

We use 1.12 as our multiplier since the VAT is at 12%.

Step 2: Multiply net amount exclusive of VAT by 20%
Take the net billing amount and multiply it by 0.20. Get the product.

100 x 0.20 = 80

So for an order of 112 pesos inclusive of VAT, the senior citizen discount for it would be 80 pesos. The total amount that the senior citizen has to pay is only 80 pesos. 112 minus 80 pesos is 32 pesos. 32 pesos is definitely a huge discount!

What are the requirements to avail of the 20% discount in the purchase of medicines as per DOH guidelines?

There are three things needed to avail of the 20% discount of medicines as per DOH guidelines.

  1. Senior Citizen card granted by the OSCA
  2. Purchase slip booklet approved by the OSCA
  3. Doctor’s prescription that contains the following information:
    • Patient’s name, age, address, and date
    • Name of the medicine prescribed, either generic or branded
    • Name and address of the doctor. It must also include his or her PTR number and S2 license if the drug is prohibited or regulated.

Some key information:

Those who cannot afford a doctor in practice may go to a health center or government hospital. They can get a prescription free of charge there.

The max limit of medicines for a single dispensing is only for one week. But, for chronic conditions (such as hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, TB, cancer, and psychosis) the max limit is only for a month’s supply.

One must record all senior citizen transactions in a record book provided under RA 7432. The details that one must record in the record book are as follows:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. National ID number of Senior Citizen
  4. Generic name of the drug/medicine
  5. Number of units given

Benefits that will make your life easier as a senior citizen

This guide is a summary of general benefits available to Senior Citizen.


  • 20% discount on medical-related privileges as patient (drug purchases, supplies, services, professional fees of physicians)
  • 20% discount on Transportation (Air and Sea, LRT, MRT)
  • 20% discount on Places of leisure activity and entertainment (Hotels, restaurants, theaters, cinemas)
  • 20% discount on Recreation centers (fees of sports facilities and equipment)
  • 20% discount on Funeral services (funeral and burial expenses)
  • Utilities discount of 5% relative to monthly use of water and electricity. This applies only if the meter is under the senior citizen’s name and does not exceed 100kWh and 30 m³.


  • Tax exemption
  • Exemption from VAT and individual income tax to minimum wage earners
  • Training fee exemption
  • Exemption from training fees of socio-economic programs and activities from government agencies. This includes DTI, DOLE, DA, TESDA and DOST-TRC.


  • Free medical and dental services
  • Free vaccinations


  • Social Pension for indigent senior citizens
  • Indigent senior citizens get ₱500.00 pesos monthly allowance
  • Mandatory PhilHealth coverage
  • PhilHealth covers all senior citizens with an added PhilHealth benefit. See added PhilHealth benefit below
  • Social Safety Net
  • Aid and help in case of economic or calamity disasters.
  • Death benefits
  • Government gives ₱2,000.00 death benefit. The relative who took care of the recently deceased senior citizen receives this.


  • Express lanes
  • Commercial and government establishments have special lanes for senior citizens. This is to aid them for faster transaction.
  • Educational privileges
  • Grants, scholarships subsidies for SCs who want to pursue further education.
  • Benefits and privileges for retirees
  • Continued aid by government agencies to retirees. This includes GSIS, SSS, and PAG-IBIG.
  • Privileges on special discounts in special programs.
    Take note of these when dealing with purchases.
  • Credit card payments
  • 20% discount and VAT exemption still applies to credit card purchases.
  • No double discounts
  • In case that the SC is also a person with disability, he or she can only use either his SC or PWD card to avail the discount.

Due to a memo issued by PhilHealth on November 2012, senior citizens can now enjoy more benefits. This benefit is an added PhilHealth benefit ON TOP of their SCD (Senior Citizen Discount). The PhilHealth benefit is a monetary deduction from hospital bill charges and professional fees. It also includes case rates and benefit packages.

For example, person A has a hospital bill of ₱10,000.00. Remove the 12% VAT and the net amount exclusive of VAT becomes 8,800 pesos. Next, minus the 20% discount from the net amount. ₱8,800.00 becomes ₱7,040.00 (20% of 8,800 is 1,760). Finally, the PhilHealth benefit is a monetary deduction on top of the SCD discount.

In this example, let us say that the PH benefit is ₱5,000.00. This would mean that on top of the computed SCD discount, ₱5,000.00 will be deducted. Hence, ₱7,040.00 – ₱5,000.00 = ₱2,040.00

Two thousand and forty pesos is the only amount the senior citizen has to pay for their hospital bill.

What is the death benefit assistance for senior citizens by the government?

The government gives a death benefit allowance of a minimum of ₱2,000.00 to SCs. The nearest surviving relative who took care of the SC receives this. But, if there is no nearest surviving relative, the benefactor or licensed foster family will do. The ₱2,000.00 allowance is subject to increase every two years due to inflation.

The person who receives this death benefit privilege is the beneficiary. The government assists the beneficiary with funeral and burial expenses such as:

  1. Casket or urn
  2. Embalming
  3. Cremation cost
  4. Related services such as:
  5. Viewing or wake cost
  6. Pick-up from morgue
  7. Transportation of body to intended burial site from place of origin

Senior Citizen Discount and Benefits in Caloocan City

In Caloocan, there are 55,000 citizens who can enjoy these benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • Free medical privileges as patient such as medicines, check-ups, flu vaccines.
  • Free medical equipment such as wheelchairs, prescription eyeglasses.
  • Free operations from vocational health professionals such as eye cataract operations.
  • Give away grocery store packs for birthday celebrators
  • Free movies every Monday at SM Sangandaan cinema. Valid within first three screenings only.

Senior Citizen Discount and Benefits in Cebu

Senior citizens in Cebu can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • ₱1,000.00 monthly financial assistance for a total of ₱12,000.00 per year.
  • Free movies every Monday and Tuesday and free parking.

Senior Citizen Discount and Benefits in Davao

Senior citizens in Davao can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • ₱5,000.00 financial aid for families of recently deceased Filipino elders.

Senior Citizen Benefits in Las Piñas

Senior citizens in Las Piñas can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • Up to hospitalization subsidy of ₱40,000.00
  • Free movies every Monday, Tuesday at Robinsons Las Piñas, SM Southmall, and Vista Mall cinemas

What are the senior citizen benefits in Marikina

Senior citizens in Marikina can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • ₱1,000.00 birthday cash gift
  • Free health care services: medical assistance and dental check-up, physical therapy, counseling etc. at the Senior Citizens Healthy Lifestyle Center.

Senior Citizen benefits in Mandaluyong

Senior citizens in Mandaluyong can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • AFree use of paid restrooms such as in malls

What are the senior citizen benefits in Muntinlupa

Senior citizens in Muntinlupa can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • Free parking
  • Free movies for up to four times monthly at SM Center Muntinlupa
  • Free medicines
  • Free medical assistance and dental services
  • ₱1,000.00 monthly allowance for SCs aged 90 and above.

Senior citizen benefits in Pasay

Senior citizens in Pasay can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • Free movies at SM Mall of Asia every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Annual ₱500.00 midyear cash assistance
  • ₱500.00 birthday cash gift
  • ₱500.00 Christmas bonus

Senior Citizen benefits in Valenzuela

Senior citizens in Valenzuela can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • Free parking in establishments
  • Free medicines for indigent SCs with hypertension, diabetes and arthritis.
  • Free medical screening

Senior Citizen benefits in Parañaque

Senior citizens in Parañaque can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • Free medical services, executive checkups and lab tests on their birth month
  • ₱500.00 birthday cash gift
  • ₱500.00 Christmas cash gift
  • Free movies every Monday, Tuesday at cinemas in Parañaque
  • ₱2,000.00 burial assistance to beneficiaries of deceased senior citizens

Senior Citizen benefits in Taguig

Around 7,000 Senior citizens in Taguig can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • Free maintenance medicines for hypertension, asthma and diabetes. They are also delivered straight to SC’s homes.
  • Free nursing services at home
  • Depending on age bracket, SCs receive cash gifts ranging from ₱3,000.00 to ₱5,000.00
  • Free eye check-ups and prescription glasses
  • Free wheelchairs and canes

Senior Citizen benefits in Pasig City

Senior citizens in Pasig can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • ₱2,000.00 Christmas cash gift.
  • Free movies at Robinsons Movie World cinemas in Pasig.
  • Birthday cakes.
  • Free hospitalization at the Pasay City General Hospital.
  • Free prescription medicines at the Pasay City General Hospital.
  • Free anti-pneumonia and anti-flu vaccines.

Senior Citizen benefits in Manila

Around 145,000+ senior citizens in Manila can avail of the following benefits:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • Free movies every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at any Manila cinema
  • ₱500.00 birthday cash gift
  • Free maintenance medicines worth ₱3,000.00 monthly. These are for chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, cough, and colds.
  • Free medical services and lab tests. These include physical exams, endoscopy, and cardiac stress test. SCs can avail of these perks in any hospital or healthcare facility in Manila.
  • Vehicle exemption color-coding whether as drivers or passengers in Manila

Senior Citizen benefits in Quezon City

Senior citizens that live in Quezon City are fortunate. This is because they have more benefits than the average senior citizen. For example, they give added benefits to centenarians besides the mandatory P100,000 centenarian gift. Thus, senior citizens in Quezon city can avail of the following benefits:

Benefits for regular senior citizens (not have reached 100 years old)

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • Added 18% discount on medical and dental services two weeks before SC’s birthday. This is on top of VAT exemption and a 20% discount.
  • Free movie admission every Monday and Tuesday for up to two films. This adds up to a total of 240 movies a year.
  • Transfer tax exemption when selling house and lot of SC.
  • Funding from government and LGUs for proposed senior citizen projects by SC associations.
  • Free parking in commercial establishments
  • Free use of pay restrooms

Benefits for centenarians (have reached 100 years old)

  • ₱1,000.00 bithday cash gift every succeeding birthday after the 100th
  • ₱1,000.00 Christmas cash gift
  • ₱1,000.00 monthly allowance

Senior Citizen benefits in Makati

Senior citizens that live in Makati are truly the most fortunate. This is because they have the best benefits than the average senior citizen. Makati has always been known to be a progressive and established city. Thus, its treatments to its citizens, whether senior citizens or otherwise, strive to reflect that excellence.
Senior citizens in Makati city can apply for a BLU card to avail the added following benefits. In total, these are the benefits for a senior citizen in Makati who has a BLU card:

  • All senior citizen benefits mentioned above
  • A one-time ₱100,000.00 cash gift on top of the mandatory ₱100,000.00 gift for centenarians. This makes a total of ₱200,000.00 cash gifts received.
  • Annual cash gift from ₱3,000.00 to ₱5,000.00 depending on age bracket
  • Unlimited free movies in any cinema in any mall in Makati. This includes Greenbelt, Glorietta, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Century Mall and Cash n Carry.
  • Birthday cakes and Golden Anniversary cakes
  • Free medicines and subsidized healthcare services
  • Vehicle exemption color coding in Makati, whether as driver or passenger
  • Free Lakbay Saya leisure activity tours (free food and accommodation for provincial tours).
  • Free admission to cultural and theatrical presentations.

Senior Citizen’s Rights or Privileges You Probably Didn’t Know About

The common knowledge of the senior citizen law is that the elderly get a discount on what they buy. This is the usual elderly advice that we give. But, the law has had a lot of amendments since then and with it comes more benefits. Don’t miss out on the other senior citizen’s rights or privileges your lolo or lola may be missing due to lack of info and communication. Here are the top senior citizen’s rights you may now know about:

  • PhilHealth Benefits for Senior Citizen are mandatory
  • Senior Citizen law is applicable nationwide
  • Check the added perks your city or municipality has
  • Filipino elders can still avail the discount without having their SC ID.
  • An authorized representative can claim the 20% discount on their elder’s behalf. Provided that the representative has an authorization letter to purchase medicine on behalf of the SC
  • Only one discount is allowed for senior citizens.
  • Senior Citizen can claim 5% discount on utilities.
  • Internet Service Senior discount applies to telco companies like Globe, Skycable, etc.
  • Filipino elders can have 5% discount on certain grocery store items.
  • Seniors get 20% discount when booking ride-hailing services.
  • Senior citizens have a discount domestic flights booked online
  • Vehicle exemption color coding
  • Given priority in queues
  • Centenary gift
  • Indigent SCs have a monthly allowance
  • Foreign senior citizens can enjoy the same privileges as locals

DSWD Social Pension – How to Apply Step-by-Step

What are the DSWD social pension requirements?

The DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) helps the elderly by giving them a monthly social pension for indigent senior citizens. Senior citizens who are eligible for the DSWD social pension should have the following DWSD social pension requirements:

  • At least 60 years of age and above
  • Don’t receive any govt pension from either SSS or GSIS
  • Don’t receive any govt pension from the Government Service Insurance System

Once these criteria have been met, the qualified senior citizen should bring with them these two important documents:

  • Senior citizen ID is given by the OSCA
  • Certificate of indigency obtained from their respective barangay

Applicants will submit these documents to the DSWD. Then, a licensed social worker will assess their application for final approval. Afterward, the DSWD places these new applicants on a waiting list. This waiting list is due to the number of existing indigent senior citizens already under the social pension plan. It is only when someone is removed from the waiting list for either or some other reason can these new applicants be included.

Full list of Senior Citizen Discounts and VAT Exemptions

This list includes all things where the SC discount and VAT exemption apply:

  • Medicines
  • Generic and branded medicines, vitamins or supplements
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • All equipment necessary for SC to function well e.g. eyeglasses, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Medical assistance and dental services in private or public facilities
  • All tests to achieve a proper diagnosis such as x-ray, endoscopy, etc.
  • Professional fees of physicians or health workers
  • If it is a public facility, it is usually free for senior citizens. If it is private, a discount is further added on top of the SC discount. This is mandated by institutions like PhilHealth.
  • Domestic air and sea travel fares
  • Public land transportation fares
  • All Philippine public transportation such as jeepneys, taxis, LRT, MRT, etc.
  • Hotels
  • Accommodation and amenities of any hotel or resort
  • Restaurants
  • Food, beverages and other consumables. See answer to question nine.
  • Recreation centers
  • Rental fees of sports facilities such as gyms, courts, studios, etc.
  • Places of leisure activity
  • Cinemas, parks, museums, theaters and auditoriums.
  • Funeral and burial services
  • Hospital morgue service, embalming, cremation, casket, urn, etc.

Department of Trade and Industry FAQs on the 5% Senior Citizen Discount

What is the 5% DTI Senior Citizen discount?
One may ask, “Can a senior citizen have the 20% discount on their grocery store bill?” Unfortunately, no. But, the 5% DTI special discount is where this comes into play
The 5% DTI Senior Citizen discount is a special privilege given to senior citizens. It gives them more protection from rising consumer goods by giving them discounted prices on selected food items, goods and commodities.

Who should give the 5% DTI discount to senior citizens as obliged by law?

Corporate, partnership or sole-proprietor-owned supermarkets.
Grocery stores
 Convenience or mini-convenience stores

Do sari-sari stores, wet markets, “talipapa” and cooperative stores give the 5% discount?
No. These are all exempted from giving the 5% DTI discount. This is because the DTI recognizes them as only engaging in small-scale retailing.

But, a grocery store that is inside a wet market is obliged to give a 5% discount.
What are the specific products that are subject to the 5% discount as per DTI guidelines?

  1. canned sardines
  2. tuna
  3. evaporated filled milk(e.g. Alaska, Alpine, Carnation, Liberty, Evaporated Creamer, and Angel)
  4. condensed filled milk (e.g. Alaska, Carnation, Liberty, Condensed Creamer and Milkmaid)
  5. powdered milk (e.g. Alaska, Bear Brand; and Nido Full Cream)
  6. coffee
  7. bread
  8. white & brown sugar
  9. cooking oil
  10. instant noodles
  11. luncheon meat
  12. meatloaf
  13. corned beef
  14. ready-to-cook (meaning processed) pork, beef, and chicken whether frozen/refrigerated/preserved
  15. powdered, liquid, bar laundry, and detergent soap.

Other milk products not listed above but prescribed by doctors to SCs are considered medicine. Hence, these are subject to the 20% discount and VAT exemption. But, if these said milk products are purchased without a prescription and within the grocery store, SCs will not be able to avail of the discount.

This is the basic info that you need to know about the 5% DTI discount. For more info, you can check this link for other FAQs left unanswered.

Can I avail elderly perks without presenting my senior citizen ID?

Yes. You can avail of the SC discount and its perks without presenting your senior citizen ID.

There have been some cases where establishments have denied senior citizens the discount. The reason is only that they forgot their ID. If this is the case, as stated in the law, they are in the wrong and can be penalized or even imprisoned for it.

This is because Section 4 of RA 9994 states that the senior citizen “may submit as proof of his/her entitled thereto any of the following” valid identification documents to avail the SC privilege. In other words, it says in RA 9994 that it permits other valid documents to avail the SC discount. The senior citizen ID issued by the OSCA is only but one of the valid ID documents. Usually, the OSCA senior citizen ID is the main basis of establishments to grant the discount. But, they must be aware that there are other valid documents too even if Filipino elders forget their OSCA SC ID.
Other valid documents besides the OSCA senior citizen ID are:

  • Philippines Passport of senior citizen
  • Driver’s License
  • Voters ID
  • PRC card
  • Postal ID

What is the senior citizen act for Foreigners?

The senior citizen act for foreigners is a senate bill that was passed last May 11, 2018, Senate S.B. No. 2832. It seeks to include foreign senior citizens along with the privileges that SC locals enjoy. This is because the government sees them as also being a part senate of nation-building. Despite them being aliens, they can now enjoy local SC privileges through this act.

For the foreigner senior citizen discount to avail the discount and privileges, he or she needs these requirements:

  • OSCA I.D (Office of Senior Citizen Affairs)
  • Philippine Retirement Authority identification card
  • Alien Certificate of registration
  • Other documents that establish he/she is 60 years of age and a resident of the Philippines

How to Renew Philippine Passport for Senior Citizen?

Senior citizens do not need to set up an online appointment with the DFA to renew their passports. All they need to do is walk in at any DFA and they will be given a special express lane. They call it the DFA passport renewal requirements courtesy lane.
Senior citizens only need to bring the following to renew their passport:

  1. Senior citizen ID issued by the OSCA
  2. Old passport

From there, the DFA will process their application. They would only need to take their updated photos and details. Processing time for the renewal of their passport would take 45 minutes to an hour.

Complete Guide to NBI Clearance for senior citizens

For senior citizens seeking to return to employment, they may need to get an NBI clearance. Here are the steps.

Before applying for an NBI clearance, make sure that you have two of any of the following valid IDs:

  1. Philippine Passport
  2. Voter’s ID
  3. Driver’s License
  4. PRC License
  5. SSS ID
  7. School ID
  8. Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID
  9. Philhealth ID
  10. Alien Certificate of Registration
  11. Senior Citizen
  12. Previous Copy of NBI Clearance
  13. Postal ID

Step 1: Online registration
To apply for an NBI clearance online, you need to register at
You will see a box that says REGISTER. Simply fill out the details with your details and a valid e-mail. You will need to access this e-mail later. After filling out the form, click “I accept terms of service.” Click the sign-up button.
Then, a new pop-up window will appear showing all the info you entered. Make sure everything you wrote down is correct before finalizing it. Once ready, click “Yes” to complete your registration.
Step 2: Appointment
Once you have finished filling up your online application, find and click “Apply for clearance” button. Go through the prompts. It will ask you what type of ID you will bring. Check what applies. Then, it will ask you what NBI branch you want to apply. Select the one nearest to your location. Select the time and date that are most convenient for you.
Step 3: E-payment
There are six ways you can pay for your NBI application:

  1. Banks (Over the counter)
  2. Banks (Online)
  3. Mobile payment
  4. Multipay
  5. ECpay
  6. 7-Eleven

Once you have chosen your preferred payment method, a new window will show the total amount you have to pay. Click “Proceed to payment”. The next window will show your reference number. Use this reference number to pay at the specific payment method you selected. Keep this reference number and also the receipt once you have paid the amount.
You can check the status of your online application under “transactions”. Once paid, its status will change from “pending” to “paid”.
Step 4 and Step 5 are accomplished once you have arrived at the NBI branch at the scheduled time and place. Make sure that you have brought your two valid IDs, your printed NBI online application form, NBI clearance reference number, and payment receipt.
Some added things to know and remember:

  1. Make sure your valid IDs are original copies and not photocopies only
  2. Wear smart casual attire that is well presentable and clean
  3. Bring all necessary documents and application fees before going to the NBI


Senior citizens, our beloved elderly, our loved ones are a valuable part of our society. They have served our country through the work they have done throughout their lives. It is only right that they receive benefits and privileges to live the rest of their life with ease and without burden.

After all, we the younger generation will soon age like them as well. And when that day comes, where we become frail and too weak to work, we can have peace of mind that we will live an easier and stress-free life.



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  1. This site is a great help for every senior citizen. I am an OFW for 21 years and surprised to learn how the Philippine government treat their senior citizen. Very well done Madame, more power to you.
    Lubos na gumagalang,

    M Ramirez

  2. Hi, was the senate bill on Foreign senior citizen dated May 18,2011 approved and executory? I read about it and it’s Sen Kiko Pangilinan who authored it but the big question, was it approved and executory? Because the OSCA said foreign nationals can not be given a senior citizen ID and are not entitled to it.

  3. Could you help ask Mercury Drug Store why they do not allow the application of 20% discount and VAT exemption on the supplement “Agmaset” effective this Feb 2022? “Agmaset” was prescribed by my doctor and Mercury Drug Store had applied senior citizen discount last year but they excluded this supplement in the list of medicines/supplements subject to the senior citizen discount this Feb 2022.

  4. there are establishment here in las pinas.that discourage our use of senior discount instead of express lane,they made slow lane. particularly here in pilar village Mercury drug branch .there is a long cue on seniors while there are few or non to regulars .so try to go and try to that lane and directed me to the long cue


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