How to Find U.S. Bank Routing Number

U.S. Bancorp is an American bank holding company and is the parent company of a U.S. bank. The company is one of the largest banking companies in the U.S., with more than 3000 branches and about 4800 automated teller machines in the country.

It is also classified as a systemically important bank, the list of banks whose functioning is important for the whole financial system.

What is the U.S. Bank Routing Number?

Routing number aka RTN (routing transit number) or A.B.A. (American Bankers Associations) is a number used in the process of receiving or transferring money through your bank account. It is a 9-digit code used to identify the location where your bank account was opened. There may be a single routing number for a while state, or there may be two or more numbers depending on the region within the states.

Apart from the state or location of living, the routing number also depends on the type of transfer being made; for example, there may be two different routing numbers for wire transfer and for electronic transfer.

Basically, the routing number is a number used for the identification of the location where the account was opened, which then helps in managing the transaction and its record.

How Do I Find My U.S. Bank Routing Number?

There are multiple ways through which you can find your U.S. Bank routing number. It can be found on your checkbook, monthly account statement, on your online account, or on the mobile app offered by the bank.

Below, these methods of finding the routing numbers are listed and explained in detail.

Finding U.S. Bank routing number on checkbook

us bank routing number illustration where to find in check

The routing number is written on the bottom left corner of each check-in your checkbook. You can easily identify the number considering that it is always 9-digit and is written on the right side of (or after) your account number immediately before the check number. So, it is in between the account number and the check number.

Finding U.S. bank routing numbers online

Alternatively, or if you are more comfortable in using digital devices, you can find your U.S. bank routing number online. You just need to log in to online banking and select the account for which you want the routing number.

In the top box, you will see your account nickname, the last four digits of the account number, and your routing number.

Finding U.S. bank routing number by the mobile app

One way to find your routing number is to use the Smart Assist service provided by the U.S. Bank routing and ask for your number through it.

Another way can be to log into your account and select the relevant bank account. Go to account options and then to account information. There you will see the last four digits of your account number and the routing number.

Finding U.S. bank routing number by the monthly statement

If you still cannot find your routing number or if you do not have any mobile device or computer at hand, do not worry because there is another way to find a U.S. bank routing number.

The routing number can also be easily found at the monthly statement in its upper-right corner.

Finding U.S. bank routing number by number directory:

Lastly, you can check your U.S. bank routing number by the directory where all of the numbers are stored. You may notice that there may or may not be different bank routing numbers for the type of transactions.

The routing number may also change based on the region within the state where the account was opened initially. As this description gets complex, you must consult the directory where all U.S. bank routing numbers are listed. This directory of U.S. bank routing numbers is given below:

  1. U.S. Bank Routing Number California:

U.S. Bank California, Northern 121122676

US Bank California, Southern 122235821

  1. U.S. Bank Routing Number Wisconsin:

The checking and savings bank account routing number in Wisconsin, United States is 075000022

Domestic Wire Transfer: 75000022

International Wire Transfer to U.S. Bank account in the U.S.A.: 75000022


  1. U.S. Bank Routing Number Utah:


  1. U.S. Bank Routing Number Washington:

For U.S. bank Washington, the three different routing numbers are given below:

Domestic Wire Transfer: 125000105

International Wire Transfer to U.S. Bank account in the U.S.A.: 125000105


  1. U.S. Bank Routing Number Illinois:

U.S. Bank Illinois, Northern 071904779

US Bank Illinois, Southern 081202759

  1. U.S. Bank Routing Number Missouri:

U.S. Bank Missouri 081000210

US Bank Missouri, Western 101200453

  1. U.S. Bank Routing Number Colorado:

The checking and savings bank account routing number in Colorado, United States is 102000021

Colorado, Aspen it is 102101645

Domestic Wire Transfer 102000021

International Wire Transfer to U.S. Bank account in the USA 102000021


U.S. Bank Routing Numbers by State

Below is a table containing all the U.S. ban routing numbers needed by you to get your transactions processed by the bank.

State  Routing Number
Alabama 91000022
Alaska 91000022
Arizona 122105155
Arkansas 82000549
California — Northern 121122676
California — Southern 122235821
Colorado — Aspen 102101645
Colorado — all other areas 102000021
Connecticut 91000022
Delaware 91000022
District of Columbia 91000022
Florida 91000022
Georgia 91000022
Hawaii 91000022
Idaho 123103729
Illinois-Northern 71904779
Illinois-Southern 81202759
Indiana 74900783
Iowa — Council Bluffs 104000029
Iowa — all other areas 73000545
Kansas 101000187
Kentucky — Northern 42100175
Kentucky — Western 83900363
Louisiana 91000022
Maine 91000022
Maryland 91000022
Massachusetts 91000022
Michigan 91000022
Minnesota-East Grand Forks 91215927
Minnesota-Moorhead 91300023
Minnesota-remaining areas 91000022
Mississippi 91000022
Missouri 81000210
Missouri-Western 101200453
Montana 92900383
Nebraska 104000029
Nevada 121201694
New Hampshire 91000022
New Jersey 91000022
New Mexico 107002312
New York 91000022
North Carolina 64103707
North Dakota 91300023
Ohio-Cleveland 41202582
Ohio-remaining areas 42000013
Oklahoma 91000022
Oregon 123000220
Pennsylvania 91000022
Rhode Island 91000022
South Carolina 91000022
South Dakota 91408501
Tennessee 64000059
Texas 91000022
Utah 124302150
Vermont 91000022
Virginia 91000022
Washington 125000105
West Virginia 91000022
Wisconsin 75000022
Wyoming 307070115


What is the U.S. Bank SWIFT code for incoming wire transfers?

The swift code required for receiving international wire transfer is USBKUS44IMT. This is the code that you would require to give to the bank for receiving international transfers to your U.S. bank. Basically, it is an identification code for these types of transactions.

How to find Savings account and I.R.A. routing numbers?

A savings account routing number is the identification code for your savings account in a U.S. bank. As with the other bank routing number, the savings account bank routing number can also be found in your checkbooks if your bank gives checkbooks for this type of bank accounts.

Also, the number can be found on your saving deposit slips issued by the bank on your savings account. Alternatively, you can log into your online bank account for the bank to check your savings account routing number. Lastly, only in the case that you are still not being able to find your savings account routing number can you contact the bank’s customer service to gain access to it.

For I.R.A. routing numbers, the most appropriate method to access would be to contact the company itself for this information. Regarding I.R.A., the company can be contacted at 866-897-3929 or to connect with the company’s automated advisor at their official site.

What Are U.S. Bank’s Wire Transfer Numbers?

Wire transfer numbers are needed when you want to receive money from someone from another country. In addition to the wire transfer number, you also need to provide the bank with your swift code (which is mentioned above) and your bank account number.

Routing numbers can be found in the lower-left corner of your check. It is important to contact the bank customer service if you are confused regarding which account to use for this type of transfer.

It is very important to consider that the wire transfer number needed for receiving an international transfer of money might be different from the routing number written on the check, so it is important to contact the bank before proceeding on with the transaction with this number.

Executive Summary

U.S. bank, one of the largest banks of the U.S., provides a multitude of banking and financial services to its customers. One needs to identify their routing numbers for these services as they are required to process incoming and outgoing transactions.

The routing numbers differ on the basis of the state or region within the state in which the bank account was opened. There are different routing numbers for different types of transactions; for example, wire transfer and electronic transfer may have different routing numbers.

us bank routing number list

In this article, we have explained the purpose of the routing number, it’s working, and a detailed description of how to find it for your account. Also, we have provided a list of routing numbers by the state of the U.S., so you can easily find your own routing number through this directory. Just be sure to write down your routing numbers in your notes or bookmark these articles soy have these necessary codes in your vicinity when you need them.



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