How to Update Your BPI Account Information

To update your account on BPI is simple and hassle-free with the advanced processes. When everything can be accessed through the internet, why still line-up to do bank transactions? With BPI mobile app now ready for downloads through IOS and Android, the banking experience is now made faster and more convenient.

Do banking transactions anytime, anywhere in just one tap on the app. You can check and update all your transactions online at and on your mobile via BPI Mobile App.

As you have logged in to your BPI Account, they have a lot of options under Account Maintenance tab for you to update and secure your account.

You may change your password regularly to secure your login to online banking. Update your e-mail address, account information, mobile number, and name. You can also cancel pending enrollments and request for login email notification. If you need to change more than one field and one of the fields you need to change is not available at Mobile or Online banking, you may download and fill-up their Customer Information Sheet through this link and submit to any BPI branch near you.

Here are the easy steps on updating your information:

STEP 1: Update your mobile number.


STEP 2: Update your e-mail address.

    1. Log in to your online banking account.


  1. Go to Account Maintenance > Update e-mail address or
    • Change Password
    • Update Account Information (Credit card or Loans)
    • Update Name (Credit card or Loans)
    • Cancel Pending Enrollment
    • Log-In Notifications


  2. Update your registered E-mail Address so you may receive your E-mail confirmation.

Download BPI Bank Account application form PDF (4 Page). No time to go to a BPI branch? No problem! You may call their 24/7 hotline. 89-100 for Metro Manila; 1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (available to PLDT subscribers), to inquire or request for any updates for your BPI account.

How to Secure Account on BPI

All BPI Card transactions require a PIN to secure all payments and withdrawals. This PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is the same for both in-store payments through Point-of-sale (POS) terminals and ATMs. For convenience, this PIN can be personalized by customers through any BPI ATM nationwide. Customers are highly encouraged to change their PIN regularly for added security and must never share their PIN with other people. For lost or stolen cards, contact the bank or call 89-100 to have the card blocked. Always remember to keep your account and personal information safe when you transact online.

These tips can help you minimize any security risks and improve your online and mobile banking experience.

1. Do not disclose your login ID and Password to anyone or do not store them on your computer or mobile device.
2. Regularly change your password. Avoid using easy-to-guess passwords such as names or birthdays.
3. Do not disclose your personal information such as address, mother’s maiden name, bank account number or e-mail address – unless the one collecting the information is reliable and trustworthy.
4. Regularly check transaction history details and statements to make sure that there are no unauthorized transactions.
5. Beware of bogus or ‘look-alike’ websites which are designed to deceive consumers.
6. Install and regularly update a reputable anti-virus program to protect your computer/mobile device from virus attacks or malicious programs or files in your phone storage.
7. Always keep the operating system and the web browser updated with the latest security patches.
8. Never download any file or software from unfamiliar sites or click on hyperlinks sent by strangers.
9. Do not leave your computer or mobile device unattended while logged-in to Online banking or Mobile banking.
10. Clear the memory cache after logging out from Online Banking to prevent stored information from being retrieved.
11. Avoid using shared or public personal computers or mobile devices when conducting financial transactions.
12. Do not let other people use your mobile phone enrolled in a mobile banking service. Report immediately to BPI.

How to Update if the Bank Owner is Outside the Philippines

Even if you are outside the Philippines, you can check and update all your transactions online at and on your mobile via BPI Mobile App. The update and security instructions are the same with the above-mentioned. If you need to change more than one field and one of the fields you need to change is not available at Mobile or Online banking, you may call their 24/7 hotline. 63 + 2 + 89-10000 for mobile phone and international access.

Country Carrier IAC Toll free
0011 800-2748-9100
OPTUS 0011 800-2748-9100
BELGIUM BELGACOM 00 800-2748-9100
BRUNEI JTB 801-2003
CANADA TATA 1-800-354-5449
011 800-2748-9100
CYPRUS CYTA 00 800-274-89100
FRANCE FRANCE TEL 0-800-905-585
00 800-2748-9100
GERMANY DTAG 00 800-2748-9100
GREECE OTE 00800-6312-0014
GUAM IT&E 1-800-163-0001
HONGKONG NWT 800-932-634
INDONESIA INDOSAT 001-803-6310-032
ITALY TEL. ITALIA 00 800-274-89100
JAPAN KDD 0053-163-6003
010 800-2748-9100
SOFTBANK 010 800-2748-9100
NTT 010 800-2748-9100
KOREA KT 001 800-2748-9100
MACAU CTM 0800-452
MALAYSIA TM 1-800-807-767
00 800-2748-9100
NEW ZEALAND TNZL 00 800-274-89100
NORWAY TELENOR 00 800-274-89100
SAUDI ARABIA STC 800-863-0008
001 800-2748-9100
SPAIN TELEFONICA 00 800-274-89100
TAIWAN CHT-I 00801-63-1305
THAILAND CAT 001 800-2748-9100
UAE ETISALAT 800-0630-0017
UK VODAFONE UK 0500-894-040
00 800-2748-9100
BT 00 800-2748-9100
USA AT&T 1-800-225-1202
011 800-2748-9100
SPRINT 1-866-698-9100
011 800-2748-9100
VERIZON 011 800-2748-9100

How to update mobile number in BPI Express Online

Updating your mobile number is key to receiving your One-Time PIN (OTP), which offers another layer of security for your transactions.

As we move to more transactions that will be requiring the OTP, we encourage you to update your registered mobile number as early as today.

Here are other things you need to know about the OTP:

The One-Time PIN (OTP) is a unique 6-digit code that will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. It’s a security feature to ensure that the transaction is done by you!

  • The One-Time PIN (OTP) is a unique 6-digit code that will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. It’s a security feature to ensure that the transaction is done by you!
  • You’ll need the OTP when you pay bills and transfer funds (to enrolled and other BPI accounts) in BPI Online Beta
  • You’ll also need an OTP when you change your email or enroll bills payment merchants.
  • Moving forward, you’ll need the OTP to unlock to NEW future service!

Here’s how to update your mobile number:


Check if your mobile number is updated:


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I think they should improve their system especially for people who live outside the country. Mailing the document internationally is such a hassle and expensive. Even their international hotline is bad. I called 20 times no one answered, just kept ringing or unavailable. It is disappointing.


Hi PLEASE provide help for us working abroad. You wanna change your app and site. I have downloaded the app and visited the site already, but have these issues. FOR THE APP: – Cant log in because it says I need to visit any BPI bank to change my contact details in order to register my device. FOR THE SITE: – Can log in but cant do online money transfer because it needs to input an OTP which is to be sent to a phone number I no longer have access to. – I called your international hotline but is… Read more »


BPIsucks… so disappointed with your services…
Please provide option in your apps that client can update their mobile number .


For clients abroad, search for talktobpi in Skype. They will answer your call right away. They will send an email after a few days which you need to fill up, sign and send through SNAIL MAIL to PH. So much hassle in my opinion. Prior to this, I had another request from November 2018 which they were able to close only in March 2019. 4 months! Their phone lines are always busy and it takes them ages to reply via email. I have been a BPI user for a long time and their service have gone from good to bad… Read more »


I am having the same issue. I wish they’d have an option to send the otp code to your email address instead of the number. It’s less hassle as relying on a cellphone number while they have customers outside the Philippines. I wanted to pay my CC as well but I need to provide this OTP that will come from my old cellphone number way back in the which I don’t use anymore since I moved to the US. This updated app doesn’t seem like an upgrade at all.


I agree with cherrie, I called to 89100 and my 300 pesos load is only less than 50 pesos. I am asking for my email address because I can’t change my email address, almost 300 pesos load later, I am here still confused on how the online banking records my transaction not using my real email address. Customer care sucks.

Editha Danipog Bin
Editha Danipog Bin

Please help me update my BPI account ….may card was in my mother ..she cannot withdraw my money because it said my card is to be or what can i do I’am here at Saudi Arabia..please upadate me what should i do..thanks a lot..